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  1. MX5 Turbo NA6

  2. MX5 Turbo NA6

    Hey everyone, after getting a second job and acquiring a daily driver I don't have the time to enjoy this car anymore. So I have decided to sell it. Engine & Drivetrain - 1.6 Big nose motor (with 198-200-200-200 comp across all pistons) - Nitrodann log manifold, 3 inch dump pipe and 3 inch exhaust system - T28 (2560R) ball bearing turbo + Nirtodann intake - Exeddy HD clutch kit - Kooltech oil relocation kit - Nitrodann coolant reroute - Mazdaspeed engine mounts - EMS EM70 ECU – originally tuned by JEM for 150 kw at the wheels – but I have changed things in the tune when I have added parts, particularly the coil packs. Dyno graph in comments. - VTPS fitted - Deatschwerks DW300 fitted – E85 ready - Injector dynamic ID1000’s - Greddy profec b spec 2 boost controller - Flex fuel sensor fitted but not tuned (yet) - 300hp intercooler with piping made by Nitrodann. - Zeintronix wideband with controller. - Toyota coil over plug conversion with genuine coils Suspension and Brakes - Recent wheel align and 90% tread Re003’s. - Cusco shock tower brace - MX5 Mania under car bracing - NB8A front brakes (with project MU HC+ front pads and slotted RDA rotors) – I have a rear set too but haven’t needed to fit them yet. - 1.8 torsen type 2 diff - Full polly bush kit - 949 fully adjustable swaybar end links - Signature swaybars front and rear - Yellow speed coilover kit (competition spec) - 2 15x8 6UL wheels (with rays nuts) - 2 15x6.5 Work wheels (pictured). The mismatched wheels occurred because a crack formed through the metal in one of my 6ULs. Interior and Exterior - Full respray in 2pac (AU falcon red) by previous owner. Painted - Satin Black above the skirts. - OMP deep dish wheel - Sparco sprint V with side bolster protectors from MX5 mania – in good condition - Kenwood 6.5's and dual channel amp - Feed style sideskirts - Full safety 21 cage with NA8 seatbelt tower strap – only rear section in the car currently. - Full marine carpet flooring in cabin - Full marine carpet enclosure in boot - Full suede door panels with red rally strap - The roof is in good condition - Genuine Mazda floormats from MX5 mania Extras (not fitted) - Air con system – but I believe the compressor will need to be replaced. - Power steering system. - Sparco monte carlo reveloured seat. - Project Mu rear pads. - All the parts to restore it to naturally aspirated. Cons - Small chip in the rear bumper where someone hit and ran in a car park. Pictured. - When cornering hard the rear exhaust tip taps on the tow hook. There may be other things I have forgotten, this car has a lot of mods. I used to be a mechanic so I performed a fair amount of the work on the car myself. It is serviced between every 3000-5000kms depending on how hard it is driven etc. Has run a best time of 13.4 sec down the quarter at WSID. Never got to wakefield :-( It's an awesome car, really good value considering the cost of parts and turbo conversion, not to mention how quick it is :-) Car has rego until the 11th of July. I'm more negotiable on price until I renew the rego. I have a pink slip already for the car. Price $8500 ono PM or call for more details 0433 046 780 Located in Campbelltown
  3. Make : NISSAN 180SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 190000 Price : $9,500 Condition : Used Hi All Selling my 1990 180sx. It's a little rough cosmetically, but drives great! I have the interior (rear seats/trim) and it will be included but not installed. When I ran it at Eastern creek a few months ago I ran a 12.8@118mph with almost bald tyres and stiff coilovers, and lots of wheelspin. So with some decent rubber a low to mid 12 would be easily achievable. Mods are as follows (Probably some i cant remember as I am writing this off the top of my head at uni. Ill update as i get time) Location: Sydney NSW Kilometres: ~ 195000Km Engine/driveline: - SR20DET standard internals with cams (unsure of duration and lift) - TD06 25g with external wastegate (I think its a trust 80mm) and screamer pipe - Hybrid FMIC - Full exhaust with false cat. - Adjustable blow off valve - Apexi power FC tuned by JEM to 255rwkw @ 21psi dyno sheet provided. - Heavy duty organic clutch - Heavily shimmed LSD, acts like a locker in carparks etc. - Oil catch can - K+N pod filter Suspension: - ISC coilovers 8Kg/mm front and 6kg/mm rears. Have some old stiffer coilovers that can come with the car if wanted. - Rose jointed/adjustable castor rods. - Rose jointed/adjustable adjustable rear upper control arms. - Whiteline adjustable swaybars front and rear. - Strut braces front and rear. - 17x8 and 17x9 Wheels Front tyres are 90% tread KU38, Will have some new cheapish rubber on the rears. - Hicas deleted - Project mu HC+ pads with slotted rotors at front. These pads are near new. Awesome bite and fade resistant. - Wheel aligned recently. - Also have 2 17x7 lenso skid/drift rims, and 4 14x6 skid/drift rims. Interior: - Aftermarket steering wheel - Gearknob, drift button. - Some pioneer head unit with crap speakers in the doors. - Boost gauge - Passenger seat is a type x seat. - HID headlights. Ill post up some engine shots soon. Rego until May 2014. Any questions feel free to call me on 0433046780. Thanks Tim.
  4. Man, i hate scum! If someone was stealing my valve caps i would walk calmly up to my car, get into my car, lock my door, back my car up and go carmageddon on their ass! Seriously doubt anyone would steal wheel caps off my current beater 31 though.
  5. ruined 180

    The orange one doesnt look too bad! Rims have got epic dish! Still it would be a bit of a dissapointment when people ask you about your ferrari and you have to say um, actually its a 180sx and its not really that fast because i spent all my money on making it look fast.
  6. What ll look betta?

    Yeh, i agree a nice set of 17's about 9 inches wide looks wicked.
  7. And you thought we had it bad

    There would have to be more chases/resisting arrest! Cause now the first thought when the cop tries to pull you over is its gonna cost me my 20+ grand car. Some people would kill to keep their car.
  8. In my 86 I found the project mu b-spec pads were pretty good all round, just a little dusty.
  9. R31 Suspension Setups

    Im running shelby springs front and rear (dunno spring rates), with new kyb shocks and dual rear swaybar, sits pretty low, okay for street, but a little too much body roll to slide comfortably, will be investing in coil overs soon!
  10. Sorry to dig up an old thread but do you still have any KH 215/45 R17 W04L KU36 ;EK 81 instock, and if so how much for shipping to NSW 2560. Thanks
  11. Watchmen Movie

    One of the worst movies i have seen. Some of the action was cool, but everything else was crap! It was sooooooooooooooooooooooo slow!!!
  12. Name: Tim Age: 21 Location: Campbelltown Where do you train: At home in garage Current weight: ~70Kg Height: 171cm How long have you been lifting: Maybe 2-3 years, most of it was machines and isolation Short term goals: Deadlift 160Kg by end of the year, currently at 120x5 Long term goals: Weighing 75-80Kg would be awesome! Would love to one day MP 100 kg! A bit about yourself: Train martial arts as well as weights, ideally like to fight in MMA, heading for kickboxing/muay thai at moment...Been training about the same amount of time as weights Started at around 60 kilos, was a rake. In the last year and a half have become very interested in health industry and started a sports and exercise degree.
  13. That was me in the red 180 lol. I just kept thinking it must be the right way cause i kept seeing other cars, until i saw the singleton sign . That being said, Putty road was an awesome!!!!
  14. Another Dyno NIGHT

    Hi im keen to bring my 180 down, just wanna know is this open to different makes and models or is this strictly a nissansilvia event. Thanks.