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  1. 100kg challenge

    good post NPR33. freakish strong doing 180kg for 20 - well done, my max is 180kg for 2 lol. F$%K that, I agree that grip is great to develop AND one of the hardest things to develop but as simvegas said, your forsaking all over bodygrowth for grip?? priorities = retarded.
  2. 100kg challenge

    I would use straps if your worried about grip! If you can keep form, your shouldn't be at risk of any back injury. Your much more likely to damage it on a max lift. I want to incorperate it into my own routine, it's something that quite distinctly allows you to track strength and endurance milestones. One use I could see is for those on low carb / ketogenic diets, this would be a great way to deplete full body glycogen before a carb up. I'd like to see more than 25 on 100 squat but it's freakin hard lol, see how it goes! Just gotta find a break in my standard program that allows me to hit these major excercises all at once!
  3. Great Article on dieting

    read that somewhere else.. tnation or something.. not bad
  4. 100kg challenge

    Yeh will b interesting to try.. Most of us are also repping between 8-10! Should recruit some new fibers! Your right, prob overestimated deads, I think 20 / 25 is more likely
  5. broken thumb

    lol i obviously completely ignored the topic and just gave an answer, sorry bro, however if you can hold a weight, i would suggest tabatas for HIIT
  6. broken thumb

    as far as HIIT work goes the "300 workout" has been pretty good to me. look it up on google
  7. Muscle Ups/Bodyweight Exercises

    yeh i do them, good way to start a workout explosively after some stretching
  8. New protein!

    The sweetener is sucralose, as for flavours ill let you know! yes the delivery is $90 but may take a bit more than 2 days if you are in a remote location!
  9. New protein!

    I have set up a promotional number for you guys, just quote 'andy135' and you get the pack with shaker and 3 bags for $90 including delivery. Cheers guys!! Happy to answer further questions the website is www.completeedge.com.au
  10. Forward/ Hunched Shoulders

    deadlifts have helped my posture heaps, both pulling my shoulders back but also giving me better lower back posture, highly recommended.
  11. New protein!

    A few questions to answer here, so I'll get straight to the point. Basically me and my business partner decided to combine our experience, one practical and one theoretical to design the best and most adaptable protein feasible. We believe we have addressed a massive gap in the market, one that larger supplement companies are taking advantage of - the requirement to purchase a range of different proteins for different applications. Whist my experience has been largely tangible and product based his experience and the development of the product has come from both his diploma in fitness and collaboration with nutritionist and dieticians to get the formula right. I’m a big fan of some of the larger protein companies out there and was using 3 of them up until the development of this, but we have just as much to lose, ever customer we have at this stage needs to be satisfied - the larger ones can absorb customer fluctuations here and there. By the way, just to be clear, Fonterra is a company many of you would be familiar with, we source raw products from them and them mix them into the unique blend - we don’t have some weird science kit in our backyard that magically makes protein powder lol! Crzy_1via, appreciate the vote of confidence, Its good to see some long-term members putting in their 2 cents - we have a starting bid price of $70 - so if no one else bids, its yours for that amount, otherwise, I’m arranging a promotional code to place on our website for you guys to use – you will get the pack for $90. - PM me if you want the kit without the shaker. For clarity, they are food standards not "therapeutic goods" so there is no requirement to register with the therapeutic goods association, they just need to have the macro breakdown listed.
  12. puttin on mass

    plus are you alergic to the whole egg? if its only the yolk your sweet.
  13. New protein!

    Great, thanks for feedback, we are currently in the process of getting sample packets made up, i will let you guys know when they are done. Thanks for the heads up on the Flavour ( we currently do chocolate and vanilla )
  14. puttin on mass

    dont lower your carbs in the afternoon or night if you are trying to gain mass. if you cant do breakfast to a high calorie shake, protein with whole eggs, peanut butter, cottage cheese etc. take creatine both before and after workout - also take it with a carbohydrate form - ideally fruit juice - or else you will be wasting it.
  15. New protein!

    This is some further info I have compiled on the product and its uses - again, very appreciative of recommendations, critisism or changes guys!! Product advantages and best result instructions. Whether you are a competitive bodybuilder, recreational gym enthusiast, a sporting amateur or professional, this is the MOST dynamic and adaptable protein supplement available on the market today. Although you may be unaware of it, all protein powders available on the market are tailored for a specific timeframe / use – for example Whey Isolate is great for first thing in the morning and for use as a meal replacement, casein protein and whey concentrate are great for first thing in the morning, long periods between meals and right before bed and a carbohydrate/protein mix is ideal for post training to assist in your recovery. This means that to get the right protein at the right time if you do any kind of physical activity you will need to purchase at least 2, if not 3 different protein powders – this can be costly, confusing and ineffective. What we aim to do at Complete Edge Nutrition is give provide you will a simple product and solution to what is an on-going issue for many advanced athletes and a puzzling conundrum for beginning and intermediate fitness enthusiasts. The Complete Edge pack is comprised of 3 key elements – a protein fuel, a carbohydrate fuel and a shaker. Our professional recommendation for supplementation on the use of these is as follows: • Immediately after your workout - Protein + Carbohydrates • First thing in the morning - Just protein • Before bed - Protein Fuel + optional natural products • As a meal replacement / pre workout - Just protein I know I mentioned 3 elements but I think the shaker speaks for itself! In more detail on why, read below. • Immediately after your workout - Protein + Carbohydrates (Mix with water) Immediately after your workout, your body is drained of glycogen stores and craves both fast release protein & fast release carbohydrates to replenish these stores and start the muscle recovery / building process. This is where our carbohydrate fuel makes its maximum impact – when coupled with protein fuel it acts as the perfect recovery tool. We recommend you drink your post workout shake with water to speed ingestion. • First thing in the morning - Just protein Fuel / Protein Fuel and Carbohydrate ( mix with milk) Our protein is a mix of whey isolate, whey concentrate and casein protein. This means it’s adaptable to most requirements and situations. When you wake up your body is starved of nutrients and this is optimal time to give it optimal nutrition, you need a protein source that is not quick release and not too slow. If you are keen to add mass just add Carb fuel! • Before bed - Protein Fuel + natural products (eggs, cottage cheese, mix with milk) At complete edge we try to emulate what nature provides us with as much as possible and have it available to you in the most convenient way. The time in which you sleep is the time that your body is most active in its recovery, this means it’s essential that it’s empowered with the adequate nutrients it requires to do so during those 8 hours. Due to the Casien and Concentrate Protein found in our product, Protein Fuel makes for the perfect night time recovery aid on its own. However, if you want to take it to the next step one way to do that is to and the naturally occurring protein, vitamins and good fats found in eggs and/or cottage cheese. • As a meal replacement / pre workout - Just protein (milk) For those who are at an advanced stage of muscle building, you want to protect your investment, your muscle. Having protein 30 – 60 mins before training will ensure you have adequate fuel to burn and critical nutrients will be kept in your muscle. As a meal replacement for those on a strict diet or those looking to lose weight, our protein fuel on its own can give you a tasty low calorie / low carbohydrate sustenance solution. ** If you find you are going through either the protein or the carbohydrate fuel one faster than the other, we also offer them for purchase individually. * We want our customers to use our protein as a SUPPLIMENT for the advantages supplements can add to your training, fitness and health regime. Please follow a diet that is also tailored to your needs and requirements and supplement where necessary. * If you are in bulking phase you may want to take carbohydrate fuel with every shake * If you are an advanced bodybuilder or fitness competitor you may also want to take just protein before you workout. Frank Zane did it, enough said. *Much of this advice is based on someone having a “regular” physique and metabolism / body type. * We strongly recommend milk for taste benefits * 8 hours based on recommended time for sleep * This product is NOT to be used as a sole source of nutrition
  16. who has taken poison

    yeh i have, no side effects - diet should be your main focus thermo and weightloss tabs dont do much except make you sweat lol only took them cause i got them for free
  17. skipping breakfast for fat loss

    yeh your right as far as I'm aware about the bodys ability to ingest protein and I do take this into account somewhat as far as nutrient timing goes anyway. I have protein isolate mixed with fast acting carbs post workout - rapidly absorbed by the body. I have my dinner after slow digesting carbs and slow protein from the chicken. Then before bed I have casien protein and eggs with the aim of keeping my body anobolic during sleep. I may not get all of it and some may go to bodyfat but I'm not too fussed, I'm prob sitting around 10% and I have seen solid results so far. I would agree it's not or everyone.. Having said that I have tried almost every method around and this has delivered the best. I don't like the idea of fasting or not eating breakfast but I do find the concept interesting. I think if you can still perform at the gym to the same degree and your getting results, keep doing what your doing, if not source different approaches till you know what your body reacts best to
  18. skipping breakfast for fat loss

    this is for training to reduce fat and RETAIN muscle, not neccessarily build more. the person who wrote it is a compeditive bodybuilding trainer, I'll see if i can find where i saw it. Markos, would love to come down again, been too long! I see the use of a diet like this, mine is not too far off and I have been growing. I do however have some musli in the morning, protein shake + eggs, lunch is normally just chicken + brocolli. I eat at least 60% of my daily caloric intake in the 3 hours post training - I find this works best for me. Ill train for an hour at 7 8:00 Ill have protein / carb shake, 9:00 ill have chicken fillet + 250grams rice + vegies, 10:00 ill have protein shake, Milk, peanut butter + 1 egg + 3 whites.
  19. skipping breakfast for fat loss

    kind of defies the point of getting an opponion on it if you dont read the article and post your thoughts on the topic... lol
  20. Advice on leg work

    Yeh it's a very valid point. Markos you will b happy to hear I have been chipping away at the compounds. I'm up to 17 reps of 120kg squat (chasing 20 - will get it tomorrow I hope) and 4 reps of 160kg dead. And it seems u were right all along, it was the only reason why I wasn't getting bigger, I'm now at 81kg leaner than before. Cheers mate! Hope u and the family are well!
  21. Advice on leg work

    60kg squat jumps work best for me - combination of both
  22. good article

    basically just re-iterating a lot of what we know, but its good to have it condensed. Taken from "www.simplyshredded.com" Ultimate Top 20 Training Tips Charles Poliquin is a legend in the bodybuilding and athletic world, and rightly so. In his quarter-century as a strength coach, Charles has trained enough Olympic medalists, world record holders, and world-champion athletes to populate a small town.Here are his Top 20 Training Tips 1. Be as Strong as You Look I’ve had the opportunity to train arms with a whole slew of pros, and I can generally handle more weight than they can, using stricter form, even though they’re usually up to 70 or 80 pounds heavier than I am. The secret to my superior relative strength comes from the regular use of maximal weights. Most bodybuilders stick religiously to a 6 to 12 rep range when training arms. On the other hand, there are plenty of strongman contest competitors with massive arms who are every bit as strong as they look. What’s the difference? Strongman competitors train using few exercises, done for multiple sets of low reps with long rest intervals between sets. 2. Splits Still Beat Full Body Routines I’m the first one to want to improve on any training system, but I do not know anyone successful in the strength coaching business who uses full body routines exclusively. In bodybuilding, I don’t think Ronnie Coleman trains whole body three days a week. I’ve never known a successful bodybuilder, even the low set guys like Dorian Yates, to do whole body training. Every single Olympian I’ve trained used split routines. I’ve been in this profession for 26 years and no one has ever convinced me, by their results, that full body routines are the only way to go. 3. The Rep Rules The rep is the mother of all loading parameters. All loading parameters are a function of the number of reps you choose to perform. It dictates the rest intervals and the amount of sets you’re going to do. Once you’ve decided that, it limits which exercises you can do. For example, the power clean should never be done for high reps because that’s a high coordination lift. 4. Variety is the Main Ingredient of Training Success anabolic dietUnless you’re involved in this business full-time, you tend to adopt certain exercises and do them over and over again, to the exclusion of all others. We tend to adopt the same habits in other aspects of our lives. We tend to eat at the same restaurants, frequent the same stores, and call the same girls at 2:00 in the morning after we’ve had a few too many drinks and ask, “Hey, what are ya’ wearing?” We are creatures of habit. In training, though, it’s imperative that we break out of these ruts. We have to try new movements or try different ways of doing the same old movements. Variety is not only the spice of life; it’s the main ingredient of bodybuilding and strength training success. 5. Dumbbells are a Better Choice The more you stick to what we were designed for as animals — lifting rocks, carrying carcasses, and generally just fighting against gravity — then the better off you are. What that means is using free weights over machines. One problem with machines is the fixed pattern of movement. For that same reason, I think dumbbells are a better choice for most exercises than barbells, particularly if you’re dealing with an athletic population. I went to the Soviet Union in 1982. It was astonishing how little variation of equipment they had. They had a lot of barbells and a lot of dumbbells, but there was nothing very sophisticated. It’s what you do with the equipment that matters! 6. Cables Do Not Count as Machines Cables are basically re-directed dumbbells. In my opinion, cables are the same thing as free weights, plus they allow you to re-direct resistance where dumbbells are limited. For some exercises, cable pulleys are superior. For example, for rotator cuff training you’re very limited in the angles you can train it when using a dumbbell. The options are endless though, when using a pulley. A multi-functional cable unit is the same thing as a dumbbell. I don’t consider it a “machine.” 7. Want Great Abs? Then Do Your Squats! Abdominal specialization for athletes? It could happen, but the abs actually have very little potential for strength increases when compared to other muscles like calves. Along with the grip, the abdominals are the least likely to improve with training. Some of these guys can claim all these poundages used in ab training, but it’s actually the psoas doing the work. If you truly isolate the abs, after six to eight weeks an athlete will plateau the rest of his life. Research has shown that the most coordinated athletes master the most difficult abdominal exercises in six to eight weeks. The only things that increase abdominal improvement are squatting and deadlifting. 8. Give “Super Squats” a Try The classic 20-rep squat routines are certainly worth a try. To do this program, one takes 3 deep breaths in between each rep. And, of course you’re only supposed to do one set. What’s really happening is that you’re doing 20 single-rep sets with 10 seconds between each rep. This 10-second pause, while taking the 3 deep breaths, allows you to recruit higher-threshold motor units than if you did the 20 reps in a slam-bam fashion. Hence the greater-than-normal motor unit recruitment. When performed with the right load, you’ll cough up a lung at the end of the set (which is a real badge of honor among hardcore trainers). If you’re underweight and have low-work capacity, I strongly encourage you to try 20-rep breathing squats. But, like any other routine, it will work only until you adapt to it. 9. Best Reps for Hamstrings For hamstring hypertrophy, do low reps in a leg curl machine and higher reps in stiff leg deadlifts, Romanian dead, reverse hyper, and back extension. The reason why is because when you’re working your hip extensors you’re also working your glutes and erector spinae and those tend to be higher rep muscles. In other words, if you’re using the leg curl machine you should be using eight reps or less. Someone with a higher training age may only need three reps, but use a higher amount of sets, like 10 sets of 3. 10. Stretch Your Quads, Blast your Hams Always stretch the quadriceps between hamstrings sets. Increasing the range of motion of your quadriceps prior to a leg curl exercise will increase the amount of motor units used in the hamstrings during the exercise and therefore the effectiveness of the chosen exercise. Since the quadriceps is the antagonist muscle to the hamstrings, and that stretching will allow it to relax, the force of the contraction in the hamstrings will be much greater in the subsequent contraction. 11. Bench Press Overrated? Some guys grow with the bench and some don’t. But go to the world championships in powerlifting and you’ll see plenty of guys with big pecs, and all they do for their chest is bench. But I’d say that if you’re pressed for time, any type of dumbbell press will be more efficient (all factors being equal). Now, some coaches recommend a very wide grip for barbell bench presses to bring more focus onto the pecs, but this just leads to achy joints. The widest your grip should be is 90 degrees between the upper arm and forearm when in the bottom position of the lift. 12. Better than the Barbell Row One problem with the barbell row is that it’s really hard for people to just use the lats and elbow flexors. They always unconsciously start to drive with the quads and use their glutes and lower back. The second thing is that the bar either hits your gut or your chest, which restricts your range of motion. The better way to do it is to just use the one-arm dumbbell row. 13. Chins: The Upper Body Squat The chin-up and its variations should be considered an “upper body squat” because of its mass-building qualities and its ability to quickly increase functional strength. Chin-ups involve the sternal portion of the pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi, teres major, posterior deltoid, the rhomboids, the middle and lower portions of the trapezius, and the elbow flexors. A chin-up specialization program will not only build impressive width and thickness to your back, but will also pack solid inches on your arms by promoting growth on your biceps, brachialis, brachio-radialis, and pronator teres. 14. At Least Fifteen Pounds for Every Inch Typically, you have to gain 15 pounds of overall body weight to add an inch to your upper arm measurements. Now, if you want to go from 21 to 22-inch arms, which is enormous, it’ll be more like a 25 pound gain. Weider writers claimed that Arnold used to have a 22 inch arm cold. Arthur Jones said they were full of shit. Arthur Jones was right: the Weider camp was full of shit. For Arnold to have a legitimate 22 inch arm, he would’ve had to weigh 308. If you’re going from a 14 inch arm to 16, then 30 pounds will do it. But going from 18 to 20 inches will require more like a 50 pound gain. 15. Close-Grip Chins Get your Biceps Growing Again Throughout my career, I’ve met a lot of people who’ve packed inches on their elbow flexors simply by doing chinning exercises. Grasp the chin-up bar with a close, supinated grip. The palms of the hands should be facing you, and your pinky fingers should be 4 to 6 inches apart. Hang below the bar and then pull yourself up until your chin clears the bar. This movement should be done very slowly, on the order of about 15 seconds or so. Then, slowly lower yourself to the start position. Don’t short-change yourself by not coming all the way down. Like it is for any exercise, range of motion is critical. If your arms haven’t grown for a while, consider adopting this movement. It’s a sure-fire mass builder. 16. Pressdowns are for Poofters Pressdowns are the most popular triceps movement. They’re great because they put you in a position that makes it easy to scope out that lingerie model doing cable crossovers. Unfortunately, that’s about all pressdowns are good for. Have you looked at the triceps of powerlifters and strongmen competitors recently? They’re plenty massive, but very few of them will waste their time on pressdowns. Now look at your average gymnasts: most have massive triceps that were built largely by doing dips and pressing motions. Ditch the pressdowns and use these instead: 1. Parallel dips 2. Close-grip bench presses 3. Decline close-grip bench presses 4. Seated EZ-bar French presses 5. Decline dumbbell triceps extensions 17. Grow Your Traps or be a Geek The trapezius normally has a very rapid growth response, so much so that if you can’t grow traps, you’re truly destined for geekhood. I’d rank the power snatch as the top trap builder, then power cleans and the different forms of shrugs. Most people limit their range of motion though by using barbell shrugs. It’s best to do them with a dumbbell one arm at a time so the trap can have a few inches more range. Do three weeks of that, then alternate it with an Olympic-style lift such as power cleans or power snatch. 18. Pack an Inch on your Calves in 30 Days I’ve found that in order to build calves, you need some frequency of training and some volume, but you can’t have both high volume and high frequency. Therefore, I advise training them twice over a five-day cycle, one workout being very high sets (16) and high total reps (250-510 reps); and the other being low sets (3) for a low amount of total reps (90). I’ve known people to gain in between 5/8 of an inch to a full inch with this routine in as little as 30 days. 19. No-Bull Exercises for Calves I like the Donkey Calf Raise because it places your gastrocnemius in a superior stretched position. Seated calf raises are fine, but they’re geared to working the soleus. For complete calf development, you need to work both the soleus and the gastrocnemius. If your gym doesn’t have a donkey calf raise, or if you’re reluctant to have someone of the same sex straddle you like a horsey, your best alternative would be the Dumbbell One-Legged Calf Raise. Another problem posed by donkey calf raises is figuring out how much resistance to use. For instance, how many fitness bunnies equal one Roseanne? 20. Break Plateaus with Doublé Training Doublé is a French term that means to do something twice. I learned it from Pierre Roy, who’s probably Canada’s best weightlifting coach. Basically it involves doing the same exercise twice in the same workout. Whatever lift you want to improve, you do it twice. So for example if your squat is weak, you squat at the beginning of a workout, then you squat again at the end. It’s a great plateau buster that can work for strength specialization or hypertrophy specialization. Let’s say you have shitty calves. You can do ten sets of calves at the beginning of the workout, then train chest and back, then do ten sets of calves at the end. Author: Charles Poliquin
  23. Post pics of your body here

    Haha, Yeh redic pose lol! Who knows.
  24. Post pics of your body here

    this is my progress to do date. program hasnt changed a great deal, just less running, more eating! leg pics are coming lol.