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  1. Make : NISSAN SKYLINE Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 0 Price : $4,000 Condition : Used hi guys have decided to sell my r31 .... engine: stock rb30 speedo says 160 but it has stopped so 180+.. in the last 6 months i have replaced spark plugs and leads. new rotors and pads. all belts. full service. new filters. runs great very reliable. exterior: new spray job. all guards been liped. rear boot lip genuine wheels: GTR Superlights 16x8-2 fronts 15x8+25 rears (could be wrong ill double check the rear) both really good tread. suspension: angry industries coilovers. full adjustable everywhere paid $1250.. interior: seats, dash, center console, carpet, everything are in excellent condition very clean. all electrics work 100%.. pioneer cd player with amp and pioneer splits up the front. full 4 way alarm system with 2 remotes and central locking..cost me $600 installed. gearbox: very smooth and tight ..perfect to be honest... clutch: stock and perfect. added information: ok so i had taken a deposit for this 2 weeks ago and buyer fell through. so i have been through rwc and will have a rwc by monday 11th. for rwc i had to do a couple of things such as: put r31 front end back in with stock springs and shocks. adjust the coilovers very high. new uni joints in tail sharft. new light globes. new stalk. new sway bar and trailing arm bushes. new rear wheel studs. new wiper inserts. spent a lot already will pass 2nd time on monday 11th. PLEASE NOTE CAR IS CURRENTLY STOCK HEIGHT AND NO S13 FRONT END. s13 front end will not be sold with the car but will include full coilovers all around. bad points: roof is scratched from my snowboards flapping while driving..has been primed so it does not rust. needs a alignment from me going back to r31 front end. boot lip needs to be re-glued for a nice clean look. front bar is dinted from a small little accident. price: 4.8K with rwc and rego. (ill throw in a genuine front autospoiler too ) located hoppers crossing victoria. sms or call 0430078630 you can read my build thread http://forum.r31skylineclub.com/index.php?topic=152675.15 day after its spray job
  2. yeah never thought about putting a gtr bonnet on it i like the gts-t.. yeah i loved those rims too but unfortantly i sold them last week to nigel so he will make very good use of them...it was time for something different. but ill miss them very much lol.
  3. cheers too bad i get defected on way back home..yeah i saw yours at macas chillin on sunday.
  4. you said that last week about spoiler lol let me no asap got cash waiting haha
  5. and paint the bar? ....looks good man liking the rims.....end up selling the dmax spoiler?
  6. no thanks guys i like the gts bonnet..ill only buy one if its imac white... professor : i am in vic
  7. ok so installed new indicators car looks so good without the orange indicators and orange guard indicators. they do look darker then the headlights so thats the next to-do thing. not sure what i can do...suggestions?
  8. Calder Park Raceway shutting for good?

    calder part just posted this on facebook... Calder Park Raceway is NOT shutting down!! Future bookings are safe and Future Events are continuing for 2013:) Calder Park Management along with CAMS and ANDRA will be working for bigger and greater things at Calder Park Raceway!
  9. drift trike build

    Weld the inside rod to the axle
  10. Stolen: R32 GTR

    here you go mate hope you get it back safe
  11. never polished my car before so got it done came out good. brackets on my indicators snapped off when i was unbolting the bar arrrhhh so got these dont know how good they will look but..
  12. drift trike build

    shit load of them here http://www.facebook....kesHuffySliders
  13. drift trike build

    I have just used standard frame.. Made a stronger rear 17mm axle with bearings have gm wheels atm but going go kart wheels and pvc this week hopefully. Straight handle bars. Bike peddles. Extra long mounts for the seat. Would like disc brakes as well see if I can be bothered