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  1. What version of Office are you running?

    once i got used to office 2007, i actually liked it better than 2003.For me,it was heaps more efficient in terms of clicking in a sense that i could scroll through the ribbon using the mouse wheel.like everybody else, the problem was getting used to it in the first place.
  2. how to ride video,...

    mordeth13 is freaking awesome.anyone watch his videos on youtube?
  3. The iPhone Thread

    i think the biggest peev for me is that the old iphones are missing out on video recording with the new software update.
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    Zee Avi-Someone You Used to Know
  5. epic thread

    omg this is so worth the read.so much win!
  6. Take your pic

    front row,1st on the right
  7. E3 2009 lineup

    oh yeah i really hoped it'll be announced when diablo 3 is coming out...i dunno about you guys but i was pretty freaked out when i played diablo 1...when i was 12
  8. Supernatural fans

    but it was never revealed what castielle was gonna say
  9. The FAIL thread - Updated 22/04

    masculinity one is hilarious
  10. Classifications Board Hacked

    lol that's pretty awesome
  11. Nokia N97

    i've been waiting too >.
  12. Do you like Softy's threads?

    yea softy's threads are pretty entertaining i must say
  13. it was running on two cylinders previously...imagine what it could do with all four cylinders!