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    I like turtles
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    I like turtles
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  1. Haltech vs Power FC vs Nistune

    What ECU would best suit my car that has a motec system exhaust and a 100 shot of nos? Was thinking a stand alone fuel management system, only problem is $10,000 is a lot of coin.
  2. Millenium Jade s13.5 ***LXZ KRANZE'S ARE 'ERE***

    Those tubs are amazing. Are you going to skid this?
  3. What cars have you driven/owned

    learned to drive in a toyota landcruiser first car - N14 SSS second - S13 Silvia SR20 non-turbo third - S13 SR20DET current skid/project car - 1989 180sx with silvia front end (from my old non-turbo s13) - now RB25DET S1 (was CA18) current daily/tow car - 2006 VZ SS 6ltr manual ute
  4. RB26DETT QSRS14

    Dafuq is going on???
  5. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    Stack looked nasty, I was there and saw it happen Hope it's all good
  6. What Tuners have you used?

    I got my Hyundai excel tuned at profix. Really nice guys, no one spoke English but I got the feeling they were all really friendly people as they kept laughing at me when I left.
  7. Really stupid question

    Buy a camel. Reliable daily. Easy fix
  8. Spring Matsuri - Anyone Going?

    I wish, I don't even have a job lol.
  9. Foaley's R32 GTST

    I like the carbon cam covers!
  10. kris's A31 Cefiro

    At mummy and daddy's house lol More chance of getting away with it in front of the cop shop
  11. s13 g corporation bodykit

    You need to get a life man.
  12. Sorry man but that was horrible. Just being honest.