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  1. Seen the mulloway chasing bait fish but never seen one caught. Could tell that you dived in as your shirt is all drenched. well done.
  2. ROTA WHEELS - from 15" to 19"

    Do you have more selections in 19's?

    I believe they are no longer in Business.
  4. Does Jeff tune rb25? any feedback from the Rb guys?
  5. Narrowed Down My Rim Choice

    thanks god its over!
  6. what sort of car is it?
  7. Stupid Neighbours

    my neighbour came knocking on my door complaining about my car alarm beep (to set the door open) going off in the morning, which is apparently disturbing him from his dreamland. The problem is i normally leave for work around 8. How pathetic.
  8. are the connections between the top lid and the enclosure wall being rivet on or screw on?
  9. Engine Oil Motul 8100 Gearbox Redline lightweight shockproof Diff Redline lightweight shockproof
  10. Cucumber Drift

    OMG cant believe it! haha
  11. will those pad fit a r33 gtst? if so how much is postage by register mail to adelaide?
  12. thats hot! love it.