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  1. S15 Pop Up Nav

    Its not a push to open. U need the jap nav unit to flip it up The media box is in the boot towards ur rear left guard
  2. Carbon Fiber Repair

    Anyone know who can repair the gel coat from a carbon fiber lip? Just got some minor scratch about 6cm on one side. The carbon fiber underneath seems to be fine, but the thick gel/clear coat is a bit messed. preferably around brisbane =D
  3. SR20 DE idle problem

    this^^^^ iacv can be gummed up with deposits... this ^^^ take it apart and clean it

  5. S15 Jdm cluster to adm model- help

    RPM signal connecting to your eboost2?
  6. s15 ecu with s13

  7. insurance is rape. So much gayness: under 25, sports car, import, penis
  8. Oil options for S14 SR

    10-40 penrite all day everyday, nigga
  9. Had My Windows Tinted - R34 2 Door

    theres a lotta black on ur car
  10. currently running 10/8ks.... anyone wanna swap springs?
  11. s15 window visors

    Theres a guy on boost selling carbon fibre window visors for $200 right now. Should check it out.
  12. has anyone bought from bodykitskingdom.com.au?

    Heres some review from another website http://clubcj.net/viewtopic.php?t=6458 I bought a front bar off them, quality and fitment is pretty good.
  13. Gym wankers

    that shit sounds awesome hahahahaah
  14. pipes for Gt2871r

    fwarrrk that looks the shiz!
  15. Gym wankers

    and THEN theres this old asian guy, in between sets he just stands infront of the mirror and looks at himself, not flexing or anything. Just starring at himself for like 3 minutes between each set then continues to do it else where even when theres no mirror around, he just looks at the wall =/