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  1. Hey Ahmed $220 ea and have two here in stock for you Paul Sorry sizes listed are all that is available in KU36 - could check what we can get for you in that size ?
  2. They actually work very well , on a wet surface they are better than a normal tyre still - the only problem they have is with less grooves to dispurse water if you come accross standing deeper water they may struggle a bit Paul
  3. KU36 come in the following sizes KH 205/50 R15 W04L KU36 ;EK KU36 KH 215/45 R16 W04L KU36 ;EK KU36 KH 225/50 R16 W04L KU36 ;EK KU36 KH 265/45 R16 W04L KU36 ;EK KU36 KH 215/45 R17 W04L KU36 ;EK KU36 KH 225/45 R17 W04L KU36 ;EK KU36 KH 235/45 R17 W04L KU36 ;EK KU36 KH 245/40 R17 W04L KU36 ;EK KU36 KH 245/45 R17 W04L KU36 ;EK KU36 KH 255/40 R17 W04L KU36 ;EK KU36 KH 275/40 R17 W04L KU36 ;EK KU36 KH 285/40 R17 W04L KU36 ;EK KU36 KH 315/35 R17 W04L KU36 ;EK KU36 KH 335/35 R17 W04L KU36 ;EK KU36 KH 225/40 R18 WXLL KU36 ;EK KU36 KH 225/45 R18 WXLL KU36 ;EK KU36 KH 235/40 R18 WXLL KU36 ;EK KU36 KH 245/35 R18 WXLL KU36 ;EK KU36 KH 245/40 R18 W04L KU36 ;EK KU36 KH 265/35 R18 WXLL KU36 ;EK KU36 KH 275/35 R18 WXLL KU36 ;EK KU36 KH 315/30 R18 W04L KU36 ;EK KU36 KH 285/35 R19 W04L KU36 ;EK KU36 KH 345/30 R19 W04L KU36 ;EK KU36
  4. Nismo/Motul/BMC Products

    We can do a shimmed diff no problem , 4.1 ratio for $440 installed or 4.3 for $480 installed - would recommend the 4.3 for archy and the car will accelerate faster on the road as well so more fun Will last for over a year no problem from what we have experienced , depend on how much of a hard time you give it tho ! Paul
  5. 2008 Supercheap Auto Drift Shootout Following on from our successful series earlier in the year we are proud to announce another one to commence in August with one round a month through to the Final in December. We have secured Supercheap Auto as a naming rights sponsor for the series!! With $10000 in Prizemoney and Product up for grabs over the series and a Traditional Battle format there is going to be plenty of action! The dates have been set and will be: August 15th Friday September 26th Friday October 17th Friday November 14th Friday December 12th Friday Prizemoney will be allocated at the series end as follows to be paid at the Presentation to be held at Option1Garage at a date to be announced 1st Place $2000 cash $1000 to spend at Supercheap Auto 2nd Place $1000 cash $1000 to spend at Supercheap Auto 3rd place $1000 4th Place $750 5th Place $500 6th Place $400 7th Place $300 8th to 9th Place $250 ea 10th to 12th Place $200 ea 13th to 15th Place $150 ea 16th to 20th Place $100 ea To Enter the series you must comply with the following conditions Scrutineering will be as follows: Battery Securely mounted Oil catch can fitted or breather vented to intake No oil or water/coolant leaks from vehicle Seats and seat belts securely bolted in - harness for driver preferred (but not essential) Fire Extinguisher fitted and securely mounted in the vehicle Car presented in tidy condition - no primer and body kits fitted Driver to have a driving suit or overalls and enclosed shoes must be worn Helmets must be worn - to be presented at scrutineering and have Aust. Stand AS1698 As we are trying to put on a show here presentation of cars and drivers must be of a high standard - if you are not sure if you will qualify please contact us to find out. Format for Events The field will be divided into two groups of 16 cars seeded on past results at Archerfield at the organisers discression – Group 1 will be the more successful and experienced group , Group 2 will be the remaining drivers entered. To get a top 32 battle tree for the competition each group will randomly draw a number from 1 through to 16 and that will be their first battle. So who draws number one in Group 1 will battle who draws Number 1 in Group 2 and so on down to 16. The reason for this is we do not have the time to Qualify drivers at each round. By splitting the groups for the Top 32 we are achieving a more realistic battle tree whereas the top qualifier usually gets the bottom qualifier in the first round. Cars will be on track for an hours practice at the start of the event, this will be followed by a driver's parade and then straight into the battle rounds. As always we will run approx 1hour at the end of the night as an expression session for some fun. There will be no compulsory passenger rides at the end of the night, we will arrange this with drivers who are happy to do them on the night. You will be able to take out passengers in the expression session. Series Pointscore Points will be awarded as follows for each round 1st 25 points 2nd 22 points 3rd 20 points 4th 18 points 5th > 8th 14 points 9th > 16th 8 points 17th > 32nd 5 points Entries for the Series If you would like to enter the series go to the Archerfield page on the Option1Garage web site and fill in the pre enter form. Your entry will not be confirmed until payment as follows. The organisers have the right to not accept an entry and refund the fee at their discression. $250 with your nomination, $250 to pay by the 15th October before the 3rd round $500 up front payment if you take this option we will randomly draw one entry at the first round who has paid in full to get $100 back in cash on the day! As a condition of entry you must purchase from us numbers for the car - one each side on the rear windows and one LH side of the windscreen with your surname to go on the windscreen below the number. Look at any DA entry to see what we are trying to do. We will also have 2 Supercheap Auto stickers to go on the vehicle at our discression . All of these will be fitted by the organisers at the first round and must be present on the vehicle at every round following. If removed you will have to purchase more. Cost will be kept to a minimum and charged at our cost price so that no profit is added on. There will be no exceptions - If you have not paid or the numbers/stickers are not there you don't run! So get your entries in and let make this huge for Supercheap Auto
  6. Supercheap Auto Drift Shootout - 5 rounds $10 000 in prizes!

    Last round tonight guys!! Will be some close action, especially between Josh Young and Danny Kenneally as they battle it out for 1st and 2nd place!! Definately worth watching!!

    My personal Favourite
  8. New parts in - Bride seats , cusco coil overs + More

    Have some new stock Work Emotions 17x7 and 17x8 +32 offset - perfect for S13 or 180SX $990 set Pair of Bride Recliners with genuine low mount rails - were in an R32 so will fit Skyline or Silvia $880 Pair 180SX Type X Tail Light set complete $990 set Genuine Trust Oil Cooler set with remote filter and thermostat $550
  9. S14 Ser 1 JDM Front and Rear Panels / Lights FS

    Have the following up for grabs JDM Grille series 1 $80 Tail lights $60 ea Headlights $90 ea Bonnet $220 RH guard only $90 Genuine Floor Mats $50
  10. What tyres to use for grip up front?

    Kumho KU36 Street legal Semis - By far THE best value for money tyre on the market at the moment - We use dthem on the 350Z on debut in Sydney and could not fault them at all ........... on the rear fantstic grip and no delam at all . Can supply pics of used tyres we still have after Oran What size are you after and will quote some prices Paul
  11. Archy Drift 01/10/08

    Hey guys, There are generally always at least one photographer there on a practice night although most of the pics get posted up on SecretDrift if you wanted to check them out. If you're going to head out then I recommend you pre-enter on our website as spots are filling up fast! Thanks, Emma.
  12. Archy Drift Practice This Wed 24/9/08 - Cancelled

    Sorry to inform but Wednesday practice tomorrow afternoon will be cancelled due to unavoidable track maintenance. We will be running next Wednesday as per usual. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  13. Archy Drift Practice This Wed 24/9/08 - Cancelled

    They were out there fixing a fair few things up including the tyre wall on turn 1, the tyres are now vertical so unclimbable by cars They have also added in more ripple strips which means less cones for the cars to munch on and will improve the look of the track heaps.
  14. Archy Drift Practice This Wed 24/9/08 - Cancelled

    Fingers crossed, yes... as there have been heaps and heaps of people asking me about it so I would love to see it happen again. Just waiting on some dates from the Speedway and then I will start organising one again
  15. Archy Drift Practice This Wed 24/9/08 - Cancelled

    Hey guys, It's from 4-8pm for $40. Car requires to be safe to drift (so nothing with crazy body roll etc. that could tip) but you are always welcome to come out and give it a shot. NAs can link Archy fine! Thinking bout it, it's probably the best track for it and if you're in 2nd you won't be up on the limiter heaps. You do need to supply your own helmet though and you don't have to pre-enter as mentioned above but we are booking out every week nearly by 4.30pm so it's best that you do if you're going to go to the effort to get all packed up and head out rather than get disappointed. We are getting approx 3-4 new people every single week head out which is great to see and really shows how much it is growing, so don't think you will be the only one out there for the first time. We are also having another private training day hopefully in the near future which will be the same as the very successful one held a few weeks ago. It got a lot of people out on the track for the very first time and with the assistance of some of our pro drivers, the improvements were amazing to watch throughout the night. The best way to get all the up to date info and also for pre-entries would be to jump onto our website and look under the Archerfield Drift section. Thanks, Emma. www.option1garage.com.au
  16. 1991 S13 For Sale

    Make: Nissan Model: S13 Silvia Year: 1991 Odometer: 116162km Engine: SR20DET Transmission: Manual Colour: Red Interior Colour: Black RWC: No Price: $8500 as is Engine Details: SR20det 2L Turbo Very good condition T28 Turbocharger Braided Oil and Water Lines on Turbo Stainless Tubular Exhaust Manifold Front Mount Intercooler AVCR Boost Controller K&N Pod Filter 3” Exhaust Cat Back Alloy overflow for Radiator Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Drive: Lowered Springs Fox Racing 17x8 Wheels 215/45x17 Front 235/45x17 Rear Tyres Heavy Duty Clutch ( not sure of brand ) Front Strut Brace Body/Exterior: Straight car, no major accident damage Has had a repair LH Rail underneath from lifting damage Paint in Average condition Small dent RHR Guard Peeling paint rear bumper Generally rust free Interior: In good condition Autotechnica Steering Wheel Alloy Gear Knob HKS Turbo Timer Tinted Windows This is a generally good condition vehicle with some minor defects – excellent base for a Drift car! Any questions please feel free to ask.
  17. 1991 S13 For Sale

    Hey! Sorry about the late reply but it has been sold. We will update our website with any new cars that we get in - www.option1garage.com.au Thanks! Emma
  18. Hey guys, We have been asked... so we are answering the call! Finally... a beginner's training day that is open to complete beginner's for their first on track experience, through to slightly experienced/been to archy a few times. We are organising a drift day that will have a maximum of 16 drivers which will be split into two seperate groups... preferably level 1 and level 2 going by experience. All drivers will have a walk around the track to learn the corners and certain points that they should be made aware of. We will have 8 cars on track at one time with an instructor in each car for the duration of their laps giving advice, car setup pointers if need be and also just a bit of friendly advice and shed their experience with you. Donut spots will also be set up for a certain amount of time to learn throttle control... this is great fun and really does help with controlling the revs. The instructors will also be bringing their own cars out on track and you are able to jump in with them to see what they do (eg. when they use handbrake, clutch kick, entries and exits to the turns, etc.) As every instructor will be taking care of only two drivers throughout the day, they will be able to monitor your progress and note areas that need improving. Introducing the instructors: Paul Williamson James Grady Josh Newson Steve Mountfort Dan Jorgensen Jansen Butler Trent Whyte Rob Whyte It will be held on Tuesday 9th September from 5-8.30pm. It is now booked in so we are now able to start taking pre-entries. First 16 payments received will have guaranteed positions on the night. Payments/Bookings received so far: 1. Bryden - Onevia (PAID) 2. Jessica - 180SX (CONFIRMED) 3. Andrew - Toyota Mark II (PAID) 4. Aaron - R32 GTR (PAID) 5. Brad - RX7 (PAID) 6. Hiro - 350Z (CONFIRMED) 7. Scott - R32 (PAID) 8. Myke - S13 (PAID) 9. Mike - 180SX (PAID) 10. Chris - RX7 (PAID) 11. Luke - 180SX (PAID) 12. Dan - Falcon (PAID) 13. Matt - S13 (PAID) 14. Pete - S13 (PAID) 15. Mark - S13 (PAID) 16. Jamie - R33 Cost will be $100 per driver and will only be allowed to bring 2 pit crew/spectators with them as this is a beginner's day... we aren't trying to have a huge crowd. This will be a great day that shouldn't be missed by anyone that is wanting to get into drifting with a head start above the rest. You can pre-enter on the Option1Garage website HERE Any questions... fire away! Thanks, Em
  19. Beginner's Training Day and Drift Introduction - Tues 9th September

    No sorry! Yes you do need one though.. let me know if you don't have one and I can bring one of the Option1 ones but they are't flash. If you need me to bring one, email me at emma@option1garage.com.au as I may not be back on this site in time to organise one. Thanks! Emma.
  20. Beginner's Training Day and Drift Introduction - Tues 9th September

    Hey! Practice days, all you need to bring is a quality helmet... and well clothes but there are no restrictions in regards to this as long as they are suitable and comfortable. Licence wise... you don't NEED to hold one as long as you are capable of driving and are confident in it.... we will be able to tell if you shouldn't be on the track afer a few laps Thanks, Emma. ok thanks, does that apply to all drift practice days or just the particular one ? That's to all
  21. Beginner's Training Day and Drift Introduction - Tues 9th September

    Hey! Practice days, all you need to bring is a quality helmet... and well clothes but there are no restrictions in regards to this as long as they are suitable and comfortable. Licence wise... you don't NEED to hold one as long as you are capable of driving and are confident in it.... we will be able to tell if you shouldn't be on the track afer a few laps Thanks, Emma.
  22. 1993 Nissan R33 Skyline GTS For Sale - Fresh Import!

    1993 Nissan R33 Skyline GTS For Sale!! This is a great condition, P-Plater friendly car but still with a fair amount of power. It is an RB25DE (non turbo) with only 114 000kms on the clock. It has had no accident repairs and is about a 3.5 grade in overall condition. Will be available end of October. $11 000 inc. compliance and 6 months registration Please email emma@option1garage.com.au if you require more photos!
  23. On Friday the 12th September, we will be holding a drift competition out at Archerfield Drift Track to help raise funds to keep supporting Secretdrift! With a maximum of 32 entrants, Truck'n Djs, Bob our professional commentator and the Pro-Drift promo girls... it will be an awesome night out! The layout will be the same as our series competition nights which will include practice time beforehand and then straight into Top 32 battles! If we don't reach 30 entrants, it will be qualifying laps and then Top 16 battles!! The new twist is that the judges will be some of your own - Heretic - Tom Secret Lash - Tyson Reloaded - Ricko We will have prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places on the night as well as an 'expression session' at the end of the competition for everyone to get a bit of extra track time! Price: $55 for drivers - donated straight to Secretdrift.com.au $10 - adult spectators $ 5 - child spectators Time: Practice starts at 5pm and the night will conclude at 10pm (schedule below) Gates will open at 4pm for pit crew and drivers only to set up and get organised Location: Archerfield Drift Track - Colebard St, Archerfield (picture below) Running Schedule for the evening: **Please note that this is a guide only and will be subject to number of cars entered, etc.** 4pm: Gates open for pit crew and drivers only to enter pits. 5 - 6.50pm: Practice. 6.50 - 7pm: Driver's briefing - ALL drivers MUST attend. 7 - 7.10pm: Driver's Parade and National Anthem. Cars in number order for 2 laps of track and then back into pits. Please wait at start line on first lap while commentator reads out your details. Car #1 to follow Team Tonka car around track. Drivers must be passenger for the Driver's Parade and are encouraged to sit on window sill etc. 7.10 - 8pm: Qualifying/Top 32 battles (Depending on number of entrants - If less than 30 cars, we will be doing qualifying to Top 16) 8 - 8.45pm: Top 16 Battles. 8.45-9.15pm: Top 8 Battles. 9.15-9.30pm: Top 4 and Finals followed by awards. With remaining time on track, there will be a free practice/'expression session' as well as the Supercheap Auto Winner Rides to be done. This will go until the night concludes. This will be an awesome night and a great chance to give back to Secretdrift.com.au who have done so much work to help grow the drift community. This opportunity will allow them to continue to grow but cannot happen without your support!!! So get out there and have fun, doesn't matter if you are pro or not!
  24. Beginner's Training Day and Drift Introduction - Tues 9th September

    Hey guys, We will be doing another one more than likely in the future but mostly focussing on this one before we start setting more dates. It will be running from 5-8.30pm and yes, there are tyre walls but on the girls day, they were only hit once so if you are sensible and not crazy about it, they are quite easy to miss Thanks, Emma.
  25. Racing Jacks / Stands

    Hey guys, We are now stocking these quality racing car jacks made of a lightweight aluminium alloy which would be perfect for the drifters out there! Make changing tyres an easy and quick job! We will also be getting a few pairs of the car stands in as well. Emma will be taking one of these out to the drift days if anyone is interested in having a look/testing it!