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  1. moving to qld

    You should look at moving to Buderim, Tanawah, Forest Glen. Woombye, Palmwoods or Eudlo area even. Still 30 minutes to the beach but you can get proper land and quiet bush areas. Honestly my pick is Buderim. Its on the hill, pretty central and alot of houses with big yards etc. I have lived in Mooloolaba and Alexandra Headlands for the last 5-6 years and its not that bad here.
  2. My 180sx

    Also DIYed my door trims, Just have to be bothered to do the glovebox too.
  3. My 180sx

    Also got Option1 to shim my diff and got some new coilovers from them. Just went 6/8kg. Free_State is new owner of my old Tanabes. They still seem in good condition and not leaking. This is how it sits at the moment just need to get some camber arms.
  4. My 180sx

    Long time no see! Heres a Skidpan video before the engine went. Fun was had. http://youtu.be/e4roPBMAraY Finally decided to update my build thread and bring it from the depths of the discarded threads. So engine was dieing slowly and ticking like a time bomb so i decided to start looking for an engine. Wasn't really looking for anything in particular, just needed something in there as it is my daily. After scouring the forums I found an engine Donny had up for sale and contacted him. He said it was sold and I couldnt find anything that I really wanted to hand money over for so I kept looking. A week or two passed and I contacted Donny to see if he could sort me something else and he told me that the guy had pulled out of buying the engine I wanted. So I paid up. I was told the engine has 10k on it but the boys at ECC thought it was brand new. Freshhhhhh. S13 sr20det 8.9:1CR 86.5mm bore CP pistons BC conrods BC valve springs BC titanium retainers BC Stage 2 264 deg cams BC cam gears Cometic metal head gasket ARP head studs ARP main studs ARP rod bolts Precision hydraulic lifters GKtech rocker arm stoppers Greddy copy sump Billet Fidenza cam gears Nissan gasket kit Nissan water pump Nissan oil pump Nissan timing kit Head was port and polished, engine was fully balanced and blueprinted, bored and honed with torque plate and lined hone with arp main studs. Just before engine went in I wired in a black AVCR i got off ebay for $250 and also got a brand new Koyo off a mate for cheappp. Made around the same power but the car feels alot faster
  5. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    I may have an erection.
  6. RONE SHIRYO's Shinigami Silvia [updated 17/07]

    I also dont see the sense in selling a car that has seen this amount of love. This is the best build thread I have ever seen and i'm sure i'm not the only one that thinks this way. All the work you have put in, you deserve to drive this thing. Its way too personal for someone else to own. Just sayin.
  7. Taz 180sx- Sr20det Trueno Drift Car

    Yewww well done dude. Car is looking and performing awesome! Best Matsuri clip made yet! Respect lol
  8. Incar camera - Gopro, Replay xd, Drift HD

    I used to have a gopro but have a Contour HD now. Easier use and I like the colours that come from the contour vids.
  9. Nissan 180SX Pictures ONLY - No Discussion

    Double skidpan photos
  10. Things that bug you about your CAR

    I wanna join in. Things that bug me in no particular order. Idiot before me installed some wack interior house lights where type x parkers are and they dont work The design of 180sx windscreen that when window is slightly down and you use windescreen wipers water proceeds to wet power window switch/crotch etc. My shitty KYB coilovers and the fact my engine just let go and I was forced into purchasing a fully built motor from SR NRG *cough cough* My average offset wheels
  11. My A31

    Fast car. Now tuned.
  12. "What have you done to your car lately" thread

    Cracked a piston. Currently looking at built sr's
  13. My 180sx

    Havent updated in ages. Story is compression was average before installation of turbo, cams etc. and now after a few months of abuse has let go. Have a few options but not sure exactly what to do. Might be time fo the forged build. Someone sell me a built SR!
  14. Forza Motorsport 4

    LOL wtf..which old guy...please dont say old pedo guy... Do correct me if I am wrong, but didnt I used to drive with negativecamber and jays at QR in say...2003? haha..nakamaworks? lool haha it was the pedo guy we were talking about