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  1. i have a rb25det gearbox for sale 3rd and 4th gear syncros crunching it also comes with the yoke. asking $500 pick up only sydney/west Tony 0432455356
  2. Brand new exedy twin plate clutch kit NM022SD. Comes with flyweel and new bearings. These retail for $2000 a must for high hp 200sx pic up is sydney/west. delivery can be arranged at extra cost. Tony 0432455356
  3. S15 Exedy Twin Plate "new" - $1,500

    Price : $1,500 Condition : New BUMP
  4. Price : $1,500 Condition : New Brand new exedy twin plate clutch kit comes with flywheel for sale these retail for $2200 a must for high hp s15 pick up only. tony 0432 455 356
  5. Price : $1,550 Condition : New this is a brand new twin plate clutch kit for high powered S15 these retail for $2200 pik up only western sydney. 0432 455 356 Tony.
  6. Exedy twin plate - $1,500

    Price : $1,500 Condition : Used Hi barand new exedy twin plate clutch for sale a must for high hp. Asking $1500 pik up from sydney/west delivery extra.
  7. Price : $1,500 Condition : Used For sale brand new Exedy twin plate clutch for s15 $1500
  8. PPG vs PAR Engineering

    ive had PAR dog box in my s15. broke 6 of them they are shit go PPG if anything.
  9. traffic was fukd. i wasted whole tank of e85
  10. Mate got car jacked

  11. s15 gearbox options

    ive got a exedy twin plate for sale if u want for a s15 brand new $1500
  12. you only need the diff and driveshafts and it will all bolt up. Make sure you get the series 2 abs diff. or your abs and spedo wont work. And no the s15 and r33 driveshafts are not the same s15 are 6 bolt and break piss easy broke like 7 of them. r33 is 5 bolt and i've only broke 1 and that was a 8000rpm launch at the track.