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  1. Callum where do I put this ?? - Paul Williamson Nissan Silvia - 1:01.0000 - KU36 230hp FJ20S13 .


    Has a rear wing but don`t think it does much ......... Anyway stick it where you reckon it should go :)


    Just rebuilt the FJ with forged pistons so might bring it out again soon and have another go

  2. phwoar! gratz paul. lots of fast cars there today !

    cracking pace! keen to see some onboard :]


    nice work matt, my power steering used to overflow also, i just stopped topping it up. seems like it expands at temperature and overflows, so when the level is at the bottom of the stick thats fine.


    list updated, top30 cutoff at QR quicker by 1.25secs with some new names added. wonder if the timing was accurate or if everyone wasnt 9 tenths quicker in reality :P


    Onboard is coming soon , it was a seriously quick field of cars there on the day - I think we were fasteset of the sub $100000 cars tho ........ lol


    Power steering cooler will fix the fluid overflowing - easy and cheap :) We have one on the 14 and no issues

  3. Great work paul. What compound FZ201's was that with? Softest?



    We are still running the Test set of softs that Federal sent out yes , they need to make something softer tho as these will do a full session with no drop off in performance but the good news is they have done 4 days now and still work great so very durable tyres that dont go off sitting around the shed :)

  4. Hey Guys


    Good show at Morgan Park , have to get up there sometme soon .


    Will be back out with Greddy T518Z back on ( new one showed up this week :) and HKS cams hopefully QR on the 23rd and Lakeside 2nd Dec - hanging out to drive it again




    awesome weekend at morgan park, warwick. such an excellent technical challenging track!


    hrd chasing me


    my perspective chasing hrd :


    my quickest lap:



    outright winner's in-car:

    supercharged honda-powered lotus, 7 seconds quicker !


    Damn that Lotus is Quick !!!!!!!!

  5. mmm unsure about ruzik's days but iv heard theres been dramas on his days aswell!


    paul! have you got video of your QR 57 second lap? might want to double check it against the video stopwatch and see if you didnt actually go faster in reality!


    great idea on the ku36s for next year, proposal added to first post.

    show us pics of your aero creations harry !


    Will just go out and go faster soon I hope ............ lol Hoping for 55`s on the sprint track but we will see



  6. Hey guys , i dont get on this thread for a while and you have all nearly filled the page !


    Good to see everyone is improving , combination of car development and learning lakeside by the look of it ..........


    Afraid i will be out of the club , have HKS cams and another T518Z coming for the S14 after trying the Tomei turbo at QR and hated it - so hoping to have around 250kw atw soon :)


    Should be at QR on the 23rd and Lakeside on the 2nd Dec I hope - having withdrawal not driving the car :(



  7. Went out to QR in the s13 today, got a couple of new PB's.

    Clubman 60.93

    Sprint 57.77


    Sam you were driving awesome yesterday , very impressive ! Get some Aero on the car and you will be quicker again


    We got a time on the Clubman track finally - 59.83 - Link http://www.natsoft.com.au/cgi-bin/results.cgi?06/10/2010.QR1.P1


    Changed the Turbo after problems with the T518 - got a new Tomei SR but not happy with it at all , car would be over a second a lap slower just from the turbo change - Has more lag and makes less power :(

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  9. Great stuff. First time i've been home to view the video. The car is very smooth, you've set it up well. Do you guys do your own wheel alignments and corner weighting? Will have to drop the car down when i've repaired it if you do. The federals look like they're gripping really well out of the corners.


    Thanks , yes we do all setup in house but dont have corner weight scales as yet . We do work with MCA suspension for shock dynos and extra advice as well , Murray is a wealth of knowledge ! He has been going to bring the scales down for while now but we haven`t got to it as yet but its working well so not worried



  10. awesome times at Lakeside Paul! A few more trips there to really get used to the place and the new tyres and I'm sure you'll go a fair bit faster yet. Way to raise the bar!

    I'll definitely come out on Sunday to watch.


    Thanks Harry , am really enjoying driving the S14 out there and looking forward to seeing how far we can push it - come say hi on Sunday :thumbsup:



  11. Date: 19/08/10

    ns nickname: Option1Garage

    Car Make and Model: S14 Silvia S2

    Circuit Name: Lakeside

    Lap time: 56.36



    Engine:SR20det T518Z Haltech Nismo Injectors Rods Pistons Head gasket

    Power:240 Kw Rear Wheel

    Suspension:Apexi N1 Pro

    Tyres:Federal FZ201 Med

    Brakes:Brembo Front Willwood Rear

    Other:Std Gearbox Nismo Diff Sard Rear Wing Front Splitter

    Car weight: Not sure - Light !


    Natsoft Link : http://www.natsoft.com.au/cgi-bin/results.cgi?29/08/2010.LAKE.P1

  12. yeww nice driving paul, new record by a mile ! good to meet ya today.

    keen to see the vids too !


    great to have a sponsored car in time attack instead of stupid drift !


    Thanks :) Hey your time is pretty awesome on the RSR`s now i have been there and seen how much of a challenge Lakeside is !

  13. Great work Paul. What did you do with the RSR's?


    Only really got one clear lap in the first session , 1.00.07 - would do high 58 at a guess ?? We got pinged for noise in that session so misse dthe next two sorting that out .



    The 57.4 was on Medium compound FZ201 as well , didn`t get on to the softs which I was dying to try ! So QR monday we will run the med then try the softs , hoping for a 55 :)



  14. Well just back from Lakeside and had a ball , we ended up with a 57.4 on the Medium compound FZ201 federal Semis so pretty happy ! I reckon a 56 is on the cards with a few more changes plus I am still learning the track :)


    Car works awesome with the softer rear springs , much better out of corners and tried some Project Mu front pads which were great as well


    So Monday is QR Time Attack , see how we go there