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  1. 15" White Avs Rims - $100

    Price : $100 Condition : Used Hi Posting this up for my bro Up for sale is a set of 4 White 15" AVS rims suit 4 stud old nissan,toyota ect Could use a wipe down will come up looking pretty good! tires are no good but easy/cheap enough to replace. $100 Cheers Matt
  2. DreamensioN pres. Universal Language 028

    ahhh nice one paul told me he was doin this tracklist looks the goods plenty of quality that 2005 track is AWSOME Love whiteroom - whiteroom
  3. MallaNats?

    its like 90db at 30 meters or some shit so you should be fine they dont really bother to enforce this rule much
  4. bump ADELAIDE MOTORPLEX PUBLIC RALLY Sunday 25th October @ 12.00pm On the steps of Paliament House, North Terrace Adelaide. People Power - No Cars please. Parking facilities to be announced.
  5. Help The motorsport park

    ADELAIDE MOTORPLEX PUBLIC RALLY Sunday 25th October @ 12.00pm On the steps of Paliament House, North Terrace Adelaide. People Power - No Cars please. Parking facilities to be announced.
  6. Help The motorsport park

  7. Trancefusion & HQ presents... ACTIVA (UK) (CONSPIRACY RECORDINGS // VANDIT) www.activamusic.co.uk // www.myspace.com/activamusic // www.conspiracyrecordings.com FRIDAY 4TH SEPTEMBER 9pm - Late GABRIELLE'S, HQ Complex Plus Locals: FROST // SOLACE // SYSTEMBOT // STATIK // STEVE R // CONTAGIOUS // SHANE STAKER // MC JULES Entry: $10 before 11 // $18 after available at the door MSG ME IF YOU CANT GET THERE BEFORE 11 ill chuck u on a $10 all night list $3.50 Spirits 9-10pm so get in early ACTIVA BIO Labeled by Paul Van Dyk as ‘producer of the year’, Activa has appeared on the likes of Spinnin, Discover, High Contrast, Black Hole, Enhanced, Somatic Sense and the mighty Vandit Records, which has enabled him to push his way into the record boxes of the biggest names in the industry and receive their continuous support. The tech trance titan is most renowned for dance floor destroying tracks ‘Perception’, ‘Remember’ and ‘End of Summer’, which found their way to many of the top trancers play lists. ‘This World, the follow up to ‘End of Summer’ is now available on Discover and includes an excellent Tom Colontonio Remix of Activa ‘Affirmation’. The new Activa EP, including ‘Rise Above’ and ‘Get On With It’ was released on Vandit on February 26th. The vinyl release includes the Original Mix, Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix of ‘Rise Above’ and the Original Mix of ‘Get On With It’. A bonus Club mix will receive an exclusive ‘digital only’ release…. watch out for this! The prolific producer has remixed for the likes of Filo & Perry, Giuseppe Ottaviani, John Askew, Jon O’Bir, Greg Downey, Alex M.O.R.P.H and his most recent project ‘Unreal to Me by FKN’ for Deep Blue has been has been ripped apart and rebuilt into a pumping Activa Club Mix! Activa is delighted to announce that Paul Van Dyk has commissioned an Activa Remix for the 2009 re-release of his classic, ‘For An Angel” that features in Van Dyk’s greatest hits which is out now. Activa was recently given the responsibility of compiling the 6th installment of Discover's ‘Live As’ Series recorded live from at Digital Society in Leeds is now available to buy or download. As well as being a DJ & Producer, Rob is also label manager of Conspiracy Recordings, created in the summer of 2005 by himself and Jon O’Bir. The label continues to release high quality tracks produced by a variety of new and established artists that are gaining support from all the main protagonists in the scene.
  8. guys and dancing..

    instert plug for my facebook group join join join lol http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=118139190207&ref=ts i dj at earth almost every weekend and i see all these "shufflers" tryin to do there thing is hilarious specially when u see one who starts and one side of the room and ends up at the other side in 3 steps i just laugh cause they think its cool but they look like retards last friday night had some lil knob sock spill his drink to make it slippery then one of the security gaurds grabbed him got a mopp and made him clean the floor as soon as he cleaned it up his mates 4-5 of them in a circle started shuffling around him then he proceeded too also anyways shuffling sucks nuff said
  9. "Sorry, but the page you are trying to view is not yet available to the public." didnt work for me
  10. favourite genre of music

    Trance / Progressive / Tech house / Techno / Drum & Bass / Dubstep
  11. Permits

    thats been around for a fair while nothing new just means they dont know shit about what there tryin to defect you for and still dont wanna let u off
  12. asif the GOVERMENT OWNED newspaper is gunna help the motorplex people out in anyway
  13. they didnt give a date yet as there waiting on a few V8 Supercar Drivers/identity's to confirm when they can come along to show there support too cause they were pissed off by the goverments comments about "idoits on racetracks"
  14. yep i was there today too was standing outside for about a hour or so listenin to 5-6 people speak. They were making a good point and bringin up FACTS which is what needs to be shown to the goverment. seeing as they dont produce any and denie there actually being any. so yea lets keep up the good work and keep hammering the issue and MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!1 but great work today to all who were involved congrats it was a great start great turnout and im lookin foward to storming down parliment ASAP Cheers Matt
  15. i have been so busy today running around everywhere collectin money and sellin tickets im F#*&KED sold about 30 in 2 days should be a great night im havin my first Corona of the night just kickin back before heading in gotta make sure i last till after my set atleast cyas in there