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  1. my s15 NS15TNT

    s15's are sooo good, am jealous
  2. my cefiro

    nice ceffy
  3. Skid car project

    wold be a good skidda thats 4 suyre
  4. My weekend cruiser

    def good cruiser choice
  5. newbie

    nice nice, would be a decent rack car....
  6. My widebody s13.5 in build.....

    gotta love it when dif front ends are put on dif cars
  7. Nisswreck's R33 & R34 Streeters...

    nice nice, skylines are tuff.....
  8. [MOVED]

    sweet ride, rx7's are the go
  9. pink/purple s15

    very very nice ride, jealous i am
  10. MG roadster.... with a bit of jap in it...

    thatl be a sweet cruiser, sleeper too if u convert to a niossan turbo engine, sumthn dif is always good....
  11. My Maxima :P

    s15 front on a maxima!!! arent they front wheel drive?? damn front wheel drives, hate em.....
  12. Dazda 1200 ute

    thatd have to be best dato 1200 ute ive eva seen,...... nice work dude
  13. my $1600 s13

    awesome for the price, def be good project car up mod up and still be on the cheap side!!!
  14. New pics... SR20 swap Brembo Big Brake Kit

    brembo's def tha way to go...........
  15. Newbie here... Play nice

    girls with imports are hot!!!!
  16. Gun16's Datto SR Powered

    datto's are the best!!!! i use to have two, a wagon and a 69 sedan!! miss them both!! would dream of doin what uve done to urs!!! bet cost u lotzzzzzzzz
  17. my not so average silvia

    nice nice, im speechless, and jealous...........
  18. sumthn abit dif is always good!!
  19. Guess its time to introduce it...

    nice ride bro, whites a gd color
  20. ChargeSpeed Widebody 180sx

    so good u painted ova the orange wtf gross color, blue is awesome tho!!!! keep it up man, nice ride
  21. G'day all

    u shld def uprgrade asap, lol nah hyundai are decent for a run about
  22. My S14a Project

    souns like a good ride!!!!
  23. awesome man, rad color!!!!! well worth the time n effort
  24. Car is getting a make over

    yeh, rims are good........... guards are also good, not like most others
  25. My S13

    nice ride, s13 are always good