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  1. AVS Model 5 - $200

    Price : $200 Condition : Used I have a set of AVS Model 5, 5*114. Fronts 17"*7.5 +40 Rears 17"*8 +45 Edges have some gutter rash, but not too bad. $200 o.n.o They have tyres, but there bold.
  2. S13 roll centre adjusters

    Smooth Garage is where i got mine, cost around $130 or so i think
  3. jiproc and wall repairer

    oh...you mean gyprock
  4. Not a day goes by where i don't eat meat. I'm waiting for the day when the doctors tell me i cant eat it any more. And i'd still keep eating it. Two out of three meals a day involves meat. The other involves beer. I don't eat salad. You don't make friends with salad. Count me as in.
  5. hey, i'm after a low mount seat rail for an s14. have u got any in stock?
  6. Trance Thread

    Trance is awsome go steve
  7. TOP 5 Favourite songs of all time

    Top five is way too hard........ These are not in any particular order (1) Olive - Your not alone (2) Foo Fighters - Everlong (3) Linkin Park - Numb (4) Arim Van Buuren - Burn with desire (5) Boys to Men - Roll with me
  8. I am very interested in the WORKS XT7 and willing to pay a deposit. What stud pattern are they? Can you let me know asap... Thanks
  9. i'm after a stock s14a front lip extention and stock side skirts have you got them in stock?
  10. Get Well Soon Kat

    Hey sweetie, guess i'll leave that ticket to sydney for another time....he he... I hope you feel better soon.. At least you get a cool scare... Dudes like scares. ha ha.. Call me when your out.........
  11. Sorry guys, would love to be there. cant make it But happy Bday. Wish i was there