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  1. Garage clean out

    S15 rear calipers sold
  2. Garage clean out

    Added 2 pairs of 6 bolt drive shafts $120/pair
  3. Garage clean out

    S14 LCA's separated and now for sale, bearings in the hubs were f**ked $120 ono
  4. Garage clean out

    Bm44 sold S14 knuckles and lca's no longer for sale.
  5. Garage clean out

    Hi all, Cleaning out the garage and i have the following available. Located in Campbelltown, Prefer pickup but willing to post smaller items at buyers expense Negotiable to some extent but lowballers can eat a dick Front and rear height adjustable camber tops. Bought them for a project that i later stripped and sold. Ball joints still tight, didn't knock when in the car. Includes the spanners i made for them and spacers. Also includes a second set of rear threaded inserts with an 8x1 thread from memory to suit the koni's i had in the rear at the time. $300 Koni yellow adjustable front struts in s13 housings. Drilled to suit s14 knuckle. Travelled a grand total of about 200km. $200 Tuneagent s13 toe arms $100 Xforce 3.5 inch universal cannon, new in box $80 Nismo LMGT3's, 17x9 +20 all round, ok condition, pretty nasty rash on one rear but not very deep, minor rash on all the others. No buckles or leaks,missing the centre bolt thingys. Come with near new 235/45 f and 255/40 r tyres $1100 S14 manual diff, i think that makes it a 3.7? $50 S15 rear calipers, hand brake cables, sold S13 manual cluster 170k on it, $20 S14 Fronts LCA's $120 ono 2 pairs of 6 bolt drive shafts $120/pair
  6. Team13

    Hello kitty has never had a wheel alignment either so there's a theme emerging... Needs more crap in the looks department, some hammertone and badly flared guards should do it
  7. it got sold with my old car about 5 years ago - and ended up going into a different car for street use in a slightly softer state of tune. My current S13 looks pretty much as crap as my old one, but is a lot more daily spec. I dunno if that's possible, your old one looks pretty crap. So can you conclude that wanli's are faster than nankang's?
  8. Price : $200 Condition : Used R32 GTSt BM44 non ABS bolt up to non abs S13 with no mods to brake lines or booster suit skyline brake conversion
  9. Oil Drain on GTX3071

    High or low mount? Mine below running a similar thing to the sonic performance one you linked to but in -10. It's actually one of these as it was originally on my skyline but i bought the AN fitting from MSCN when i put in on the SR. If you are running low mount, i'd probably mod the stock one. Done that plenty of times.
  10. Purchasing taller wing uprights

    Talk to Taark, pretty sure he's done a couple of sets for str8e180.
  11. Go Nowra! Smart move building it under a flight path too.
  12. The tune just needs a couple of cells tweaked as on road load conditions aren't identical to dyno load conditions. No big deal, it will take your tuner 5 minutes to fix.
  13. What to use to seal oil pressure sensors

    This is the best of them, can be a PITA to find in shops. http://www.permatex.com/products/Automotive/thread_compounds/a_thread_sealants/Permatex_Pneumatic_Hydraulic_Sealant.htm but in general PTFE paste will do the job 99% of the time.
  14. It's pretty unlikely that the bush failed. i've had a needle roller spigot bearing fail and the needles jammed the clutch on but the brass ones will take a heap of punishment and stay in one piece.
  15. suspension top hitting body

    yes that makes a difference, you'll have even less room to play with than with a stock top. As mentioned, the top hat is offset so first step is making sure that it's not in backwards.