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  1. Silvia S13 Weight

    I always thought the s13's weighed 1290kg. and thats for stock. with a body kit and a system and all the crap it should be a little more so p platers shouldnt have to worry
  2. Hooray!

    You obviously didnt see the "charlie" video with the damn horses... boring AND annoying! CHHHHAAARRRRLLLLLLIIIIIIIEEEEE CHHHHHARRRRLLLLIIEEEE
  3. Buying this bodykit

    well it looks alot better than stock. how mcuh u getting it for?
  4. Strawberry Delight!

    veryyy niiiccceeee hiiiii 5!!!
  5. some guy got his falcon impounded for doing 150 on the freeway in melbourne last night. 38 demerit points in 12 months lol http://www.theage.com.au/news/national/tra...7459937805.html
  6. damn that guy has his own little motor show
  7. i personally believe the Mclaren F1 was the best car ever. it was ahead of its time. that car is like 15 years old man and it can still beat the enzo, carrera gt etc today
  8. the veyron takes off like a jet car!!!its another level that car
  9. Loss of License

    like wat many have said above: drain the tank of fuel.

    if i were u i wouldnt get my car serviced there again
  11. get some black rims for the black strawberry and its gonna look mean j
  12. 180 info

  13. rofl looks like it can be any family car judging by ms paint lolz
  14. ca vs sr

    +1 +2 +3