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  1. how does bodybuilding wreck your body? lol?
  2. Diet Plan For loosing weight

    10 - 15kg over 2 months. wot lol
  3. New protein!

    Hey guys, As many of you know I have been in the gym for quite some time now and I have been through probably close to 100 different types of protien. This has finally led me and a friend to develop something that was a little more adaptable to timing and nutrient requirements as well as goals. As such we have developed Traning Edge, its basically complex protein supplimentation made easy and can be tailored to any level or goal. In essence we have a tripple mix protein, isolate, concentrate and casienate and a carb source - you mix the two to your requirements. Here is a link to ebay, we have listed our first run - from the people who have bought through us direct we have some great feedback!! We think pricing is very compeditive and it is a unique product. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260649595119 keen to hear thouhgts from you guys as I respect a lot of you for knowledge and oppinion on training and supplementation. cheers. Andrew
  4. 3 Tricks for Faster Fat Loss

    reflects a lot of the ideas behind the intermittent fasting diet im currently on. good stuff.
  5. tried the "shoulder shocker" its a very good shoulder workout. will incorperate it into my routine.
  6. great find, very interesting!!! i have torn both rotators several times over 10 years of training, every time has been on barbell benchpress. I now dont do flat bench, its too much of a hinderance and its not even an area that i focus on developing, the closest i get is dumbell incline press. I have also often successfully used light overhead press to strenghten my rotator back up - I have never injured my rotator on o/head press. Most would actually assume the opposite, injury from o/head press and recovery from light bench, but not the case. While this is a great article, I do agree with christian, overhead press with good form does have its place in the gym.. I do think behind the head press is a different story and is a guaranteed way to tear something. i think most injuries come from people trying to go to heavy and getting lazy on the last few reps rather than the exercise itself. shoulder night for me tonight so ill give the "shoulder shocker" a go anyway!!
  7. Gym Classes vs DIY

    classes are good for motivation, and once you get into a routine you will probably commit to them more. As far as how "hard" they are, they are probably not going to challenge any atheletes however for they average person, they more than suffice. The other thing to note is, you can set your own pace to a large degree, as you get fitter you will go harder. I would still incorperate weights into your regime. It never ceases to amaze me, the girls with the best bodies in the gym are constantly doing squats, overhead press, lunges and other weighted movements.. when are they going to connect the dots.
  8. Opinions on Protein shakes

    this is stupid, adding weight isnt going to come down to what protein you use. Honestly at the end of the day its going to make fu$k all difference in comparison with your complete diet. A typical protein shake with milk will be about 260 calories - out of a daily required intake of most likely at least 2600 calories its only 10%. If you want to add weight get your diet right, stop relying on protein shakes because its not going to get you anywhere.
  9. Opinions on Protein shakes

    By that do you mean bowel movements?? eg if you went to the crapper 2-3 times a day, then it has less time to work its magic, as aposed to going once a day when it has more time to work.....OR am i completely off the path?? no nothing to do with how often you go to the bog. The way protein is structured and how refined it is etc will have an effect on how it is absorbed. Im unsure of the specific dynamics, i should have saved the page. I just took away from it the main point.. which is the most effective post workout protein is not just a whey, its whey/ casien OR JUST casien if you had to choose. May have even been one of Aaron Aragon's writeups.
  10. Opinions on Protein shakes

    Just based on research and latest university studies into absorbtion of whey protein and different levels of processing / peptides. In summary concludes that the best protein to take post workout is a mix of casien and standard whey. With the faster absorbing proteins, whilst they absorbed quicker, less protein was able to be absorbed due to them passing through the digestion system too quickly.
  11. Opinions on Protein shakes

    all i would suggest is get a mix of casien and whey protein. To be honest brand doesnt make much of a difference as mentioned earlier all protein is sourced from 2 main suppliers. dont fall for all these rapid absorbtion and super hydrolised marketing schemes.. protein like that passes through your bowel too quickly and doesnt get the chance to absorb.
  12. Bench vs Bent rows

    mine is about the same as well, although i dont really bench much anymore around 110 on both
  13. Failed goals...

    http://www.simplyshredded.com/pecs-that-pop-5-training-experts-weigh-in-on-the-best-methods-for-building-a-massive-chest.html good info mate
  14. Failed goals...

    are you logging workouts? its labourious but can give you the motivation to go harder - just improving on the weeks before effort and having a goal to strive for every time your in the gym sounds like your varying your workout as well - ie rep range, but if your not getting improvement / strength increase, something needs to be adjusted. Are you in calorie surplus? ie, above your maintainence? its going to be EXTREMELY difficult to add muscle if you are under.
  15. preworkout

    if you dont know what it is... how do you know you havent had one? /scarcasm taken on board.
  16. Post your height & weight

    176cm 75kg pretty lean
  17. preworkout

    i find jacked sh!t. gives me a pump that cuts my sets short.. hate it. I have heard very good things about a pre-workout called muscle marinade but no one i know personally has taken it my fav pre workouts are 85% cocoa dark chocolate or peanut butter on toast.
  18. Motivation

    update on motivation, sitting at 75 so lost another 2kg, seems like i still have good strength! so hopefully retained muscle!
  19. Before After Pictures

    before: 4 years ago current (no pump)
  20. New protein!

    67RCE - thanks a lot for your input, great feedback!! ghosty, were still working on samples mate, as soon as they are made up ill get you out one. cheers
  21. Abs

    the ab routine that i use & works for me is the following front squats x 3 sets leg raises x 3 cable crunches x 3 windscreen wipers x 3 dumbell woodchops x 3 barbell rollouts x 3 good luck.
  22. New protein!

    mate, great to hear from you and have your input on this, I'll send you a PM, we will catch up this week / early next.
  23. plateau.!

    for what its worth, im 178cm around 8/9% bf, the only way i added muscle was doing compounds - primarily squat and deadlift (really focusing on adding weight / reps where possible Ie: every week add another rep or 5/10kg) and carb cycling and dropping the cardio. I do HIIT now, but that's about it cardio wise.
  24. Needing to EXPAND DIET?

    pasta is good carbs + calories, drizzle with a good fat dressing take some shakes with you to work, easiest way to up your cals. Get a high carb shake, add peanut butter / flax oil, should give you another 400cal. Also agree with the above, increase the servings of rice your having. I do know its hard doing that everyday, and expensive, I'm carb cycling at the moment, did 3200cals on saturday - bit over half from carbs, bloody hard to do!
  25. Lunch Options

    Toughen up princess . I used to do 2X 350g chicken breasts for lunch, took almost an hour to eat. rediculous, i used to do a whole chicken.. but didnt make a great difference.