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  1. This isn't a turbo thread, its rather what you might not know, mods that decrease performance. All this is from personal experience. Front mount intercooler kit. Think of a FMIC kit as a big air tank, bigger the core the more air needs to fill up before making positive boost pressure in the manifold. The same deal with piping, most kits come with 3inch piping on the cold and hot side, the hot pipe should be the same size has the compressor housing outlet and the cold side as the throttle body size. I bought a FMIC kit 600x300x100, then went to a 600x300x70 and there was more down low torque, then Sonny did the piping, smaller cold and hot side, the car never felt so responsive since its SMI days. electronic boost solenoids and hoses I get some animated reactions from my comments, I had own profec S and B, EVC 6, jaycar iebc, blitz dual solenoid. profec solenoids pulse too much air out making it laggy or spike. jaycar has its problems, since it can make torque more quick than any other solenoid its limiting factor is the turbo wastegate, I could only make .9 bar with the t28, anything more and it will free boost. EVC 6 has a lot of functions that didnt work with an aftermarket ecu, its a good solenoid and works really well. The dual solenoid is the best, it makes torque so quick and wont spike. If you want something around the $100 that outperforms the evc then a gfb atomic bleed valve is what you want, its not as good as the blitz dual solenoid but its better than anything else on the market. I still own one longer than any ebc I had. "silicone" hoses used to regulate boost expand with head causing less volume of air to the pushed, rubber hoses should be used, you will feel the difference.
  2. How I deal with moody bitches. http://youtu.be/d1Cpc8Vw-2A
  3. Rota wheels a problem?

    Lowe wrote: got any proof that rota use impure poor quialty second hand metal or is that just hearsay? i just couldnt see them passing all the stringent testing they go through if that were true and i would think that the car manafacturers that they supply some of their wheels to would accept that risk either Got proof? I have proof based on probability 1. China/Taiwan are the highest importers of used metals 2. The mixed of opinions is a correlation that either a. Rota have poor standards of casting that each wheel varies in strenght or b. used metals are used 3. Rota have never publicly stated manufacturing and materials used during the casting process 4. They are selling copied rims so this alone showns an element of unlawfull dishonest. 5. Rims have cracked, deny reality all you like its your funeral. As for your "i just couldnt see them passing all the stringent testing they go through if that were true and i would think that the car manafacturers that they supply some of their wheels to would accept that risk either" I heard that they do make OEM wheels for toyota but we have no way of telling if they use the same standards, but I am not aware of any "stringent testing" It's kinda of funny reading everyones cognitive dissonance who have forked out $$$ on fakies.
  4. Rota wheels a problem?

    What many fail to understand here is what is used for casting. Rota uses used metals, the problem with used metals is that many types of metals are melted to be casted, metals with different properties from one another, therefore it is impossible to measure the strengh of the cast, so some wheels may be just right, some over engineered and others under engineered. So really it's a gamble, a risk I much rather not take when there are so many better quality second hand rims out there.
  5. Things that make you laugh

    Every prime minister and presidents head on a stick.
  6. 30 and still with the v car ohyeah.
  7. I am still waiting a reply, but as usual my muslim friends chicken out. It's a cult after all.
  8. Lol dude, we believe Jesus was a prophet of God, same with moses, noah, Abraham, issac and David etc (most of them having different names in the Quran). We believe all these prophets came to THEIR people with a message: worship one God and stay away from doing wrong. We believe Mohammed was the final messanger that came for all humanity that was to come after him. and he left the Quran, which was revealed to him by God through angel Gabriel aka Holy spirit for the christian brothers out here lol. this text was brought down to correct the previous torah and bible. we believe in both torah and the bible however its no longer the literate word of god as mankind has changed it, translated it etc. Quran has never been changed to this day. Also i find it weird the word Allah being used as "our God". its literate translation in arabic means "One God". even christians use the word Allah. so if u believe in one ultimate mighty God in some way, Muslims would agree you both beleive in the same God. Maybe whats needed is for Atheists to get organised and start recruiting the way the major religions do. The world will be better for it. 1. Lol man the first time i found out about Taqqiya was from that very clip and many anti-islamic website four years ago. Ive never heard the word spread at Mosques or throughout my family from my upbringing. Its taken out of context like many things... still not sure if u can trust us? come to the Islamic events held around melbourne (if ur in melb?) see first hand what where about... 2. yes i was muslim from family...18-20years old, partying and breaking rules was more fun so i wasn't really practicing. eventually i realised one day im gonna die and it could be tomorrow, looked into the purpose of life, wasnt getting happy with what i was doing, chasing money, materialistic things etc. researched the true meaning of Islam and started practicing and noticed the more positive in me. I dont call it a "religion" worshipping God all day, its a way of life. giving me boundaries and keeping me content with my life. also, Ive been involved in peaceful rallies last year raising awareness for Egypt in melbourne. These things get organised by local islamic communities. our one got permission from melb city council, the organisation held full responsibility and had it planned, the leader of that organisation had ultimate responsibility at the end of the day and ensured things wouldnt get out of hand. The islamic community has done it right in the past... last weekend was obviously a cronulla riot style get together with no responsible person behind it. also, if you paid attention to the banners and flags, many of the crazies were from radical wahabi / crazy shia groups.. Some people here can see through all your bullshit. Tell me, who sets the standards for Islam?
  9. Which Muslim domination are you Wrexy?
  10. Circuit racing brake pad thread

    This thread is for peoples views on certain brake pads, like most of you who track your car your not the type who uses street tires so lets focus on pads for semi/full slicks. My very first "R" type pads were pink bits STI pads (for WRX which use the same caliper), meh nothing special Then I used Ferodo DS3000, they are really a huuuge step up when running semis because they (semi slick tires) dont lock as easily and these pads really brake washing off speed like a have never seen. This is a very vague explanation, I'm running OEM front rotors and its like a huge brake upgrade, I did a flat 1.13 lap at Wakefield on 205 re55 semis, I reckon I could do high 1.11 because I didn't get the hang of semis+racing pads combo, I could push a bit more with the brakes and tires. Stupid me sold these pads half used, now I im looking into either 777 or 999 from project MU, which one is better? They are both under $300 (EMS express and paypal brokerage included) from perfectrun I find this graph hard to understand
  11. Its not just the abuse, I think the abuse is minor, my concern is the downturn of the economy that gives us citizens a hard time of finding work even harder. It's like that south park episode were people from the future come to the present -they took our jeerb
  12. Look at the bright side, at least you didn't get your s15 stolen from a gang of white trash from burwood.
  13. WTAC 2012 - Live Timing & Chat

    What do I tells ya f**king Nostradamus lol
  14. WTAC 2012 - Live Timing & Chat

    this is why roll center plays an important role, mca and scorcher owners understand that lowering the vehicle will stuff up handling, even not knowing what mca had I new they could not go this fast without modified pivoting.
  15. WTAC 2012 - Live Timing & Chat

    So what happened with cyber? The engine catched on fire after powertune did an all nighter, not enought details f**king shits me.
  16. WTAC 2012 - Live Timing & Chat

    cyber evo has no chance this year, I think the even has already been won.
  17. Just a quick question, I did a search on the forum for removing the air con but could not find any information if the compressor on a s15 can be completely removed, the reason why im asking is because the belt which is connect to the compressor pulley is also connected to the idler pulley. Is it ok to drive without the idle pulley and how do you remove the belt?
  18. A while back on the grass at the front of my house, dont recall how I got there
  19. Evolution Vs. Creation

    This thread is still going! OK, when looking for information make sure you know if the person believes in god or not, check both sides if you are not sure, then check the facts, my favourite http://www.youtube.com/user/potholer54 and http://www.youtube.com/user/WildwoodClaire1
  20. This thread is stupid, people 17~30 do not understand what is really going on, turn off your tv and youtube Noam Chomsky
  21. Flipped skyline in Newport?

    yeah, losing control can mean many things, engine died and had no power steering, engine locked and had no steering, cheapo tire-rod ends (or any suspension part) broke, had a stroke while driving, was getting head while driving, was intoxicated, lack of sleep, etc. Or could had been watching too much Initial D, or dumb people who think they are king SHIT. How does this reflect all nissan s15 and skyline owners?? Lets say I was a spaz I could wrap a camry, polo, volvo, etc etc etc. The other thing you should think of is why we are only seeing this on the news? There are many accidents involving people of all ages and cars, yet the news crew pick and choose what will most likely be viewed, and as long as they get their view count, hoons are going to be hyped up. I call this bias journalling.