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  1. [NSW] Falken FK452 x4 265/35/18

  2. [NSW] Falken FK452 x4 265/35/18

  3. [NSW] Falken FK452 x4 265/35/18

  4. Item: 4x Falken FK452 tyres 265/35/18 Price: $400 for all four Condition: Used but still has plenty of tread Location: Prestons, N.S.W. (pick up preferred, but can arrange for shipment at buyer's expense). Contact: via PM Comments: Off my R32 GT-R, great street tyres. I've changed to wider, track tyres since the car's barely driven on the street any more. Build date: 17th week 2012. Pictures:

    Yeah the engine would be out of a Primera.
  6. Wrecking S13, 4 Stud wheels, Work CR Kai

    I'm after a set of four 4-stud stockers. Got pictures of the ones you have?
  7. Disco Potato (gt28rs) - $850

  8. Disco Potato (gt28rs) - $850

    Price : $850 Condition : Used BUMP
  9. Disco Potato (gt28rs) - $850

    Price : $850 Condition : Used BUMP
  10. Good Wheel Alignment Shops

    I used to lurk the classified section and read up on Kemp's adventures. I just realised your post was from 2012 doh! So Bridgestone Liverpool?
  11. Good Wheel Alignment Shops

    waste of money.. Just go to BT Motorsports / Bridgestone Select.. these guys setup whatever you want, not to mention they compete in Targa Tas. I won't disclose prices, but call up and ask for an alignment and say you'll pay in cash, they will do a better deal. They will adjust castor, camber, toe for the same price of a normal toe adjustment that many other places offer. Thanks man. Don't let any random tyre shop touch your car. Treat them like they're mechanics! Trust me, $300 later and my car sort of drives straight. $200 worth from that ruined the alignment! I've done better alignments at home blind compared to "wheel and tyre" places. Includes all big brands. They only care about quick toe settings and getting customers in and out ASAP for more cash. Only good place I know is Bob Jane Artarmon, Jason (has an R31 with BNR32 running gear, ask for him) used to work there (unsure if he's still there) and he fixed up most of my settings (didn't get to do castor due to time constraints). Too far for me to travel every time I need an alignment. I was going to use Garage 88 in Eastern Creek but never got around to it.
  12. Disco Potato (gt28rs) - $850

    Price : $850 Condition : Used BUMP
  13. Disco Potato (gt28rs) - $850

    Price : $850 Condition : Used BUMP
  14. [nsw] 16x7.5 +25 4x114.3 Autostrada Wheels - $650

    Price : $650 Condition : Used BUMP
  15. Disco Potato (gt28rs) - $850

    Price : $850 Condition : Used BUMP