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  1. Samsung Galaxy S III

    I need one!!! On another note is there really any need for custom roms anymore? I played around with my friend's s3 on stock rom and it is smooth as butter, also using different launchers the UI looks pretty good anyway. Hopefully in due time custom roms will make me want to tinkle with my phone again since that's what we love about android!
  2. Vietnam Travel

    I'm going in 2 weeks! Can't wait! Only thing I'm concerned about is getting diarhea... anyone experience this complication and any tips to not get into being stuck by the toilet for a few days?
  3. Samsung Galaxy S II

    Mobile World Conference in a month and then it should hit american stores mid year, our shores next year.. just guessing though! fixed. With that said the update is that it's not even going to be at the MWC.... Samsung are launching it at another event after MWC..
  4. Samsung Galaxy S II

    Mobile World Conference in a month and then it should hit our shores mod year.. just guessing though!
  5. I'm actually running the miui rom and it is by far the greatest rom that has ever graced my galaxy s! The rom feels like a mix of android and iOS that runs extremely smooth and is battery efficient. I don't think this phone is meant to be "dodgy" in any way.. from what I know it started off as a simple rom then it gained its popularity and finally a phone is created for the miui OS.
  6. Galaxy S - from July 1st peoples

    After flashing to miui I'm going to wait for the galaxy 3.. my GS is running so smooth and the aesthetics of the UI brings new life to my tired 1ghz 2 year old phone... I would even go as far as saying miui over ICS.. srs!
  7. iphone 5

    lmao! I was like LMAO! .. reading some of the comments from GSM arena and there are still deluded fan boys claiming best phone out.. lol
  8. Galaxy S - from July 1st peoples

    nah just use odin and flash! and Cyanogenmod 7 is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Try it!
  9. Zyzz Is Dead?!

    fuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............. this world just became less aesthetic. RIP
  10. Hong Kong is freakin awesome!!! Saw so many nice imports along with some exotics, never really saw any crap cars... As far as I know only the rich own cars as HK is pretty crowded and public transport is very efficient, so there isn't an incentive for poorer people to own a car. The roads are amazing! so smooth! and going up to Victoria Peak there are some nice bends with breathtaking views.
  11. Galaxy S - from July 1st peoples

    How do you view the contacts synced online? I logged onto my account and under contacts there are 0.. even though on my phone it says it's synced...
  12. Galaxy S - from July 1st peoples

    Thanks Jimmy! What are your thoughts on the battery life? I'm on Darky 9.5 and I'm getting about 20 hours or so moderate usage.
  13. Galaxy S - from July 1st peoples

    hmmm interesting! I'm not familiar with odin or anything if that is required... is it an easy install?