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  1. Can u help me..?

    Not in Jakarta,But in Bekasi,Bekasi is in the eastern side of Jakarta,so not really inside Jakarta.
  2. Can u help me..?

    Circuit Racing.
  3. Can u help me..?

    thanks a lot guys,but...,whatever u said man,i'm still gonna be a racer,today is just a dream,but one day...,You'll see me on the podium,holding a trophy,and a lot more trophy... In normal life,i worked in a Japanese factory as a production machine operator,i go to work even on sunday,it's sucks and boring.that's why i go out every night with my motorbike,to forget the stress. But......., In 3 or 4 months from this day,i'll get enough money to buy a car,even i have to lose my beloved motorbike to affort it. Then i still have to consentrate to make it competible for race,it's easy to talk,but i believe it's not gonna be that smooth. It will be hard to make it real,and to make it as easy as it talked,but this is just another challenge for me,and i will break that...again. <<<NoName>>>
  4. Can u help me..?

    Shit kid, I bet you love the new Linkin Park album. Crawling in my skin, etc etc. Oh man,c'mon,u not helping at all. and i don't even like linkin park.sorry man.
  5. I wanna be a professional racer,the real racer,but i don't know how,don't know where to start,please help me.. I never think another job,i really wanna be a racer,even being a racer is risky and dangerous,I DON'T CARE. If i have to die,i wanna die as a racer... If i have to die,i wanna die in circuit. I'm 21 years old,male,i don't have experience in any kind of racing,but i really wanna be a racer. help me...,please... <<<NoName>>>
  6. username: SIL80 old email: nicsj002@students.unisa.edu.au (or nicsj002@unisa.students.edu.au It has been a few years since using this email) new email: sam_nicholls@hotmail.com thanks