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  1. Federal and Silverstone Tyres - Great Prices !

    For a short time we can offer the following in Federal 595 EVO and RSR at the following prices and quantities ! Federal RSR Specials Size............Type ....... Sell...... Retail .. Qty Avail 195/50x15 595-RSR $146.00 $176.00 22 205/45x16 595-RSR $190.00 $264.00 19 205/50x15 595-RSR $160.00 $186.00 12 215/45x17 595-RSR $203.00 $276.00 12 225/40x18 595-RSR $304.00 $367.00 6 225/45x17 595-RSR $279.00 $311.00 6 235/40x17 595-RSR $285.00 $329.00 10 235/40x18 595-RSR $298.00 $374.00 22 235/45x17 595-RSR $260.00 $322.00 61 235/50x18 595-RSR $216.00 $???.?? 10 245/35x18 595-RSR $342.00 $388.50 4 255/35x18 595-RSR $355.00 $423.00 40 255/40x17 595-RSR $317.00 $390.00 128 265/35x18 595-RSR $348.00 $437.00 73 Federal 595 EVO Specials Size............Type ....... Sell...... Qty Avail 195/50x15 595-EVO $114.00 60 195/55x15 595-EVO $114.00 20 195/55x16 595-EVO $114.00 10 205/50x16 595-EVO $140.00 58 205/55x16 595-EVO $140.00 94 215/45x17 595-EVO $159.00 57 225/35x20 595-EVO $253.00 80 225/40x18 595-EVO $203.00 67 225/45x17 595-EVO $165.00 34 235/35x19 595-EVO $219.00 16 245/35x19 595-EVO $272.00 27 245/35x20 595-EVO $272.00 99 245/40x20 595-EVO $222.00 16 255/35x20 595-EVO $253.00 20 255/45x17 595-EVO $184.00 23 275/30x20 595-EVO $284.00 47 These prices are only whis the quantities listed are available , please check with us if its a low number before ordering !! Enquiries to tyres@option1garage.com.au We can freight anywhere in Australia or pickup at Hamilton in Brisbane Paul
  2. Federal and Silverstone Tyres - Great Prices !

    Federal do the 595 in a 235/45/ZR17 94W Can you get these? Or is it the old range you are selling? Because the SS-595 is simply the 595 now. And prices are for a pair? or singly? Freight is quoted for pairs, but is it pairs of tyres you are selling at the prices listed? I really want to clear that up for all here! Thanx! All tyres are brand new current stock , they are priced as a single tyre . Yes freight is for a pair of tyres ........... Will check for Z rated 235`s for you Paul
  3. Federal and Silverstone Tyres - Great Prices !

    Answered your PM
  4. Federal and Silverstone Tyres - Great Prices !

    Nope thats each tyre ............ Paul
  5. The current stock we can supply are at $170 ea , new stock should be about 2 weeks away Paul
  6. Okay from the low stock / hard to get KU36`s we can supply the following ........... 215/45x16 One set of 4 only @ $130 ea available now 235/45x17 Approx 30 available at $170 ea - 1 week delay in shipping as we have to get them from another warehouse 225/40x18 One set of four only @ $230 ea available now 215/45x17 One set of 4 only @ $160 ea available now FIRST IN to pay gets them - there will be no more until the container from the factory comes in email tyres@option1garage.com.au to secure yours Paul
  7. ok cheers for that ill keep an eye on the thread for more info..... also as someones asked are these an R compound tyre or street tyre..? As far as I know they only make one type , they are a street legal Semi with a 170 > 180 Tread wear Paul
  8. Federal and Silverstone Tyres - Great Prices !

    We can Get RS-R`s no problem , they sell at Rec Retail only tho sorry .......... Federal protect the pricing on them ! Federal 595 RS-R Rec Retail 15" 195/50x15 82W Federal RS-R $176.00 205/50x15 89W Federal RS-R $186.00 16" 205/45x16 83W Federal RS-R $264.00 17" 215/45x17 87W Federal RS-R $276.00 225/45x17 94W Federal RS-R $311.00 235/40x17 90W Federal RS-R $329.00 235/45x17 94W Federal RS-R $322.00 255/40x17 94W Federal RS-R $390.00 18" 225/40x18 88W Federal RS-R $367.00 235/40x18 91W Federal RS-R $374.00 245/35x18 88W Federal RS-R $388.50 255/35x18 90W Federal RS-R $423.00 265/35x18 93W Federal RS-R $437.00
  9. Federal and Silverstone Tyres - Great Prices !

    92W S-STONE EVO-8 $190.00 The Silverstone is a 92W so would be no problem Paul Let me know when you want them , dont keep that size in stock so will have to get them in , will be here same day no problem tho Paul
  10. 215/45x16 should be here around the Start of may hopefully Paul
  11. hey they should just about be on your door , sent them the next day after I got your payment Paul
  12. They are on the way from the factory now , will post up when they arrive Paul This was never a one off sale people , we sell Kumho and will have Federal tyres soon - If yo need tyres call us !!
  13. Can you tell us exactly what you are after please , size and weight affects pricing Paul
  14. The current pricing will only be current for all payments sent by 31st March - we just can`t keep selling at these prices . The new pricing will not be a huge increase tho , we are only talking from 5 > 15 % markups which will vary accross the board - remembering that is ontop of any Kumho price rises on new stock which we have no control over sorry ! Stock of those sizes at current are no problem Paul
  15. As they will be new stock which will be more expensive and we are working on tight margins the price will have to go up sorry - to what we are not sure just yet Paul
  16. We have sold out of those tyres for now , there are none left in the Kumho warehouse ! Will be posting when they are available again soon and we will take backorders Paul
  17. Hey have a couple of meetings with freight companies tomorrow morning , will be in touch ! Paul
  18. They do differ depending on size but on average around 170 Paul
  19. No probs , most of that list you had up were not in stock in Melbourne but what we can do is an internal transfer through Kumho from Qld - it costs $7 a tyre extra so still cheap as and takes 4 >5 days . Let me know what your chasing and will sort it for you Paul Awesome thanks paul Heres the list 6x KU17 235/40/18 6x KU36 225/45/17 2x KU36 235/40/17 4X KU36 235/40/18 Cheers Neil 6x KU17 235/40/18 - None in Melbourne , would have to send some down for you from QLD so $145 ea 6x KU36 225/45/17 - OK Melbourne $206ea 2x KU36 235/40/17 - Not made in KU36 , 245/40x17 closest $205ea and in stock Melbourne 4X KU36 235/40/18 - OK Melbourne $196 ea Let me know Paul
  20. No sorry the V70A is a competition Kumho tyre which we cannot get hold of as yet - they are only sold through the motorsport dealers Paul
  21. theres a feedback thread here - SD Kumho Feedback All POsitive response from anyone that has tried them so far
  22. Keep the enquirys coming , remember prices go up next month so get in while you can ! We have also done a deal with Kumho where as if you order 8 or more tyres we can arrange pickup in Sydney or Melbourne direct from the Kumho store - Pay us and once cleared you can pick up yourself and save on freight ! Melbourne is 36-40 Futura Rd Keysborough 3173 Sydney is 147-149 Gilba Rd Girraween 2145 We can also arrange adelaide pick up Please contact us to arrange this service once you have your order for 8 or more tyres Also if you would like to check out the range and available sizes go to the Kumho web site - HERE Paul
  23. No problem , happy to help out
  24. Can you guys get 255/40/17's in the KU36? Can get them yes , will get a price for you
  25. Emma who is looking after this thread will be in after 12 today so all questions will be answered this afternoon for you , in the meantime keep em coming !