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  1. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    Damn the rain ........... QR was obviously a no go on monday but going back to Lakeside on Sunday and this time we hope to get onto the soft FZ201`s and see what they will do Heres a pic at lakeside Paul Video of Lakeside is done - S14 at Lakeside here
  2. Time Attack Leader Board QLD

    Date: 19/08/10 ns nickname: Option1Garage Car Make and Model: S14 Silvia S2 Circuit Name: Lakeside Lap time: 56.36 Modifications Engine:SR20det T518Z Haltech Nismo Injectors Rods Pistons Head gasket Power:240 Kw Rear Wheel Suspension:Apexi N1 Pro Tyres:Federal FZ201 Med Brakes:Brembo Front Willwood Rear Other:Std Gearbox Nismo Diff Sard Rear Wing Front Splitter Car weight: Not sure - Light ! Natsoft Link : http://www.natsoft.com.au/cgi-bin/results.cgi?29/08/2010.LAKE.P1
  3. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    Thanks Hey your time is pretty awesome on the RSR`s now i have been there and seen how much of a challenge Lakeside is !
  4. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    Only really got one clear lap in the first session , 1.00.07 - would do high 58 at a guess ?? We got pinged for noise in that session so misse dthe next two sorting that out . The 57.4 was on Medium compound FZ201 as well , didn`t get on to the softs which I was dying to try ! So QR monday we will run the med then try the softs , hoping for a 55 Paul
  5. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    Well just back from Lakeside and had a ball , we ended up with a 57.4 on the Medium compound FZ201 federal Semis so pretty happy ! I reckon a 56 is on the cards with a few more changes plus I am still learning the track Car works awesome with the softer rear springs , much better out of corners and tried some Project Mu front pads which were great as well So Monday is QR Time Attack , see how we go there Paul
  6. We now have stock back in a few of the popular sizes that sold out after our last huge sale on the amazing KU36 Kumho tyres - Prices as follows KU36 205/50/15 $151.00 215/45/16 $133.00 225/50/16 $155.00 215/45/17 $161.00 225/45/17 $194.00 235/45/17 $164.00 245/40/17 $215.00 245/45/17 $220.00 255/40/17 $224.00 275/40/17 $250.00 285/40/17 $275.00 315/35/17 $250.00 225/40/18 $233.00 225/45/18 $235.00 235/40/18 $224.00 245/35/18 $206.00 245/40/18 $254.00 265/35/18 $224.00 275/35/18 $277.00 285/35/19 $269.00 So 225/50x16 , 235/45x17 and 225/40x18 are now back and available straight away ! 215/45x16 , 215/45x17 and 235/40x18 will be available soon but are out of stock still - please let us know if you would like to backorder these . As always we can freight anywhere in Australia - from as low as $25 a pair . Please ask on here or email tyres@option1garage.com.au if you would like any info or freight quotes This is what we are selling - if you havent tried them you will find they are one of the best road legal performance tyres for the money around at the moment . They can also be used for drifting no problem if you are chasing more grip in your setup - no delamination problems with these , they wear down to nothing ..... Any questions ask away Paul
  7. Nissan Silvia S110 1982

    Complete running example of a very rare collectable car! Has a Tomei 2.2l FJ engine, coil overs, Watanabe wheels. Build a 240RS replica! $9500 as is Landed in Aus - Due end October!
  8. FibreGlass Door Trims for S13

    Hey guys, We are now selling fibreglass door cards to suit S13s. Asking for $350 per pair. Thanks, Option 1 Garage
  9. Strut Braces - S14, S13/180SX

    Light Blue - Cusco S14 Front Brace Two others to suit S13/180SX - Front and Rear available All in good condition - $80 each or set for $150
  10. Kumho KU36 High Performance Road Legal Semi Slicks

    they stretch fine Not sure when they are coming into stock in Brissy , can get some in from another store but would take around 8>10 days to deliver to you once paid Paul
  11. Kumho KU36 High Performance Road Legal Semi Slicks

    Hey can do freight for $40 a pair - takes around 4>5 days to get there tho .......... Paul
  12. Following on from our highly successfull Kumho tyre sale as promised we now have Federal and Silverstone tyres available - For the rest of April we will be offering some great prices on the range as follows ! These are insanely cheap ! Saying that, we do require payment before ordering for that reason or a minimum 20% deposit. Prices are subject to change and are valid only when the special is mentioned. Payment can be made via direct deposit ( Preferred ) , credit card over the phone or cash. Bank Details are National Australia Bank BSB - 084223 Acc - 855807598 Option1Garage All enquiries please to tyres@option1garage.com.au 65 SERIES 15" 185/65R15 88H FEDERAL FD-1 $97.00 195/65R15 91H FEDERAL FD-1 $107.00 91V FEDERAL FD-1 $111.00 91V S-STONE NS-500 $115.00 205/65R15 95H FEDERAL SS-657 $107.00 95H FEDERAL FD-1 $114.00 95V FEDERAL FD-2 $126.00 96H S-STONE $100.00 96H S-STONE NS-500 $100.00 215/65R15 96H FEDERAL SS-657 $108.00 96H FEDERAL FD-1 $121.00 16" 205/65R16 95V FEDERAL FD-2 $137.00 215/65R16 98H S-STONE NS-500 $151.00 60 SERIES 13" 175/60R13 77H FEDERAL FD-1 $79.00 185/60R13 80H FEDERAL FD-1 $84.00 205/60R13 87H FEDERAL FD-1 $96.00 14" 165/60R14 75H FEDERAL FD-1 $81.00 175/60R14 79H FEDERAL FD-1 $84.00 185/60R14 82H FEDERAL SS-657 $85.00 82H FEDERAL FD-1 $90.00 82H S-STONE M3 $87.00 195/60R14 86H FEDERAL SS-657 $90.00 86H FEDERAL FD-1 $95.00 205/60R14 89H FEDERAL SS-657 $98.00 89H FEDERAL FD-1 $100.00 15" 185/60R15 88HXL FEDERAL FD-1 $99.00 195/60R15 88H FEDERAL SS-657 $94.00 88H FEDERAL FD-1 $100.00 88V FEDERAL FD-1 $106.00 88V S-STONE $120.00 88V S-STONE NS-500 $118.00 205/60R15 91H FEDERAL SS-657 $104.00 91H FEDERAL FD-1 $110.00 91V FEDERAL FD-1 $117.00 91V S-STONE NS-500 $123.00 215/60R15 94H FEDERAL SS-657 $117.00 94H FEDERAL FD-1 $122.00 225/60R15 96H FEDERAL SS-657 $125.00 96V FEDERAL FD-1 $130.00 16" 175/60R16 82H FEDERAL FD-2 $107.00 205/60R16 92H FEDERAL SS-657 $125.00 92V FEDERAL FD-1 $130.00 215/60R16 95H FEDERAL SS-657 $123.00 95V FEDERAL FD-1 $128.00 95V S-STONE NS-500 $127.00 225/60R16 98H FEDERAL SS-657 $135.00 98V FEDERAL FD-1 $138.00 98H S-STONE NS-500 $147.00 235/60R16 100V FEDERAL FD-1 $156.00 100V S-STONE NS-500 $153.00 55 SERIES 15" 185/55R15 82V FEDERAL FD-1 $114.00 195/55R15 85V FEDERAL SS-535 $113.00 85V FEDERAL FD-1 $118.00 85V FEDERAL 595 EVO $118.00 85V S-STONE NS-500 $129.00 205/55R15 88V FEDERAL SS-535 $124.00 16" 195/55R16 87V FEDERAL 595 EVO $130.00 205/55R16 91V FEDERAL SS-535 $135.00 91V FEDERAL FD-1 $142.00 94W XL FEDERAL 595 EVO $148.00 91V S-STONE NS-500 $143.00 215/55R16 93V FEDERAL FD-1 $143.00 97W XL FEDERAL FD-2 $181.00 93V S-STONE NS-500 $158.00 225/55R16 95V FEDERAL SS-535 $145.00 95V S-STONE $173.00 215/55R17 98W XL FEDERAL FD-2 $181.00 17" 225/55R17 97W FEDERAL SS-595 $173.00 101W XL FEDERAL FD-2 $189.00 97W S-STONE $173.00 235/55R17 103W XL FEDERAL FD-2 $208.00 255/55R17 102V FEDERAL SS-595 $195.00 18" 255/55R18 109VXL FEDERAL SS-595 $237.00 50 SERIES 15" 195/50R15 92V FEDERAL SS-535 $103.00 82V S-STONE $110.00 82V S-STONE NS-500 $107.00 205/50R15 86V FEDERAL SS-535 $115.00 16" 195/50R16 84V FEDERAL SS-535 $115.00 205/50R16 87V FEDERAL FD-1 $144.00 87V FEDERAL SS-535 $127.00 87V S-STONE NS-500 $138.00 225/50R16 92V FEDERAL SS-535 $141.00 245/50R16 98V FEDERAL SS-595 $153.00 17" 205/50R17 91W FEDERAL SS-595 $154.00 215/50R17 91W FEDERAL SS-595 $168.00 225/50R17 94W FEDERAL SS-595 $173.00 235/50R17 96W FEDERAL FD-2 $207.00 255/50R17 101V FEDERAL SS-595 $199.00 18" 235/50R18 97W FEDERAL SS-595 $238.00 45 SERIES 15" 195/45R15 78V FEDERAL SS-595 $117.00 16" 195/45R16 80V FEDERAL SS-595 $125.00 205/45R16 83V FEDERAL SS-595 $130.00 87W XL FEDERAL 595 EVO $167.00 83W S-STONE M5 $126.00 17" 205/45R17 84V FEDERAL SS-595 $129.00 215/45R17 87V FEDERAL SS-595 $135.00 91Y XL FEDERAL 595 EVO $172.00 87W S-STONE $141.00 87W S-STONE EVO 8 $172.00 225/45R17 91V FEDERAL SS-595 $143.00 92W S-STONE EVO 8 $151.00 235/45R17 93V FEDERAL SS-595 $137.00 97W XL FEDERAL FD-2 $185.00 95W S-STONE EVO 8 $153.00 245/45R17 95V FEDERAL SS-595 $166.00 255/45R17 102Y FEDERAL 595 EVO $214.00 18" 215/45R18 93W XL FEDERAL FD-2 $204.00 225/45R18 91W FEDERAL SS-595 $199.00 245/45R18 96W FEDERAL SS-595 $224.00 255/45R18 99W FEDERAL SS-595 $241.00 40 SERIES 16" 205/40R16 83V FEDERAL SS-595 $131.00 215/40R16 82W FEDERAL SS-595 $145.00 17" 205/40R17 80V FEDERAL SS-595 $120.00 84W SILVERSTONE $143.00 84W S-STONE EVO 8 $147.00 215/40R17 83V FEDERAL SS-595 $135.00 235/40R17 90V FEDERAL SS-595 $175.00 92W S-STONE $165.00 245/40R17 92V FEDERAL SS-595 $181.00 255/40R17 94V FEDERAL SS-595 $173.00 275/40R17 98W FEDERAL SS-595 $222.00 18" 215/40R18 85W FEDERAL SS-595 $210.00 225/40R18 88W FEDERAL SS-595 $187.00 92Y XL FEDERAL 595 EVO $238.00 92W S-STONE EVO-8 $209.00 235/40R18 91W FEDERAL SS-595 $178.00 94W S-STONE EVO-8 $190.00 245/40R18 93W FEDERAL SS-595 $187.00 95W S-STONE EVO-8 $225.00 19" 245/40R19 94W FEDERAL SS-595 $242.00 255/40R19 96W FEDERAL SS-595 $256.00 100Y XL FEDERAL FD-2 $257.00 20" 245/40R20 95Y FEDERAL 595 EVO $272.00 35 SERIES 18"[/b] 215/35R18 84W FEDERAL SS-595 $192.00 92W S-STONE EVO-8 $190.00 225/35R18 83W FEDERAL SS-595 $224.00 255/35R18 90W FEDERAL SS-595 $248.00 265/35R18 93W FEDERAL SS-595 $256.00 19" 215/35R19 85W RF FEDERAL SS-595 $238.00 225/35R19 84W FEDERAL SS-595 $245.00 235/35R19 87W FEDERAL SS-595 $246.00 245/35R19 93W FEDERAL SS-595 $248.00 93W S-STONE $274.00 93Y XL FEDERAL 595 EVO $269.00 20" 225/35R20 90Y XL FEDERAL 595 EVO $263.00 245/35R20 95Y XL FEDERAL 595 EVO $284.00 255/35R20 97Y XL FEDERAL 595 EVO $297.00 30 SERIES 19" 265/30R19 89W FEDERAL SS-595 $291.00 275/30R19 92W FEDERAL SS-595 $303.00 20" 275/30R20 97Y XL FEDERAL 595 EVO $329.00 Of course we will send these anywhere in Australia as follows - Freight prices are per PAIR of tyres SA Adelaide $35.00 NSW Sydney $25.00 VIC Melbourne $30.00 WA Perth $40.00 NT Darwin $55.00 Alice Springs $55.00 TAS Hobart $40.00 Just give us your postcode to confirm the freight prices
  13. Happy to help out Paul
  14. No problem with them as follows 2105283 235/40/18 KU36 $224.00 2107203 245/40/18 KU36 $254.00 Thats each plus $35 a pair freight to your door Paul
  15. Sorry no go on these , out of stock . Waiting for more from overseas Paul
  16. Sorry they dont make a 215/35x18 KU36 - closest is 225/40x18 and they are out of stock at the moment If you would like to see what the tyres look like go to - http://www.kumho.com.au/passenger.htm Can do these also in Federal 215/35R18 84W FEDERAL SS-595 $192.00 92W S-STONE EVO-8 $190.00 Let me know if we can help Paul
  17. Sorry still no joy with those sizes ............ am trying hard to get more as we are missing heaps of sales ! Paul
  18. Supercheap Auto Shootout Round 2 - 15th May this friday !

    Its going to go off , great quality entry and the closest / best battles in Queensland bar none ! Cars on track for practice from 5.30 - Battles from 7pm
  19. Supercheap Auto Shootout Round 2 - 15th May this friday !

    We run most of our Battle comps on a friday night , works great . Goes till 10pm at night so plenty of time to head out afterwards on the town and the cooler night time temps are much easier on the cars Paul
  20. Supercheap Auto Shootout Round 2 - 15th May this friday !

    Weather is looking great for the 2nd round after a very wet round 1 ......... If your in Brissy come check it out Two Classes UNLIMITED CLASS - This is where the action is ! 1 Danny Keneally 2 Paul Dean 3 Rob Whyte 4 Dan Jorgensen 5 Mattie Taylor 6 Robby Mounfield 7 Cameron Hill 8 Josh Newson 9 Tony Harrison 10 Simon Mercer 11 Jansen Butler 12 Trent Whyte 13 Dan Koszo 14 Scott Maiden 15 Mark Ruskov 16 Dave Gardiner STREET LEGAL CLASS These guys put on a great show , some great up and coming drivers plus a few that have been around for a while but in pretty standard cars like Josh Young in the Chaser 17 Josh Young 18 Josh Panton 19 Ben Ladewig 20 Guy Andrews 21 Jesse Viner 22 Steve Cornell 23 Haydn Butler 24 Nick Coulson 25 Ron Lange 26 Ryan Goody 27 Steve Luyten 28 Buckna 29 Jared McLeod 30 Sam Collins 31 Tobz Art 32 Kerry Hewer Full field of 32 cars coming battling for the $11k prizemoney at the end of the series Practice on Track from 5.30 with Battles starting at 7pm Paul
  21. Heres the choices for you 235/50/18 KU31 $173.00 245/45/18 KU19 $186.00 KU31 $163.00 Let me know if they suit Paul
  22. These are no problem 275/35/18 KU36 $261.00 315/30x18 none in the country as yet - we can`t price them until we have some landed as tey have never been available as yet in Aus sorry Paul People with little narrow cheesecutters! Why cant other people run decently sized rubber Any chance of getting an email or similar contact when they are available? As stated I am in no rush as it will be 2 months before my project is finalised. Obviously I would like to buy the complete set at once (I will pm you my details if you can do same ) yep no problem , just PM details and will let you know when they are available Paul
  23. These are no problem 275/35/18 KU36 $261.00 315/30x18 none in the country as yet - we can`t price them until we have some landed as tey have never been available as yet in Aus sorry Paul
  24. Federal and Silverstone Tyres - Great Prices !

    Which tyre are we talking about ?? Paul
  25. September Tyre Specials!

    Hey guys, Again we have our monthly tyre specials on Nexen and Achilles... listed below are just common sizes but if you need something different, please feel free to ask and I will see what I can do Nexen: 225/50R16 CP641 - $88 235/45R17 N3000 - $105 235/40R18 N3000 - $135 245/35R19 N3000 - $169 Achilles: 175/70R13 Platinum - $49 225/35R19 ATR Sport - $185