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  1. pain when doing shoulder press

    hahahahaha!! yeh cheerleading... not easy... fkn brilliant workout, have posted this vid before. Very impressive - some big units doing it.
  2. ON Gold Standard 4.7kg

    hahaha wtf happened to this forum.. the dude just wants cheap protien.. Im sure all of you incorperate it into your own diet.
  3. pain when doing shoulder press

    i hyperextend when lifting the girls for cheerleading, its pretty bad and im trying to correct it as well.. need stronger core.
  4. The brad pitts

    he does a lot of cardio + ab exercises.. and probably eats very little - what he does eat is clean. I would stick to sprints + high rep ab excersises & just get as lean as possible with good eating.
  5. sternum pain

    i get this as well, just slight pain - im 26
  6. Would you take roids?

    i'd feel so nervous about taking this sh!t - there is so much to know about it & if you f**k it up, you could be in serious trouble.
  7. Casein Protein

    yeh i use synergy 5 as well.. good stuff
  8. The brad pitts

    this is one of my mates, just v low bodyfat.
  9. The brad pitts

    mine come out at very low bodyfat otherwise, i can feel them but they are not real visible. this is the key - also yes, genetics play a part.
  10. Would you take roids?

    i could see why you would take em simmo, if your over in thailand and training as much as you will be... I have thought about it a lot more recently but still dont need them, I have just upped all my weights around the gym and feel there is plenty of progression available without "assistance" I think the reason why many people take them, including some close mates, is because they have the same goals as the rest of us however dont posses the patience or commitment required. Im not against them at all, think its a personal preference - however i have seen one of my mates who is taking them get injured a lot.
  11. Overhead Squats, omg lol.

    What is your MP? 60kg x 7 without drive 80kg x 7 with leg drive... nothing impressive.
  12. Overhead Squats, omg lol.

    i do them pretty offen, 60kg - avg but good exercise
  13. good article

    yeh its a good article. The website i took it from is great. full of good info
  14. Muscle spasams

    water + magnesium

    Free 1 week pass. (Valued at $105) ENDS 30/11/09. Conditions Apply! how is 1 weeks gym access valued at $105!!!! owch
  16. Swimming for cardio/cutting

    not always so black and white, but have a look at the figures of different atheletes, sprinters - size and ripped - all of them... swimmers, broad, smooth (most of them - Michael Phelps is lean as f**k, exception rather than the rule.)
  17. CKD - Cyclic Ketogenic Diets

    my body is also showing great signs, i have never really done a carb load before however having just completed one and not put on an once of bodyfat + having my strenght and endurance go up, im keen as to keep going!!
  18. CKD - Cyclic Ketogenic Diets

    what is the maintainence phase after this re diet? I would imagine carbs in the morning / lunch then rest of the day go for protein and fats?
  19. Mate!! good to see you on here, you know ur stuff re what to do so given you stay off the booze i expect to see some quick, impressive results! Wanna get smashed this weekend? hahahaha
  20. So... I was asked by a chick mate to do Cheerleading last night, so say i was aprehensive would be a massive understatement! and pretty much my immediate reaction was to say.. "no, because that's massivly gay" however she conned me into it. On the way had pictures in my head of poof's in tight shorts running round yelling sh!t. However. We were doing something called "parnter stunting" and its actually pretty dam hard and quite a workout. Grabin these girls and throwing them in the air then catching them (although i dropped a few haha). If anyone else here does double plate squat press apart from me.. its like that, but more explosive. Ended up being an hour or so of press haha, but with girls instead of weights. anyway to give you an idea check this you tube vid... anyone else here done it?
  21. Cheerleading..... haha

    Fixed much better than my training log. I hope that means 5 x Blondes not sets funniest shit i've heard in ages. that vid tho.. my god. I've only ever seen cheerleeding on movies, and thinking "what the gay" .. the guy in that vid was HUGE, and ive never seen anyone tossed around so much. nailed every move aswell. definately requires alot of skill and strength on both ends. both ends ayyyyyyye... lol we all knew where this topic would lead
  22. Intro

    good shape, except im scared that if i keep deadlifting my hip flexors are going to pertrude like that, not a fan
  23. Cheerleading..... haha

    yeh the shit wasnt easy.. yes harder than double plate press for sure, if i can put it into context... u know how you balance a broom on your hand and keep it verticle? yeh, just like that with 45 / 50 kg! then press it above your head. dudes at the place were putin chicks up with one hand, fkn strong
  24. Do this, Not that!

    nice article
  25. Supraspinatus shoulder pain

    got google? http://www.physioadvisor.com.au/8292250/rotator-cuff-strengthening-exercises-physioadvis.htm