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  1. Price : $80 Condition : Used No extra information available.
  2. Evolution Vs. Creation

    can anyone explain the common sense of how there was nothing then the world started what was there before, or can you make something out of nothing?
  3. Where to sell expensive jewellery

    If it's similar to the one i went past today...not worth it...they only go off weight...and offered me $53...so i walked away ? ohh wtf dead set... i was interested in selling some gold aswell.. wont be going there then if its just on weight.. they cant pay more than its weight, since they dont know what people are into?
  4. Maths question

    all what it is x=original price 252=(x*1.4*0.9) x=252/(1.4*0.9) x=200 after marking up=200*1.4=280
  5. Today Tonight

    was it at the start or towards the end?
  6. Today Tonight

    watching 7 currently but havenot watched any offtap lebs yet
  7. tell her to call optus and unlock it and selll it for more and no the only damage they can ever do is if they have your sim
  8. Animosity towards Americans

    how about their stupid imperial system metric 10 then 10 then 10 agian theirs, inch to feet is 12 feet to yards 3 yards to miles dont know but they are tarts
  9. its very simple non drug addicts need livers thus they should get it before her
  10. I would take it on myself to punch that bitch in the liver if she gets another one
  11. on the money again my 2 cents, there is cometition to get into university , thus a smarter person with higher intelligence has a higher chance of being intelligent compared to a girl that dropped out of highschool with massive boobs
  12. Caught out by the internet

    has anyone abused her, I tried but you need to have an account to actually look up the link
  13. I thought you only split the money that you made while in the relationship