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  1. Kumho KU36 Blitz

    price on 235/45/17, cheers
  2. FFXIII Discussion Thread

    have you switched paradigms to see whats best? also i've figured that you dont need to fill the bar, try press the button at about 80 - 85% still wins such an awesome game!
  3. lol adz! jeeeezus i didnt know that was you.. ill give you a call this weekend if your not busy, and ill come by
  4. Hey all, I'm about to get my belts changed this weekend and I've had this problem for quite some time, my p/s pump whirrrrsss and whirrs even louder turning either left or right, although and i noticed i have some p/s fluid on the inside wall of my front left wheel arch. It still feels like I'm running p/s and at times it tends to get a little jerky. Theres also a smooth kinda grind when turn left most of the time, sounds like its coming from my rack, my p/s boot on my passenger side is kinda mangled too lol so i was thinking that could have played a part in that problem. So just before i get my belts changed, i was thinking of getting a p/s pump and rack and just replace them all at the same time. Anyone got any ideas on what i should do? I went through a couple of threads on p/s and seems that people change the lines and bleed the system out if the steering doesn't feel heavy. so I'm quite clueless if my p/s pump is really dead, and if i need to replace my rack or just the passengers p/s boot any help would be appreciated Oh and i do top off my p/s fluid when necessary. Kind Regards, King
  5. anodising intercooler

    anyone got pictures of this they can post up??
  6. 2008 STI and GTR

    http://www.streetseen.vi/?p=319 there are some hot pics of the gtr there, different colours too.. the black ones hot
  7. sounds like a plan lol... anyone know how to go about changing the lines? i did a search earlier someone mentioned that the piping would be hard to match, so is there a substitute for it? recommendations anyone =]? thanx!
  8. hey =] i think my power steering is screwed? theres fluid just underneath my reservoir, not on the canister but on my wheel arch, just a little, my power steering lines look all gritty, i havent really checked the pump but its not making any noises or anything, hicas lights also on, but thats not a problem.. lol, thanx! kind regards, king
  9. tyres

    yeah that is pretty interesting... looks like ill be getting the 55's for the front then, i was also checking out this site earlier its pretty good also has a calculator, http://www.carbibles.com/tyre_bible_pg2.html thanx for the help guys, much appreciated! =]
  10. tyres

    hi, my car came with 16x7 front with 215/55, 16x8 rears with 225/50 tyres, my fronts are buldging out doesnt look pretty but my rears are fine, so im thinkin of goin a size down on my fronts 205/50 or 55? does the profile affect the look of the tyre? so if i go a 50 like my rears will that make the walls of the tyre buldge out? and will running 205/55(fronts) and 225/50(rears) look outa place? lol havent really bought tyres at all, since my charade =] thanks alot! kind regards, king
  11. rear speakers - 180sx

    LOL oh well hahaha, sounds intense anyways thanx for the help guys much appreciated! Kind Regards, King
  12. rear speakers - 180sx

    lol ahh >.< this is doing my head in... there has to be someone with 6.5" in the rears? someone!? lol... hmmm
  13. hey, ive searched already but havent found a convincing answer for what i was looking for, anyway, ive got a set of 6.5" splits for my rear and does anyone know if they fit underneath the stock grills? if anyone has a set in the rear would be glad if you could help =] thanx, King
  14. How much can you do seatbelts for?, i need driver and passenger side for a 93 model 180sx, let me know Kind Regards, King
  15. might be a silly question, but if above dash is defect does that mean navigators are defects??