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  1. Black top Ecu for s14

    Black top ECU for sale. Tuned by Willal Racing. Tuned for 240rwkw. Plug right in. $250
  2. Hi all, I've entered into a comp for the Fast n Furious movie we are all watching this Friday at the Drive in's courteous of Car Toys. I'm asking for your help. Please vote for me!! Please click on the link below and simply like it!! Much love https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151495051473528&set=a.10151494992383528.1073741834.195688438527&type=3&theater This is her..
  3. SDUCTV7

    lol... this is Tim? It is Troy's old ride... i just did her up! thankyou
  4. SDUCTV7

    hey hun,... ive been on here since 2003! lol... just disappeared for a while Good to be back
  5. SDUCTV7

  6. SDUCTV7

    lol... i made the paint myself... jet black with a bit of red pearl.. u can def see the flake in these pics tho.... but put her in the dark and u won't see her... black as bru! lol. Thanks for the nice comments... haven't been on this site since i owned SXAPEAL the s14 back in 2007!
  7. Price : $1,500 Condition : Used Hiya, I have some Deep Dish 17s for sale! Suit wide body!! Fronts are 17 x 9 Rear are 17 x 10 Stud pattern - 5 x 114.3 On standard Silvia/Skylines the rears sit out the guards about an inch! $1500 Please PM or call 0487 724 903 Oh and i'm in South Australia.. Golden Grove - not the ACT which it says above *raises eyebrow. Thanks Shannon http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v359/her200sx/Ryanswheels3.jpghttp://img.photobucket.com/albums/v359/her200sx/ryanswheels1.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v359/her200sx/Ryanwheels2.jpghttp://img.photobucket.com/albums/v359/her200sx/ryans2.jpg

    probs saw me, we were standing outside subway waiting to hear it but you take ages to let it warm up aye? got bored haha lol.. i can't even remember where or when this was! lol.. i hate it when she's cold... so yer sometimes i let her warm up... next time il make some noise

    nah I haven't... i think its cuz everyone knows its my car! lol.. (a girls car) little do they know she's tougher than most guys cars out there!

    didn't see u! sorry Yep, saw that aswell turning right from Hutt St to Grenfell a little after 11am. Hot car. Didn't see u either! thanks for the comment tho
  11. lol... funny as!! its good to know.. u can say you did nothing wrong, and they will apologise I guess
  12. window tint laws changed

    i thought u weren't allowed to have tint on the front windscreen because if you have an accident, and you hit your head on the windscreen, it needs to break, rather than not break creating a bigger injury? Is that wrong?
  13. Drift Supercup Tassie

    Yup il be heading over to Melb thurs... catching the Ferri thurs night with Fink and the Holford car.. see ya in tassy
  14. kits

    il come down and have a look at it soon thanx
  15. kits

    Racespec.... can u show me a Gentleman kit for an s14a ?
  16. my lil car got on there too! glad i blacked out the number plate... so it said 'peal' instead
  17. G1 - Round 2 at Mallala

    Thanx for the pic of my car (camera/chase car) whoever took that!

    Thanx guys...

    lol... funny that.. i just got a msg on my phone saying 'check ns.com' Thanx everyone! ps... im not old... i turn 25 next year..... going backwards from now on see u all on the streets