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  1. if your getting sore every time try taking some BCAA's, the leucine will help your muscles repair post workout.
  2. working out your body fat level

    id say im inbetween defined and ripped... id like to be a bit more ripped... but i cant stop eating sushi sushi haha dam carbs!!
  3. Hey guys, all this talk about suppliments iv started to realise how much it takes out of your wallet! i pay around 700per year for my gym membership and i think probably around $40 per month on protein and $20 on other suppliments like glutamine and arginine - which i do realise is in my protein haha (but i like to take it seperate pre workout). So all up im probably spending the best part of $720 a year on suppliments + my gym membership of $700 which is $1420... thats a fair wack of dough!! - going to a good cause though haha!! do you guys spend as much? more?
  4. yeh true, but due to a lack of protien synthesis caused by alcohol consumption the muscle you break down at gym will not recover properly and you will not make any gains, means there is no point going to gym if you intend to drink haha!
  5. Training at a foreign gym

    yeh i find it strange training at a new or different gym, but its the mood that im in that effects me more, if im really keen to train ill go really hard but if i cant really be bothered ill have a s$%t workout... I think its also that at "your" gym you know where everything is and you have regular exercises and machines, but at foreign gyms they may not have the same machines etc, so you waste more time looking for equals. Having said all of that, if you are into a reglar training rountine and have been for a while, its good to mix it up do different exercises for the same muscles, if you have consistant training at the same or slightly different weight muscle wont grow.
  6. yeh good point about the ground lacking nutrients. But remember there are many total protiens that contain a large number of vitamines and nutrients in them.. before you buy your protein have a look at the nutritional information chart and see what's there, if you want nutrients, not buy a cheaper protein that doesnt have any in it.
  7. Optimum number of sets per workout

    im not sure how many sets i do, but im normally at the gym for about an hour, 1.5hrs for a long session. Working different body parts takes a different amount of time for me though.
  8. cardio

    losing weight is a simple exercise if you have the will to do it, you simply have to burn more calories that you intake. Have a look at your diet and work out your calories, then look at how much your buring on the bike . I would also suggest mixing it up with cardio, running and boxing are also great ways to shed pounds.
  9. yeh i emphasise on different body parts and find it very effective and rewarding, im in maintainence phase at the moment but im training my ab's really hard to get more definition and size and its paying off. I think its a great idea if your bigger in one place and its starting to look unnatural to the rest of your body to compensate by focusing in on other parts.
  10. man my creatine tubs last for ages!! i dont know how much your using, but it lasts a while i found! alot of servs per 1kilo!!!
  11. Bench press program

    damn that looks so pro, the way they've filmed it, do you reckon it was like a video entry for a lifting competition? damn... thats some serious heavy lifting!!! see how much the bar bends!!!
  12. mundine vs soliman who is winning?

    hahaha mardigras pants!!!! Go Mundine, he is talking the talk but he's also walkin the walk!! good on him
  13. about 600ml skim milk a day, 300 with morning protien shake and 300 with after workout shake...
  14. i have been taking pure carnitine as a suppliment for about 2 months now, i am using it like most do to promote the use of fat stores as energy during workouts. Recently when i have been taking it pre workout i have got a really bad pain shortly after (10 mins) in my neck, like a dull muscle pain that eventually gives me a headach before it dies down, and i can attribute it to nothing else, i was wondering if anyone else uses this and if they have had any problems after prolonged use? thanks guys!
  15. yeh im just puttin more or less final touches or fine tuning now so im looking for suppliments that help with that. Have a pic in my other thread on caffeine, it shows where i am now with my training and im pretty happy with what i have achieved. The research behind carnitine is what drew me towards it, it transports the long fatty acid chains to the mitochondria where it can be used as energy, basically you use your stored fat as energy in the gym.
  16. Supplements

    I reckon I knock over 10 tubs of protein every time I go in there.Surely no one can stock more protein than him? Dont you reckon he looks like Apoo ? Ha ha he always reminded me of Dhalsim from the Streetfighter movie with Van Damme it in it hahahaha, i go there aswell, he has good prices, nice guy... problem is i can hardly understand what he's saying half the time!!
  17. protein and water

    skim milk is the easiest. I cant stand protein with water, even good protein, skim milk wont harm ya!!
  18. caffeine and muscle growth

    12nve200sx - thanks for that article it was really infomative and a good read. hahahaha... no comment necxo. Thanks m&m, yeh im just in maintainence at the moment, which is a good break from trying to build constantly, it has allowed me to tone up more and really narrow in on things that i want to get stronger like my lower abs, biceps and parts of my back.
  19. yeh im just taking it pre workout, well have stoped now because of the pain. I was getting a dull pain in my neck about 10 mins after taking it, hadnt started working out yet. Im not sure but im not taking it anymore and ill see if it goes away. As for it not working? im not sure, i have lost bodyfat and its the only change that i have made, so it could be coincidence or it may work if used properly??? pfft im no scientist so i dont really care, probably placebo effect hahaha - think thin YOU ARE THIN!!
  20. caffeine and muscle growth

    hi there, about me? well 23 years old, have been training for around 5 years quite consistantly, longest time off training was about a month, and yes im pretty much in the state that i want to be, i weigh 75kg im 5"10 and have achieved an athletic look that i was after. I started when i was 18, just doing pushups at home, enjoyed it, also enjoyed running and cycling ALOT haha, i decided to find a gym after i got to 130 in a row. My training cosists of day on day off weight training and day on day off jogging. I weight train between an hour - and hour and a half and run 5k's on the other day. I have never tried to achieve massive gains or anything like that because it hasnt interested me, just to have decent size and be fairly toned, which i am now. I still have goals, because it keeps me fit, focused and gives me direction when im at the gym, alas alot of the work i do is maintaining. The reason i ask about caffeine and carnitine is due to the fact that i dont want to waste time in the gym, OR slow my muscle recovery time, and because this forum is here with many, more expierienced people willing to answer my questions, i thought i would make the most of it. i have attached a pic of what i look like. And if you want to know my training shedule / food intake ill be happy to put that up aswell!!! thanks for the oppinions and links on caffeine, very helpfull!! haha please ignore the pose it was a smartass photo meant for a mate who said i didnt train hard enough ahhahahaha
  21. You guys want a true inspiration?

    bloody incredible.
  22. Arnold Classic

    HAHAHAHA no ur not!! i cant even imagine the work it must take to look like that, not that i personally would ever want to!
  23. Body transformation

    its definatly a big change, but as a few have said he was big before, and some people like that look more than the cut look. Still an impressive change for the amount of time. i would hate to get stretch marks from doing that though, rather unsightly!! haha but each to their own ] Plus really shows what a good sixpack consists of!! low body fat, you couldnt even see ANY definition in his stomach in the first pic compared with the last!!
  24. caffeine and muscle growth

    hahahaha, well that's obviously not a good thing!! well thats enough to deter me from drinking it anytime close to post workout, and mabye even preworkout!