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  1. Rego Expired

    my names spazo
  2. Rego Expired

    crap. i was driving it around today lucky lol
  3. Rego Expired

    hi guys, just a quick question, my rego expires today, can i still drive it today? or does it "Expire" today.?
  4. S14 SR20DE Engine

    first of all, welcome! i guess just try not to make the car stand out too much, just keep it plain and simple and dont drive like an idiot lol. just my 2c. i got an s15 sr20de na for sale if you want it
  5. Hay from foaley

    welcome care to share the list of mods you've done to that baby?
  6. Hi new s15

    welcome to the forums mate nice s15 you got there, will be waiting to see it progress. have fun and enjoy your stay
  7. how many screens do you game with?

    im planning to get a 120hz led, my mate has one and its much better compared to my old monitor
  8. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    +1 without IW i probly wont even bother with this.
  9. DiRT 3

    Just tried this yesterday with the g25, and its pretty good actually.
  10. Battlefield 3

    damn cant wait, should be good.
  11. PS3 GT5 - HELP ME!

    lol tightasses
  12. rFactor - D1GP All Stars Drifting

    yeh whats wrong with the servers? hardly see any online

    yeh it was. just wait at the pits and horn for a twin, triple drift, it was crazy.
  14. Need to convert dvd to avi

    Try xilisoft dvd ripper platinum.
  15. Forza Motorsport 4

    forza 4 finally, hope its as good as ppl say it is.