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  1. PS4

    Feels like Borderlands gameplay and Mass Effect narrative. Still... It's pretty entertaining.
  2. Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Kevin Spacey makes it a day one purchase for me. More than a few shades of Elysium in it, which can only be a good thing.
  3. Xbox One

    Xbox Glass is the new chatpad. Infinitely better, IMO. Much agree on a wireless headset though, Kinect is pretty good, but a decent headset trumps it. Even the included wired headset is strong competition. Definitely looking forward to new games though. The downside of being an early adoptor, nothing decent for the first 6 odd months. Still, Watch Dogs in May, which admittedly isn't as pretty as it was a few months back. Destiny in September. The Division around the same time. Those 3 will keep me happy for ages.
  4. First cut throat shave today, didn't cut my throat! I'd call that a success. Did nick myself something fierce a couple times, styptic pencil proved its worth. Takes a lot of care to get it right, definitely need go work on my technique a bit.
  5. Got a chance to try my Dr Harris Arlington almond soap today. Pretty pricey stuff at ~$50 for 100g in a mahogany bowl. But refills are quite a bit cheaper. Anyways, super happy with it. Smells real damn nice. Builds into a rich, thick lather with very little effort, and stays soft and moist on your face for as long as you like. Highly recommended.
  6. So my trusty Gillette multi-blade now has a new home in the bin. Have a super cheap eBay special razor, and some Astra superior blades. Used a DaVinci cream and a cheapy boar bristle brush. Super happy with the results! Had bulk issues with irritation and rashes shaving with multi-blade razors, no such trouble with the DE. 16 hours after a shave and my face feels great, normally by now I'd have a couple red bumps and be incredibly itchy. Even using pressure pack shaving foam I was pretty specific with lather and technique, it's so much easier now. Did need to use old mate styptic pencil once though. Ha. Have some Proraso and Harris Arlington creams along with a blade sample pack on the way. Pretty keen.
  7. Xbox One

    Pretty sure I've got a dud Kinect. Power cycled a couple times, still saying that it isn't connected. Ironic. Kinect can't connect. Will have to get that sorted pretty soon, I rather enjoy using the Kinect. Other than that, been trouble free.
  8. Forza Motorsport 5

    The E21 is only for VIP members. And the "LE download any car you want" is to make up for the fact that 1,250 credits was advertised as "enough to buy any car in the game", the website for that should be live before the 16th. The half price thing is pretty rad, hello P1 and McLaren F1!
  9. Xbox One

    Don't forget the vehicles! Tearing around in an armoured truck mowing down hordes of zombies is brilliant fun!
  10. Xbox One

    Backwards compatibility currently *isn't* a thing, and it's unlikely to ever be. You might just have to hold onto your 360.
  11. Xbox One

    Dead Rising 3 is the standout for me so far. Ridiculously addictive fun, have hardly been able to switch it off. Forza is great fun, but feels limited compared to previous titles. Ryse is... Well, it's not entirely terrible. It's like an interactive Michael Bay film I guess. Will probably trade it in for a copy of Ghosts or BF4 when I've finished it. Looking forward to Watch Dogs Destiny, and Titanfall, they'll be great fun I reckon.
  12. Xbox One

    My only real complaint with Forza so far is the track selection... Pretty poor really. Nurburgring is sorely missed.
  13. Xbox One

    And the new physics are pretty damn sweet. Ridiculous how long it takes to install a game, but on the other hand, and least you can start playing part way through.
  14. PS4

    I wouldn't be too concerned about early failures. Microsoft were brilliant even with post warranty support of console failures. Issues with the first build of anything are inevitable, just have to hope the manufacturer is ready and willing to help you out.
  15. PS4

    Quite. But that's not really a revelation.