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  1. S13 Sunroof Drain

    if you open ur sunroof fully you can see the front drains from the top in the corners. U can also take out the roof lining and some of the surrounding plastics to see the plastic hoses that lead the water down the car. 2 in the front corners and 2 in the rear of the sunroof
  2. She should perform sexual favours for you at least!
  3. open the bonnet and take a look at the little motors next to each light. There will be a rod that connects from the motor to the head light and that may be adjusted to be too long. Have a fiddle around there (note that you will have to actually adjust the rod and not just twist the motor cap)
  4. hmm If you haven't already I'd start off simple and check the ignition fuse I haven't worked on mistubishi's either but I know that if the fuse is gone the car will crank as per normal but 0 spark will be delivered that being said it's pretty odd that a fuse like that would blow, so yeah you may need to prepare to looking at the module especially if its on the exhaust side itd be prone to a lot of heat
  5. Here's some courage wolf to lift your spirits:
  6. All the best to those who are affected Stay strong guys
  7. Hypothetical

    op is a stoner! and here's a more important question: Would we use magazines for porn?!?
  8. for firsts i would be looking at ur spark plugs, and changing the fuel filter as well as the above checking for piping
  9. I just had a quick squizz on google and those tyres look like directional tyres Maybe check if you have them facing the right way if you haven't already it might help (arrow pointing forward)
  10. CANCEROUS NEWFAG used to love 4chan, after a while it's literally the same shit over and over. gotta take a break from it
  11. WORK / JOBS

    haha, i love the blue screen of death in that last pic
  12. Painting my car

    Despite the different tone business I reckon the rear is looking really nice man haha Howd that front bar turn out?
  13. Loz! SAU has it, Get on it! :D

    yeah heaps im not saying otherwise I totally agree that there is heaps of utter shit on here Everyone here thinks they are king shit and know more than the next person. The use of sarcasm is disgraceful and there is no respect for anyone, but that's not the forums fault it's the people with high post counts that post regularly that influence the way this forum conducts itself either way I was just hoping there might be another alternative to a feedback system, but if not then you gotta do what you guys think is best
  14. still getting this f**king thing, its really making this site unpleasant to visit a bit