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  1. Brand new or used, located in sydney, thanks
  2. As per topic, used or brand new, must be 3 inch, please show me what you got including price, thanks
  3. Walbro fuel pump for s14

    So no one here knows
  4. Hi peeps I have done many searches, yet i cannot find a straight answer, which model walbro is recommended for the s14? GSS341 or GSS342? Im aware that both will work and the difference between the two are the inlet positioning, but one is suppose to be recommended over the other. Which one guys? Thanks in advance
  5. White R34 from Liverpool

    Its my big sister, why?
  6. Best Legal Exhaust for S15

    lol, your car is Missing at Idle, thats why you want new coils, jks dude! great sounding exhaust , No cams I pressume
  7. Hello NS! My engine is starting to rattle.........., I've VCT rattle before, this time it sounds very different. Im pretty convinced its the timing chain as engine has clocked over 165km, and top end rattles like a chain aswell, but goes away when you free-rev the motor, hence taking the slack of the chain. Can someone please guide me through a sure way of determining that it is the timing chain? im willing to remove rocker cover to inspect aswell. just need someone to point me in the right direction. cheers
  8. AHHHHHH........... kick me while im already down lol, thanks for the heads up YB50FT anywayz, Im still in the process of working things out, so if anyone can point me in the right direction to a blueslipper that can do it for me that would be awesome
  9. Thanks guys! looks like i will have a little trouble getting blueslip as I purchased the car from melbourne aswell. Its an S14 with minor mods though, and i'll probly need someone that doesnt look too hard lol If anyone can help a brother out, please PM me with details, Im located in sydney appreciate all responses
  10. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone here has ever bought a car from out of state (Registered), if so whats involed in the name transfer process? Does it require a blueslip? or further inspection? cheerz guys
  11. Hey guys, as topic says will an s15 cattback exhaust (E.G Trust PEII)fit an s14? thanks
  12. I voted Chrome becuase it makes my balls tingle
  13. Trust PEII Come in 2.5 inch?
  14. Night cruise FTW...... "Woof woof"
  15. how do you live?

    I recently moved to live with just mummy..... due to my returns to study from the workforce, life couldnt be any better, besides getting yelled at nearly everyday lol, dont get me wrong I still retain a sence of independancy