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  1. Alarm and imobiliser

    Mongoose, Viper, Autowatch, it doesn't matter which one you choose. The thing that matters is that you don't tell anybody what sort of protection system you have. Thieves are good at disarming or bypassing most common brands of car protection but you make it just that little bit harder by not advertising what you have. Also, it cost me over $800 for the installation of mine excluding the purchase price of my system. It's fully integrated, no tell-tale splicing/shrink wrap and every single component is well hidden. There are plenty of members on here and on other forums sporting $150 installs that have had their car stolen. For the record, it took a pair of side-cutters, a length of wire around 4 inches long and 30 seconds (yes, 30 seconds) to bypass my old system that was done "professionally". Saw it done in front of my eyes to demo just what sort of protection you get with cheap installations. You pay peanuts, you get monkeys.
  2. 2 way in the hills

    ^You're right. Spline count is wrong and the half-shafts are slightly thicker AFAIK R34 GT-Ts come with the same helical diff (half shafts n all) too Perhaps you could give that a go instead. SAU should have plenty
  3. Walbro 255 fuel pump for s15

    Buy one off the sponsors on NS. A fake one will have plastic gears for internals. A genuine item will have metal gears. Shine a torch into the pump you buy and you'll see. Very straightforward. The walbro branding on the outer pump body will also be blurry/dodgy looking while genuine seem to be laser etched. I bought my car a few years ago with a fake one - which was replaced immediately with a genuine - so I was lucky enough to compare the two side by side.
  4. strut braces

    Got a pic of said pivot point, please?
  5. Got this in the mail this morning too. +1 to the box being a little more than bashed up. Thankfully the fan isn't damaged. Will be fitting it this weekend. Interested to see how much better it cools over the stock fan
  6. Z32 R32 GTR Vspec/Vspec2 R33 GTR R34 GTR Nissan Patrol - I dunno what model nor dates. Most BM57 are for ABS equipped cars. Only R32 GTR N1? and older Nissan Patrols came with non-ABS master cylinders AFAIK
  7. common problems sr20

    Dashboards tend to crack. Its practically a plague...kinda like the R32 dash bubble.
  8. Brake master cylinder

    Not trying to hijack (and also the wrong section) or anything but..... I have an exact one of them. Patrol BM57. Its used but has been stored wet to preserve the seals. I'm selling cos I chickened out on an Evo Brembo upgrade and spent the money on other things. $80 delivered is my asking price
  9. +1 Bolted the 33GTS-T rear hubs/handbrake/caliper setup straight onto the car
  10. s13 Intercooler options

    Buy a GTR cooler core from SAU and go custom piping. That way you're guaranteed not to cut the bar. Reo however is a different matter altogether There should be plenty of decent workshops in the ACT that can make something up.
  11. S15 Rear Camber Arm Bushes?

    ^ Reasonably priced, excellent quality, top notch customer service, local company (not referring to where the actual product is made). I run a fair bit of their products in my car and have yet to be disappointed.
  12. +1 after you've checked/adjusted the switch in the console
  13. S13 all over the road

    Those bushes may very well be the cause (dust boot isn't a contributing factor tho ). Fix them and also get a front wheel alignment done. 1 degree of toe in (preferably both front and rear) should help promote stability and stop the wandering. See if this helps. Give us an update on how this goes
  14. 5 stud hubs + ABS = ?

    Found something that might help With this, you should know what to look for. http://www.nissansil...howtopic=297850
  15. You do realise that superpro bushes are polyurethane and are stiffer than the stock rubber bushes? They will transfer a little bit more NVH into the cabin so perhaps not what you're looking for. Your rose jointed suspension arms do the same thing too. Perhaps try hitting up TAARK on here to see if he can source you some stock Nissan bushes for your S15 for a reasonable price. You can also try spraying some noise suppressing "tar" into the wheel wells and underbody and dynamat your interior (doors, boot etc..) to quieten everything down. Lastly, running a larger than standard sway bar can make the car more jittery. It gets worse when coupled with coilovers with stiffer than normal springs. Perhaps get rid of the coilovers (whilst retaining the sways) and get some Bilstein/Koni shocks with springs? It should give you a more compliant ride. Note that these are just my suggestions and if it were me, I'd just live with the harsh ride instead