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  1. S15 Hks GT-SS > T25

    GT-SS is a 2860RS (disco potato) GT-RS is a 2871R T28BB is a 2560
  2. Brake rotor swaps

    The caliper itself sits further out when bolted to the knuckle?
  3. Epic car fail thread

    That sorta looks like something that would pop up in a build thread here...
  4. If its analogue climate control, then yes, easy swap. If its the ancient non-climate control then no, the heaterboxes are different and whatnot.
  5. Yeah but you woulda made caaaaaash, who needs a conscience
  6. Petrol Price

    ^^^ I work for a IT/transport/courier/etc. company. Mainly deal with photocopiers. We have ~10 trucks that are FULL and delivery/relocating/removing photocopiers ALL day in Sydney. And there are many companies like us. I would never think in my day dreaming that photocopiers were important, but its a surprisingly friggin huge industry. So fuel prices really affect just us, let alone the mayor digging up loading zones to build cycle lanes, etc. Just telling people to be more eco doesn't mean their business demands will change. Banning trucks from the city or whatever won't help people get groceries, clothes, TV's, computers, etc. It's not like you can take a 300kg photocopier, and a stair climbing trolley on a train or by bus.
  7. V8 Supercars - How Can Nissan Differ?

    Wrong, Danica Patrick win's because she's hot.
  8. Silvia's Becoming More Uncommon?

    Combine the amount of NA or auto S13's that get stripped and sold in pieces simply because they are NA or auto, with the fact that so many get written off in industrial areas/play grounds/national parks/the track etc. Since NS sales died and facebook groups popped up, I see so many friggin 17 year olds selling smashed shells or 250kw track cars with "modest" damage, it's making me want to buy one of each shell to put aside in a shed to keep for posterity.

    Full service. Go over everything and clean everything. Make the car feel new haha. I like the journey of getting to know a car by only upgrading things when something fails, or I feel that something is restricting the cars potential.

    Either change your oil, and it'll shut up, OR, it might be timing chain noise, which SR's tend to make when they get long in the tooth. My pulsar did it for about 50,000km until the gearbox died again and I couldn't be f**ked doing anything with it.
  11. No! The world needs more mates like this, so I can keep picking up cars with "blown head gaskets" or other phantom problems.
  12. SR20DE > SR20DET

    I hate seeing older members shit on newer members, but here goes: >> www.google.com >> "parts needed for sr20det conversion" >> third result Easiest thing to do is to buy a front cut or a written off car. Swap everything over. It *should* have everything you need then - to get it registered you need the bigger brakes that the DET comes with standard, among other things.
  13. EPA iPhone App to report cars!

    No, be fair and only report highway patrol
  14. Stock setup is best. The standard black hose that goes from the rocker cover to the intake pipe has a restrictor in it. Without it, oil just pumps out.
  15. Holy jesus. I'd like to think if I won $*ridiculous amount of money* I would buy a sizeable house and only 30 or so Nissan's, and invest the rest to live off, but I would not be immune to buying things like this.