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  1. Pullups

    just use the machine as suggested and build up to it!! just do them every time you hit the gym when i first started at home i would be lucky to squeeze out 10 pushups.. would be shaking.. after a year or so i was doing 130 in a row... just practice. Same with chins, would be luck to do 7 (was a skinny f*cker) but can do mid 20's now...

    hahahahahahaha seafood extension ... that... sounds... grosssss!
  3. very impressive mate, good work
  4. Post pics of your tatts

    really want a tat down my left side.. no idea what to get.. have looked around SOOOOO much for over a year but nothing has interested me enough to get!! Thinking phoenix because i like the story behind it but has been done so many times!
  5. 2009 goals

    lol i diddnt time myself. it was a full set, all the way down, breathing at the top, no cheat.
  6. 2009 goals

    at the moment i would estimate 13 - 14%
  7. 2009 goals

    yeh true, im not sure, but yeh good for tracking and measuring difference week to week. But yeh very early in the year and have made some much better progress than i thought, only gotta do 100's now to knock of that goal!
  8. 2009 goals

    breathing, 2 seconds at the top for the last 5 no way abs are best they have ever been.. really been focusing on core strength from squats and dead's coulpled with direct ab work like hanging raises and weighted crunches. i dont know how accurate that bodyfat estimaiton is - it was taken from electronic scales... however my display pic was taken about a week ago and im a bit leaner now that i was there.
  9. 2009 goals

    last night another milestone!!!! 90kg 20rep full range squats, ass to heel, so fkn proud!!! haha, boy did it hurt.
  10. Pre/PostWOrkout nutrition

    i use next generation megarecovery glutamine too. good stuff
  11. Sissy boys tread

    yeh could be right, there are a few reasons as to why injuries occur - form, diet, warmup - as long as your doing enough to address the key areas, injuries should not occur that often there is also the fact that everybody has a slightly different genetic makeup, some people are just more prone to injuries.
  12. Sissy boys tread

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA like a maglight wrapped in a sleeping bag
  13. Sissy boys tread

    i would find dumbells worse because if your doing heavy they can sway and put A LOT of weight on support muscles, this is how it think i screwed mine.
  14. Warming Up

    for upper body i use chins to warm up, variety of grips, normally sees me through a workout fine. im missed chins the other day went straight ot bench and have sprained my shoulder... yes, warmups are good
  15. Sissy boys tread

    just did the front last night, freaking killing me - shoulder is farked... xbox comes out just did the front last night, freaking killing me - shoulder is farked... xbox comes out
  16. Longest success streak

    something stupid, dont recall how long, months on end.. god its good though - its a postive cycle, as you start to see much better results and that in turn gives you the motivation to keep going!
  17. 2009 goals

    Having some progress which is always nice. Yesterday squatted 80kg x 20 reps - my best effort yet, killed me, every squat was deep. After that did 100kg x 5 reps (not much but still my best effort). Bench wise hit 100kg x 4 reps. Deadlift was 120kg x 6 reps - still building this up. Have dropped on the amount of chins im doing though, down from 20+ to around 18 Fairly early in the year and well on my way to my goals which im happy with. Bodyfat is sitting at around 15 - 16%. cheers guys!
  18. Sissy boys tread

    yes i continued training but stopped bench, that agrovates it.. just did lighter weights.. + ohead press and it finanlly fixed itself up
  19. Sissy boys tread

    mine was sore for over 6 months, the only thing that helped was doing overhead press.. not too heavy
  20. Muscle Soreness

    glutamine before and after training has helped most for me
  21. Toning up ur stomach with no situps

    for building abs i find leg raises best. for loosing the fat i find the 20 rep bodyweight squats best.
  22. Overhead squats

    wrists always hurt the most after these..
  23. Pre/PostWOrkout nutrition

    thats what i use!! by the way cant shake to vigioursly because glutamine is unstable... great stuff - mixes like sh!t, tastes like sh!t 120 serves per 1 kg on mine... cost me 100 given it has glutamine i use it before and after training, to both prevent muscle breakdown during training and assist with recovery after.
  24. Pre/PostWOrkout nutrition

    yeh im doin ok... but id still rather know which is giving me better recovery.. soreness is a freakin pain.. pardon the pun. Especially in the legs. i mean i dont need another person to tell me to lift eat sleep, next ill get lift heavy sh!t of the ground and press it overhead, think i know the basics lol, but as i said, i wouldnt mind some hard facts rather than people just speculating over whats better. i drink a lot of milk to, but is it alright straight after training? we know it slows the rate at which the protein reaches your muscle, but does the extra protein and carbs from the milk compensate for this?
  25. Pre/PostWOrkout nutrition

    i recover much better with glutamine. is milk with protein that bad post workout, really? so much scepticism, but would mind seeing some hard facts on protein synthesis after training with milk + protein and with water + protein