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  1. any adelaide fellasss

    Hey guys, just moved to Adelaide recently and was wondering if anyone can recommend a decent boxing gym for a beginner but looking to advance?
  2. Love handles

    Sorry mate, I didn't realise there was anything wrong with passing on correct information, I'll keep it to myself next time. High rep squats at around 70-80% 1RM and a well planned diet seemed to work well for my 'love handles.'
  3. Love handles

    ^Correction: put a really heavy weight on your back and squat it as many times as you can. repeat a few times a week. cut the shi*t food out of your diet.
  4. Need more powder

    Hey mate, thinking about gett some protein delivered from this site... just wondering how long they take to deliver? Any difference between the New Zealand and American proteins? I haven't ordered from them yet, so I don't know. I've heard they are good though, I'll be getting the 2.5kg of the unflavoured NZ WPI as soon as my current protein runs out. Unflavoured protein isn't the best taste wise, I've tried unflavoured concentrate before and it was pretty bad, but I don't drink this stuff for the taste lol. I think I'll be doing the same soon... except I'll go the chocolate, only a few dollrs more!
  5. Need more powder

    Hey mate, thinking about gett some protein delivered from this site... just wondering how long they take to deliver? Any difference between the New Zealand and American proteins?
  6. Jobs

    Where abouts do you study? Flight school? I'm a full time Aviation student at Swinny uni, and I spend a few days a week down at Moorabbin flying Cessna 172s. Oh and I also do a bit of labouring in my free time for some spending money, which I hopefully won't need after my Youth Allowance kicks in
  7. Slayer + Megadeth Aust tour

    I'll be there. Tickets on sale with Ticketek?
  8. Sounds like you would suit a bit of labouring. I work for an agency called Troubleshooters available, I'm paid $26 an hour and it is completely flexible... and I mean completely. I'm at Uni too, and for holidays, days off etc. I just ring the agency the day before and they'll send me out to a job, could be on a particular site for just a day, or they might want to keep me for 6 months. The best thing is, if you don't like a job after a couple of days, you just leave, call they agency again and they'll give you something else. No questions asked. Only problem is, with the latest economic stuff, there may not be a whole lot of work available... but the building industry seems to be doing pretty well. There's heaps of labouring agencies around Melbourne, look them up.
  9. Youtube lifting vids

    Dad living vicariously through his kid much? still, nearly double bodyweight squat isnt bad Hard to gauge 'cos who can remember how much they could lift at that age? Anyway, I don't agree with what the dad is doing, should let the kid be a kid for a few more years at least.
  10. Mass Monster for sale

    in one sitting. doing a handstand With one hand. And your nuts on fire.
  11. Pushups

    that wouldnt be right man. in that case ur measuring force, gravity and ur mass. Incorrect. Force is the product of gravity multiplied by mass. The amount of weight you are pushing will change from the top to the bottom of the pushup. At the ground, i'd say you are lifting close to all of you weight, but the more you increase the angle between your body and the ground, the more the weight component will be carried by your legs.
  12. IFBB Grand Prix, March 14th

    Yeah Andrew is my physio too, I had some back issues a while ago and he sorted them out pretty well. (I'm good mates with his step son Tom, so he didn't charge me much either!) I didn't know he was judging though, very cool!
  13. Whats your Weakness (FOOD)

    Just found a new one, Macadamia-butter sandwiches with lots of butter. Also: - fries, my girlfriend eats them ALL the time so they're hard to avoid. - Alcohol. I don't like drinking anymore, but i still do occassionally when i go out. hard to not drink when all your mates are.
  14. peaks

    Assuming you are referring to your Pecs... you can use dumbells to work your chest like Arnie is in this vid Better yet, get access to a squat rack and bench press.
  15. Pat O's training log

    Monday December 8 Squats: 3x8x70kg (legs still stiff from sprints) Bench press: low reps up to 70kg Bent rows: 3x8x60kg Military press: low reps up to 50kg Deadlifts: 3x5x100kg