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  1. Buying - Nissan 200SX Spec R S15

    Nissan Silvia jdm 1999 Japanese spec for sale if Ur interested
  2. Brand new Hankook tyres!

    s1 evo2, they are brand new, manufacture last year.
  3. Brand new Hankook tyres!

    Hi Guys, Got brand new Hankook tyres in various sizes. Let me know size's and i will confirm price. Please PM for any inquiries.
  4. 07 model so old shape! ok what im asking is would it look weird?? lol
  5. so is 10mm wider at the back?? will it stick out of the guards lol
  6. 19x8+38 19x9.5 +38 on an accord euro, would it fit?
  7. wondering if his still makin these? n its soo hard to contact him is there any other ways to contact this guy?
  8. please pm me the price for HPX pads front and rear for turbo s15 delivered to 2161 sydney cheers
  9. Wheel Shaking?

    wheel bearing
  10. The new N97: WINNER - Game. Set. Match.

    how do u do the sms reader thing?
  11. NSW Spotted Thread

    ahaha yer i was there washing all the mud off my car from parking on my m8s grass