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  1. I have a 1 piece tailshaft in the S14 and was contemplating doing a diff change but the other diff I have is non ABS.I know the non abs diff will be 10mm shorter. Will the tailshaft accommodate the 10mm in the slip yoke? No I cant swap centres going from 4.1 to 4.6
  2. let me guess, solid centre clutch? I have the same issue with a Z32 box and a solid clutch It is caused by the clutch plate transferring vibration causing gear chatter
  3. S15 with R33 gearbox noise

    solid centre plate cause feedback through the gearbox, I have killed 2 gearboxes due to this, they do last a while, my current gearbox is that loud on decal it sound like straight cut gears. Ditch the solid centre and the noise will go away
  4. While Iam getting my knuckles modded, I have another set of knuckles that are not ABS. What will happen if I drive around with no sensor on the front? Will I crash and die in a fire ball or will a light come up on the dash and just piss me off?
  5. SR RB clutch plate size

    Iam using a ETS adaptor, the engine builder machined the adaptor plate to the bellhousing and then decked everything to ensure it is square. I have done a laser alignment and it is under 0.5mm from dead centre. I have taken the car to 4 gearbox experts and all of them after driving said it was chatter from the solid centre clutch feeding back through the bearings. From what I have seen on google the chatter on decal is very common with solid centre clutches. So a patrol push type will be the same spline as a SR/Z32/RB input shaft?
  6. After 3 Z32 gearbox all suffering the same death, bearing getting chewed out, I need to change my clutch (Direct Clutch Solid Centre 1500kg clamp), Is there any benefit going to a RB clutch? I thought I had read somewhere they are larger
  7. All TD06 are bush bearing, for about $60 you can get a plate that will convert your 3 bolt to a T2. After that something like a GT2876 if you want ball bearing and around the size of a TD06. It just happen I have a brand new genuine Garrett GT2876 for sale, PM for detail
  8. Going from TD06 to GT2871r

    Agree with the 8cm hang a smaller rear housing and the TD06 having a smaller compressor, however the turbine size is much smaller on the GT2871 TD06 compressor Inducer 52.6 Turbine Exducer 54.0 GT2871 56trim compressor Inducer 53.3 Turbine Exducer 46.95
  9. Well after 1.5 years skidding with a TD06 I have finally manned up and admitted it is toooo laggy for my driving style. I have a GT2871r with a .86 which by all accounts no better, so I have a .64 rear housing I was going to changeover. Now the questions * I only want 300hp and don't want to go past 17psi is this realistic with the .64 housing? *If the AFR s still ok, will I need a retune
  10. So, I have been running the Z32 gearbox with the ETS adaptor plate for a while, but have recently acquired a cut and shut SR/RB bellhousing. I have to change gearboxes anyway so while it was out I though of using the cut and shut belhousing instead of the plate. My question is the rb bellousing is about 10mm shorter than the Z32, will this be an issue? I know the input shaft will sit further into the spigot bearing but is there enough to accommodate the extra 10m?
  11. check to see how much back lash you have in your diff and make sure the crossmember is bolted up tight
  12. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    has anyone used the Holfords knuckles, looks like the GSP knuckles.....http://holfordmotors.com/store/HFM-CR40
  13. Z32 Gearbox conversion

    I do this to my gearboxes, with a custom short shifter and bracket. The shift comes up through the standard hole on a S14. I wrap a wet towel around the shaft and weld in short burst
  14. I cracked the subframe a while back and swapped it our for another and added GK tech solid bushes. I installed it with the rubber isolator and 1 shim to raise the subframe as much as possible. I tried no shims but it hit on the fuel tank. After drifting all day yesterday, I got home put the car up to have a look underneath, I noticed the passenger side handbrake cable has been touching the tail shaft. Is this a common problem? if so how do you fix it? It did come with 2 shims but I wanted to keep the subframe as high as possible. The other option I have is to sim the snout of the diff down
  15. The auto gearbox has less ribbing and is easier to get a nice continious weld