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  1. Supraspinatus shoulder pain

    I have done mine twice as well, both times doing over 100kg's on bench. Recovery for me was actually light overhead press and rotator movements - only thing that cleared it up. do not bench - incline and especially not flat.
  2. Lines under the chest

    those pecs are gross
  3. Just Awesome....

  4. he would still be eating at least double us in his cutting diet
  5. Lower Abdominals

    grips on the back machine fixed, good work
  6. getting fit for beep test

    If you have a footy / cricket oval near you i would suggest doing laps - time yourself on a conservative lap run then drop 5 / 10 seconds of each lap - pause the stopwatch at the end of each and do pushups / situps
  7. Lines under the chest

    if you want that look heavy cables + incline bench mate get very strong on bench so you have some muscle to sculpt though haha depending on how your body stores fat (sounds like most around abdomen and chest..) you will also need to eat clean to see definition
  8. Fat Blaster

    experience is the best way to go in my book, however i'd be interested to see the diet, calorie breakdown vs weight and protein / carb / fat intake of someone who is considering fat reducing suppliments. It can be done easily with food and exercise.
  9. Fat Blaster

    the best and most positive reports i have heard on a weight loss product are CLA's or Conjugated Linoleic Acid - worked much better on male test subjects in comparison with female. or just work out a diet that suits your goals - pretty simple, burn more calories than you take in
  10. Creatine

    I have just finished reading a book called "power eating" concentrates on eating for strength, size, maintainence, fat loss and cutting. Very very good book, goes through protein, carbs and fats and nearly every nutrient assesed for muscular development in a great amount of detail then further into nutrient timing etc etc. Great insight into what works for bodybuilders - both natural and enhanced. Creatine is a product listed in the book as "proven" there have been over 500 studies analysed and 70% of those reported strengh / size gains or both (aparantly that is a conclusive result). They recommend you take 4 5grms servings during the "loading" phase (5 days) - which is intended to saturate your muscles with creatine; then to maintain saturation you only need 1 5grm serving per day. Because of water retention being a common "issue" for users (leading them to believe they are putting on more muscle than they actually are) they also tested this and over a 6 week period the 28 subjects added an average of 1.1kg of lean muscle - minus the water added. Diet is also a massive factor, you need to sill be able to support muscle development with food - creatine is an agent to assist in power movement and muscular development, but the protein and amino acid building blocks are still needed. (noting that creatine is also found in food naturally) The thing i found most interesting is a study they conducted on a set of subjects. One took creatine mononhydrate with water, the other took it with a sucrose / glucose / carb rich solution, they found that the group that took creatine with the sugar recieved 60% better muscle creatine saturation than those who took it with water. Very interesting and could well explain the different experiences people have had on here. there are many variables as well - creatine will work best in conjuction with a tailored diet - obviously.
  11. muscle up

    shit kneeling! i may try that tonight
  12. What gym you working out at?

    Brighton Fitness First for me - Anyone else here attend?
  13. Lower Abdominals

    indeed i do in that case! i use the chin bar every workout. Now to get the grips on the back machine near the squat rack replaced lol. What time do you normally train there? ill say hi next time. Im there pretty much every night from 6:30
  14. Lower Abdominals

    i train at brighon fitness first, have prob seen you there in that case but dont recall. I agree with the others, its important to increase the muscle first which will in turn increase your resting metabolism etc. Im 77kg at 178cm, quite lean and i dont look big either, so i think they would be right in saying you need to stack some size. Great that you have posted ur workout plan but i think your diet will be critical in moving the extra few kg's if that's what you want to do
  15. i dont remember arnie's abs ever looking like that?????
  16. shaking while working out

    weak stablisers? who knows lol
  17. Hey guys, Just looking for some input from people with experience in this area. Like most other people im looking to keep my muscle, perhaps add a few kg's and keep trimming away the fat - seem to have plateaued somewhat though. My current diet is 7:00 - protein shake with skim milk 8:00 musli bar 10:00 protein bar 30grms + handfull of nuts 12:00 either sushimi or chicken wrap 3:00 protein bar and nuts 5:00 pre workout + glutamine workout 7:00 protein shake and glutamine 8:00 4 eggs with either 200grms red meat / chicken / tuna 10:00 protein shake before bed + some glutamine from what i can tell i think im missing out on the fats to remain anabolic. thoughts?
  18. muscle ups..

    i can get about 10 out.. but not with form like that.. havnt done them for a while now... they are a very good exercise
  19. Remaining anabolic

    its more about other peoples experience with anabolic dieting... what has worked for them, what their diet is, this thread was not supposed to be about me or my diet. Ideally, if there is anyone else that works long hours and doesnt have much time but has a regime that allows them to get all the nutrition they need...
  20. Remaining anabolic

    picture of me (i have put on 2 kg since) picture of a small shop (not including red meat) and picture of a dinner.... give you an idea, i think the first post was a little mis leading as its not a reflection of a regime
  21. Remaining anabolic

    yes thats me in the pic, no im not gay haha lol I would say i know more about dieting and nutrition than 90% of the people on the forum. This is a cut diet + a snapshot of what i eat on A particular day (being the day before) this is not my constant diet haha!! I eat quite a lot during the day and no it would not have been possible for me to have got to this look on that diet. and for those that are wondering.. i freaking work hard every gym session, im not one of the guys thats standing around talking to his mates... im lifting from the second i get the till i walk out the door. Peterm13 - i know about nutrition, I know what i should be eating and i normally do, however time is scarce at the moment. I think the sunday chicken cook is a good idea... just finding the time to eat it is the problem
  22. Remaining anabolic

    Gtst, u do realize sashimi is raw salmon right ! Not seaweed haha And chicken wrap is real chicken and avocado, very substantial size too Also neglected to mention I have a bowl of musli with my shake in the morning
  23. Remaining anabolic

    Yep I'm well aware of how much processed food I'm consuming. It is for convienience, I'm not a uni student, I work in senior finance recruitment Mon - fri 8am - 6 / 7pm get an hour of gym at night before bed, don't have time to be eating seperate meals during the day. I missed on vegies which I have everynight too. I'm currently in great shape but would like around 2 - 3 of oflean gains. I'm squatting, dead lifting and pressing and have dropped the cardio.
  24. m&m's place

    64kg kettlebell... big mofo