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  1. non of those mods should give it any drama, the ecu will compensate slightly for the boost increase with a bit of extra fuel they run fairly ritch regardless with a little bit of popping fuel smell with a bigger exhaust / high flow cat best to also just check the coolant sensor is correct and that its not stuck in cold start and the AFM are notorious for needing cleaning - but thats often more a missfire kinda deal unless you have something drastic like a leaking injector or similar maybe just chuck it on a dyno to check air flow rations
  2. http://www.the-lowdown.com/biggies-180/ hey dude my car as discussed
  3. Is this comp test good

    a big differentiation like that is not ideal... perhaps time for a leak down test
  4. +1 for Dennis good dude has done lots of work for me
  5. im just sad you sold that car some nice parts here though
  6. ASI Radiators

    thye work well just be warned they do vary slightly depending on what batch china fired up today

    http://www.taarks.com/product_p/nis-waterpump-s13sr.htm alot of people make up brakets for the oil cooler to mount it in the frotn wheel well with air feed from the front brake cool duct on the front bar like so http://enginewhisperer.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/oilcooler.jpg or in the front like so https://fourdoori.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/dsc_1079.jpg go to bunnings and buy some alloy strip plate you can bend it in a vice and drill it then bolt it all in place
  8. Z32 Gearbox Sr conversion

    what mount kit did you use? did you use the 2X bigbolts through the bottom of the block (you have to drill them) or is it one of the adapter plate styles that just use the 4Xish bolts arouns the top and left side
  9. I know you have got a lot of satisfaction from the build process. But a enough is enough ... Just buy a decent gearbox , turn the boost up and drive the wheels off the thing. +1 whats left to do? unless your putting a tti or somthing in it hahaha
  10. Most disappointing. Did it still look the same, or was is rocking a different front-end? same front end everything i saw it im like surely not there cant be another one but yeah same number plate
  11. man unlucky hey, did the pedal just go to floor or was it progessive
  12. you will never guess what i saw drving down the city west link in sydney today... it still lives
  13. was about to say speak to tarrk otherwise http://supertechperformance.com/ do n1 cams