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  1. FS: 94' 180sx as is 8kono

    looking to see some more photos mate.
  2. 1993 Nissan 180sx - $6,500

    Make : NISSAN 180SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 180000 Price : $6,500 Condition : Used 1993 Nissan 180SX SR20DET Manual Exedy Cushion Button Clutch 5 Stud Conversion - front and rear brake upgrade from skyline. T28 turbo from S15 Front Mount Intercooler SAFC2 Boost Controller Turbo Timer Rising Rate FPR Upgraded Fuel Pump - Bosch Replaced radiator Car needs some cosmetic work but mechanically is in good working order - my mother is currently the only person driving it, as I have both a company car and a 4x4, and would like to upgrade the 4x4 and this will provide cash towards a trade in. Negotiable 6500
  3. 180SX shell wrecking

    Hey mate... sunroof latch left? or the whole sunroof? I need a new latch desperately as mine broke today where are you located? Sorry -- just read the post properly haha. Would you post to melbs? How much for the latch alone?
  4. Looking for price on a clutch to suit s13 sr20, to hold about 190rwkw. It is mostly a daily driver but I want to be able to enjoy the weekend cruise, and the very occasional track day. Gotta keep the price down a bit atm though. Cheers
  5. [ExedyMaster Shop]

    Looking for a price on a Exedy Heavy Duty Cushion Button to suit S13 sr20. Sorry if I didnt read, but is pickup available? Cheers
  6. Vertex Ridge 180sx

    Just curious, what are the headlights like in terms of brightness?
  7. flutter still with the bov

    Did anyone here actually help? Basically flutter is generally bad - on my externally vented BOV basically it will flutter under about 4-5psi of boost (when i release the throttle) but i have the spring wound to the point where anything higher than about 5psi, on deceleration, will vent, giving more of a whoosh sound (typical air-pressure being released sound) than the flutter. Basically you will probably need to wind it until you reach the desired point. Vacuum doesnt completely open the BOV, it just assists the sudden build up of pressure with no where to go to open the BOV.
  8. auto S15?

    +1 for s14 - you will get an s14a for that sort of money. Otherwise wait - you will regret the auto imo
  9. s15 front on s13 silvia

    Why on earth would you change it back???
  10. Im about to put new plugs in my s13 sr20det, BCPR6Es, is that a platinum plug? I think i have damaged the plugs anyway
  11. how 2 tell if coil packs have carket it

    I believe if it were a coilpack problem then the car would run crap, but should still boost all right - just would miss and not rev at the higher revs, when the coil packs fail - it sounds more like your wastegate is stuck open or something - but hey Im no mechanic, just sounds like all your turbo isnt spinning up or something

    if the steering wheel isnt gone I will take it. Cheers James
  13. JJR swaybars S13

    No idea but im curious as well What kind of prices? What thickness?
  14. can someone block this fag? Check the dimmer switch first
  15. Wheel / suspension

    Get a wheel balance/alignment done - they are cheap - if everything is right I would suggest that it has been in a ding and the car isnt straight any more.