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  1. ~~ This Friday 11th May - Archerfield Drift ~~

    Heres our list for Tonight so far ... 1 Josh Panton 180SX Mercury Motorsport 2 Josh Newson RX7 ? 3 Phil Mounfield Ceffy 4 Guy Andrews Option1 Silvia 5 Mark Bellotti Corolla 6 Scott Turner 200SX S14 7 Anthony Kellum AE86 Kaizen Garage 8 Sam Holz AE86 Kaizen Garage 9 Michael Vallance R32 10 Robert Whyte 350Z 11 Andy Lecky Silvia 12 Robbie Mounfield R32 GTST 13 David Johnson 180SX We still have plenty of spots available , let me know if you would like to come and run the Comp - With a new sponsor tonight we really need to put on a show and keep him interested as he is looking at doing much more with the sport in the future What we are also offering tonight as it looks like we have plenty of track time available ...... If you are interested in coming out and trying out the track we will offer a 5 lap session between 6 and 8 pm for only $20 - this is ideal if you would like to just come out and have a bit of fun on a friday night , no restriction on cars as long as its roadworthy / safe and you have a helmet . We will have a great display of drifting from the guys that are coming so come and check it out !
  2. ~~ This Friday 11th May - Archerfield Drift ~~

    Yes you should ! You were really gettin the hang of it towards the end of the last day And night time is so much more fun out there
  3. Yes this Sunday - From 10am till 4pm - Full day of Drift Fun We are going to change a few things this time , try some new stuff ! From 10am we will have the usual practice runs in the clockwise direction , groups of 6 cars and three runs each to get you warmed up ........ Then we will reverse the track but with a small twist , after the first LH hairpin we will have a cone in the middle of the rh corner following - you have to go right around the cone before you keep going on your run - yes most people have a spin anyway so now you get to throw a doughnut round the cone and create some smoke for a bit of fun and to get you warmed up for the next run ........ The judged part of the day will be starting from the pit end ( anticlockwise ) you do a full run on the fast layout ( no tight left hander ) but when you get to the end you drift around the cone coming out of the last corner and continue back on the clockwise track , which for the first time we will fun without the tight rh corner ...... The catch is you will be timed , the fastest time WHILST DRIFTING ( which we will be the judge of ) Wins . We will have a first , second and third prizes for the day with the usual Encouragement award also . I anticipate you will get two runs at the comp time permitting . For the spectators we will be giving away 2 lap passenger rides in some of the top cars during the day Truckin DJ`s will be on hand again to entertain us Food and drinks available from the Kiosk as usual Entries so far are 1 Grant Scott AE71 Rolla 2 Simon Mercer Gemini 3 Flynn Dowling S13 4 Michael Vallance R32 5 Robert Whyte 350Z 6 Sam Holz AE86 7 Anthony Kellam AE86 8 Josh Coote 180SX 9 Matty Vallance R32 10 Ren Higham Silvia RB25 11 Robby Mounfield R32 12 Brad Dale R31 13 Phil Mounfield Ceffy 14 Matthew Pye Gazelle 15 Shayne Russignan Silvia 16 Vlad Nielsen Silvia S13 17 Mark Belloti KE70 18 Scott Turner S14 19 Ryan Cummings Silvia S13.5 20 Dan Koszo R32 4 Door 21 David Hevassi Onevia 22 Josh Young Silvia Option1Garage Entry for the day to drive is $60 Spectators are $10 head
  4. *** Archerfield Fun Day - This Sunday 29th April ***

    Still have a few entries available ...... PM if your interested !!
  5. *** Archerfield Fun Day - This Sunday 29th April ***

    Yeah you can do that if you like ...... but just run the comp part , its all for fun and we are only timing it so we can give away some prizes
  6. Archerfield Drift Footage Inside!

    Find these comments interesting ........ we have run this track for about three month`s now and had driver training every 2nd wednesday . Now these are the facts Yes it is slow speed - there is nothing to hit other than the wall on the first turn , and that is easily avoided ! it is an excellent track to learn on , slow speeds and tight and technical work great or beginers , as long as you are tought the proper techniques to start with which we can do on wednesday practice days . It is also a great track to improve your technique if you have been drifting for a while , basically anyone that knocks it either hasn`t taken the time to learn properly or is never going to be a good drifter ....... to link this track in full you have to be very committed and have skills the track has been endorsed by Josh Young , Eugene Ardensen , Darren Mews , Jerome Kennedy - All DA Drifters ! personnally I prefer faster circuits myself , but I love goin out there and putting a lap together and nailing it ........ Oh and you dont need big horsepower to link this track , we have guys in corollas and geminis that can do it - And as for to laggy well any drift car should be on boost by 3500 rpm if its built right !
  7. Archerfield Drifting Sunday 15th April

    Due to another event being held on friday the 13th at Archerfield we are now going to run on SUNDAY the 15th - yes all day sunday to get out and tackle one of the most technical , challenging and fun tracks in Brisbane - now we have started using more cones and less tyres there is not much chance of damaging your car unless your way off course ... If you would like to enter please PM , email or call Paul at Option1Garage on 32681113 - It will be $60 to enter for the day - we will have a judged competition in the afternoon and yes we will be giving away more prizes - with some of the guys away at DA for the weekend here is your chance to shine !! Spectators will still only be $10 for the day so great value - We will have Truckin DJ`s on site again and of course food and drink will be available as per usual Gates will open at 9am - Drifting from 10am ENTRY LIST _ WILL UPDATE AS THEY COME IN 1 Scuba Steve Option1Garage S13 2 Josh Coote 180SX 3 Steven Carter Cefiro 4 Matt Vallance R32 GTST 5 Andrew Pinder Cefiro 6 Grant Scott KE70 7 Phil Mounfield Cefiro 8 Robby Mounfield R32 Option1garage 9 Paul Samson (mumblezzz) Toyota Chaser 10 Glen Matthews 180SX 11 Tim Harris RB20 Silvia 12 Anthony Kellam AE86 Kaizen Garage 13 Sam Holz AE86 Kaizen Garage 14 Andrew Nutley R32 15 Zac Seaton Onevia 16 Aaron Patty R32 GTST 17 Paul Dean Silvia Motorman 18 Joshua Boettcher Mazda RX7 19 Leigh Gallace Cefiro 20 Gary Auhl Silvia Mercury Motorsport 21 Grant Hartley Option1Garage S13 22 Josh Panton 180SX 23 Jarryd Libbis Ceffy 24 Dan Koszo R32 Skyline 4 Door PSI 25 Travis Roberts R32 26 Zlyah Berbic Nissan S13 Sileighty PSI 27 Michael Vallance R32 GTST 28 Robert Whyte 350Z 29 Ren Higham Silvia RB25 30 Luke Davidson Cefiro 31 Brad Dale R31 Skyline 32 Steve Mountford V8 Onevia Option1garage 33 Dave Murphy Laurel ADD Guest Appearance - Tony Harrison in the V8 Commodore with Coloured Smoke Kumhos !!
  8. Archerfield Drifting Sunday 15th April

    Final entry list and running order updated ...... have $1000 worth of prizes from 999 Autmotive for the placegetters on the day - Going to be some hot competition !!
  9. Drift Driver training at Archerfield

    We have our next practice day at Archerfield on the 18th April - you can come out and have a run for just $40 from 4pm till dark which is usually around 6pm . What we are offering from now on a private Tutor / Training service for new drifters . We have the services of Darren Mews who has competed up to Drift Australia level and has done quite a lot of Driver training in the past and also Steve Mountford who is a very experienced drifter in queensland and also has quite a bit of driver training experience . If you would like training on the day it will cost $30 extra per person and we would like you there by 3.30 at the latest so as the guys can walk you around the track and discuss drift techniques before hand - this will also include a debriefing afterwards so the guys can answer any questions you may have . There will be a maximum of three drivers per tutor so you will get great value for money ! If you would like to take advantage of this service let me know as soon as possible so I can organise the guys to be there - they both take time off work to do this for us which is why we have to charge for this service and we need three for each for them to be there Thanks Paul