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  1. Nothing wrong with buying an Xbox, but Halo Reach? I was forced to play it at a friends house, felt like Quake 3 / UT2k3, except shitter. Halo is the most over-rated game franchise I've ever come across.
  2. Got Samsung bluray / 7.1 system for $350, so I'm going to try and play some games and hope my PS3 doesn't freeze. Sicarius123, most likely on bad company 2 or MW2. I really need to send it on warranty lol, now I've got a bluray player on the side I don't really have an excuse.
  3. That's far less gay than a building made to look like a games console haha.
  4. MW2 = todays Counter Strike.
  5. At the extreme end, it starts with framerate drop.
  6. Prolly your thermal paste has gone hard if you have a phat. Either a warranty job or if it's run out time to open it up and replace with arctic silver.
  7. Just played MW2 for the first time since I got any map packs, and kept getting bloody original maps lol.
  8. I still haven't played the stimulus but I went halves with my brother. Bought resurgence just now for his birthday so I'll have it too. On the plus side Monkey Island special edition! Shit yea!
  9. Yea I was just looking for it to buy for my brothers birthday, but not there.
  10. You know what? I'd pay for PSN Plus for scheduled downloading. That'd probably be the only thing that could convince me. I CBF staying up till midnight to start my PS3 downloads during my unlimited off peak with it possibly running over my off peak end time because PSN downloads are so slow.
  11. Do they check your games before giving you fee games? Would be gutted to already have LBP on bluray and get it on PSN as a bonus.
  12. Doesn't matter what speed you have, the only way of getting decent speed from PSN is to run your PC as a proxy. They must have it on some retarded port most ISP's limit or have some really stupid software issue in the PS3 or something.
  13. lol, playstation plus sounds utterly worthless. The only way they could make it compete with XBL on value is if they made online gaming a plus feature only. Then watch half the PS3 owners trade them for xboxes if they ever chose to do that. Do we get Australian servers with Plus? Will download speeds from the store actually be reasonable?
  14. Final release of GT5 had better of put a lot of hard work into engine noises or I'm not buying it. After this long a wait I'm not buying it unless it's perfect, and with Need for Speed having more realistic engine noises than the demo videos for GT5 which sounds like fkn GT3, they're sure as hell not on top of it.
  15. So comparing the cost of US PSN titles with Aus ones, this should be over $200 AU a year?