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  1. Sold!

    Sold pending payment sorry mate. If sale falls through I will be intouch.
  2. Sold!

    Sold! Please delete. Thanks
  3. S13 loom in passenger front guard

    hmm if it's the one i'm thinking of i chopped into it when hooking up a z32 afm. i thought it was just extra insulation? i havn't had any issue's since lol.
  4. 180sx starter motor

    neither lol come up from under the car. don't need to take anything off (maybe your wheel for room to move) it's pretty easy to get to as is even if your only using the stock jack etc.. 5-10 min job at most. 1 nut and 2 bolts. assuming its sr20.. not sure about ca18's.
  5. hey, has anyone else gone to nissan to buy the usuall 15208-53j00 oil filter and been told they have been "replaced by the 53j0A's"??? i got him to check on nissan fast again but he assured me it was correct. can anyone else confirm the filter numbers have changed? cheers
  6. gtr front bar for silvia

    looks like a tbo front bar with a different lower lip..?
  7. Australian movies

    chopper post card bandit
  8. http://page13.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/r58448728 18 x 10.5 +18 regamasters!
  9. favourite ***michael jackson***

    dirty diana

    why was hunt even allowed to play state of origin... he's an f'n kiwi!! lol same with tony carroyl
  11. Clutch Bleeding

    buy a 1 man bleeder kit, makes life so much easier!
  12. the carbonetics dealer in sydney or even nz might have some instock or order it in for ya. ive got an old ats 2way and had trouble finding the correct weight for it. the ats oil is 85w90 mineral oil and if i read the translation correctly they said you can also use 85w140 in synthetic. http://www.a-t-s.co.jp/02lsd/lsd_manual/index.html or maybe try yasu at http://www.ppi-ats.com/ maybe he will ship the oil. ive bought the magnetic plugs of him and he's great to deal with. motul 90pa works well for the older ats diffs but needs changing often!! lol
  13. Diff Whine

    ive got the same problem.. sounds like a supercharger in the rear end at times lol im replacing the side bearings and getting the backlash checked over/adjusted asap.