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  1. Pre/PostWOrkout nutrition

    thats the impression i got..
  2. Kangaroo meat

    i eat it all the time good stuff
  3. Finally taking the plunge

    lookin good mate!
  4. Creatine and Alcohol?

    creatine aids water retention, alcohol aids dehydration.. ahh no point even going on. The answer is no they completely contradict each other.
  5. Whats your Weakness (FOOD)

    chicken schnitzel sandwitches.. had one today
  6. listening to your body

    same in terms of responsivness to carbs. I cant squat or dead more than 3 times per week, can do ohead press every second day
  7. Pre/PostWOrkout nutrition

    so will consuming dextrose be a hinderance for those looking to drop bodyfat?????
  8. Pre/PostWOrkout nutrition

    im surprised no one else uses glutamine before and after workout's...
  9. Pre/PostWOrkout nutrition

    mmm i have been drinking milk with every post workout protein shake.. no good? buy dextrose.. seems to be the consensus
  10. just had 3 weeks in fiji, eating chips, burgers, pizza and drinking beer all to frequently, visited the pathetic gym over there a few times but couldnt get the food i needed to recover so it was rather pointless. Would estimate i lost 3kg muscle and put on 4 kg fat, it was gross, but heavy back into it now!
  11. 2009 goals

    78kg at around 12% bf and id be quite content, like to hit 120 on bench, squat 100kg x 20
  12. Youtube lifting vids

  13. Tip of the day

    This thread is an insult to the collective knowlege on this forum. Nuff said, lock thread, no value.
  14. protein shake + small steak from night before milk + nuts chicken + avocado wrap milk + nuts Train protein shake tin of salmon + steak cottage cheese
  15. Tip of the Day - 2/12/08

    hahahahahaha not this again
  16. Abs

    i do both eg i did bench, dumbell press, dips, ohead press and bent rows last night and also did weighted decile situps + leg raises. im not arguing that direct work is more effective, in fact i agree that compound movements will give more strength to the midsection however i do believe that a combination of both will lead to more size.
  17. I, like a lot of you work all day. For me its 8 - 6 monday to friday, which leaves precious little time to prepare my food + work in the gym. For this reason its imperative that i make the most of the 4 hours that i have. Given what i have learnt in recent years my diet + exercise program has been the following .. or a slight variation of. Finish work, get changed, have some glutamine, go to gym. Workout. Chins to warmup - up to around 20 in a row, 4 different grips. O/head press - 2 sets 50kg - 12 reps, 2 sets 60kg 5-7 reps then leg drive. Squat into ohead press w/ leg drive - 50 - 60kg depending on how taxed i am, as many reps as possible bench - 90kg x 8 reps, 80 kg x 10 reps - 2 sets each bent over rows - 90kg x 12 reps - 4 sets weighted decline ab crunches - 12 reps 10kg plate dips - 2 sets of 20 reps 2 sets of 10 reps with 15kg. *** this is a typical upper body workout for me with some leg work as well. I will do 20 rep squats day on day off. Post workout food Immediatly after workout i have a protien shake 400ml milk - around 60grms potein in total + glutamine. an hour and a half later i have a tin of salmon .. around 33 grms protein before bed at 10 i have a tub of cottage cheese. about 8 - 9 hours sleep I seem to recover well and im generally not too sore the next day. Wake up have a protein shake for breaky, again around 60grms protein nuts for brunch, chicken + avocado wrap for lunch nuts / protein bar for arvo GYM This regime has been working very well and its the ONLY routine that i have lost fat + kept / gained muscle on but any suggestions / improvments will be greatly appreciated. cheers guys.
  18. the perfect after work routine..

    hahahaha not quite.
  19. Abs

    no doubt they are, that's because i never trained with compounds before! haha i dont need confirmation, i believe u. If i had utilised my time differently i would be looking and lifting very different. As for being lean, im at the lowest bf i have ever been at so im pretty content. hard to forget that pic, very impressive... that's 1 heavy lifter with visible abs.. every gymnast has abs visible through their suit - and they all work their core differently clearly there are different ways of developing the abdominal region - i believe if you combine both you will have the best results .. that's my oppinion and what i have found recently to work for me. I will have to come down anyway because i havnt seen u guys in ages!!!
  20. the perfect after work routine..

    wow random... I don't use that one
  21. puking at the gym

    iv come close a few times, never spewed though
  22. My 180sx

    Nice one Adam!!! looking good mate!! i think i know the black 180 that your talking about hahahaha... god i miss my 180, the s2000 is shit compared with it! Andrew
  23. Cottage Cheese Replacement?

    OH MY GOD.... i have found the way to eat cottage cheese, i have been experimenting with different things recently to improve the taste and have found a lot of things that dont work!!! HOWEVER!!! tonight i added half a tablespoon of sweetchilli sauce... eureka!! its BLOODY BRILLIANT! dont know why i didnt think if this earlier but id encourage everyone to try it!
  24. Push ups

    me too, 120 - 130 in a row 4 sets or so.. then i started goin to the gym its the only logical progression, if you want to put on 5kg of lean muscle you will need to work fairly hard. i would also asume your shoulders are becoming rounded because your increasing the strenght of your pecs pulling your shoulders fowards, without doing the complimentary movement your going to end up looking weird. this is a simple one, just go to gym diversify your exercise regime and give all your muscles the same conditioning your pecs and arms are getting. It seems random that you want to add 5kgs THEN go to gym.... why wouldnt you go to the gym TO add the 5 kgs? you come across a bit vauge and uninterested anyway, do you really give a sh!t about adding 5 kgs or was it just a passing thought? hehe