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  1. yeah would say ECU?? or deffinatley coil overs.
  2. just a shout out to Japanese cars

    "ALLEGEDLY have for sale?" where are you going with that? are you saying that they are not my cars? anyway, no it is not a shameless plug, although i do now see it may have looked like that and i do apologize, all i was stating is that for a car 20 years old the technology was above its time, i.e. compare it to a 20 year old commodore? that was all
  3. yeah try using the wright size tool for starters and if that doesn't work, vice grips will do the job!
  4. Screamer pipe,, (YES OR NO)

    definitely vent it externally
  5. yeah was a good read, specially liked the inter cooler water spray kit would be good to do some back to back comparisons on a dyno on gains of using it, also depending on temp of water, if its a real hot day chances are the water is going to be at a pretty hot temp already.
  6. just a shout out to Japanese cars

    yeah its actually an SPL BB not the KAI version and yes the love affiar thing i have going on is just nice cause it is still goin haha. cheers guys
  7. firstly this may sound like a bit of a wank BUT i just wanna post how much i love my car, and how good the Japanese truly are, as i was driving home today in 37 degree heat i had the air con going the radio at just a low background noise and was just so at peace when i was thinking WOW im actually driving a 20 year old car (89 GTR) and was thinking how can something that was designed/engineered 20 years ago is still going great and has all the luxuries and features of most modern cars of today. unbelievable so yeah just wanna say to the Japanese, thanks for a great car
  8. GTR Owners Club Roll Call

    own 2 32 GTR's wine red just as a daily has N1 turbos but still running complete standard boost and tune. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/89-R32-Gtr-Pretty-Stock-t305564.html&p=5055145#entry5055145 also own silver 32 was featured in HPI issue 110 http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/Eoi-94-Silver-R32-Gtr-F-t305154.html&p=5050580#entry5050580 must say there is nothing like a GTR
  9. dont quote me, but also thought the V-spec diffs have the cooling fins, opposed to just a smooth finish on the non v-spec. maybe that's just 32 gtr's.
  10. GTR oil pump

    yeah id go with JUN, tomie or Trust, cant really go wrong, ive got an N1 sitting here actually with broken gears in it, not nice if youve spent big dollars on an engine, last thing you want to die is your oil pump
  11. replacing rb26 in gtr

    like previous post, if you know what your doing wont be an issue. if you got access to a hoist would be even easier, actually drop the k-frame and lift the car up, leaving motor and gearbox on the ground ready for you

    first of all is there any smoke?? if the answer is no then no you havenet killed a turbo. usually if you start getting that rexy noise, its coils you could have a dogey coil not sparking properly (possiably even plugs) see if you can borrow a coil and change it one at a time till your car is firing properly (then youve found your shit one). the reason your not seeing proper boost is because your engine is not firing correctly meaning your turbos are not boosting correctly. turbos run of engine exhaust gasses so no exhaust gas no boost!
  13. at the end of the day it all depends on what your wanting to use the car for, single deffinatley easier to work on but twins will always give you the low down response.
  14. gtr 32

    check your power steering fluid, if its low sometimes that will cause it to flash