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  1. Thanks for your input. My concern is that it happened instantly. Could the car blow the battery like that. Just after I put the same battery in another car and it had deteriorated it to the point where the other car wouldn't start but it would still crank and lights and all would work. I pulled all the fuses and no issues there
  2. Today started pretty bad and ended even worse. 180sx, 1990, CA18det... This morning just before I got to work I realised my car was over heating... Turns out the radiator split and water was coming out. Not that huge a deal, caught it before anything major happened. On the way home (short couple of km with fullish radiator and cool engine) all the electrics died. Once I rolled to a safe area on the side of the road i heard a very fast "ticking" sound so I disconnected the battery to prevent arcing and fire. I later realised it was some noise made from turning on the hazard lights. They didn't work but a solenoid or something was going crazy. Now the only electrics that seem to work is the clock. All fuses are fine. Battery is fine. Any help would be great please. 87sf
  3. 1990, 180SX, CA8DET. Last night I set out to clean out my fuel tank of any rust or sludge as it had been sitting for quite awhile. I cleaned out about a cup of metal/rust crap and put it back together. I also sent some clean fuel back through the fuel filter just to clear it a bit (I'm not sure if this was such a good idea, does it stuff them?). So I took the car for a drive and it was running a lot better until about 20min in when it decided to cough and splutter and choke when I put my foot down. At one point it actually completely died. It restarted fine again. What did I do wrong?
  4. So today I realised that air is leaking out between my head and the intake manifold. The gasket must be stuffed. I'm now about to embark on a mission to remove my whole intake manifold and replace the gasket so my 180 will finally run smoothly. I am happy to give it a go, but was hoping for a thread or 2 about it. I couldn't find any so please give me some tips or redirect me to a 'How To' section. 87sf
  5. 1990, CA18DET, 180SX After reading some threads on NS I am sus on how much power is actually getting to my spark plugs. I would like to test each coil pack to see if they are lacking. I have read it should be between 9-11 (I'm guessing volts), but that stuff goes over my head. I have a basic OHMs meter and need to know where do I put the pos&neg probes and what setting should the OHMs meter be on. Please help. 87sf
  6. 180SX 1990 CA18DET Today I noticed my brakes peddle has gotten quite hard to compres and that my breaking ability has decreased. I am suspecting that it might have something to do with my Break Booster. Fitted is a Nissan 35F12 unit, I know I can get a unit from a type X pretty easily but it is a 35F14 unit. Are the two interchangeable? Is it a simple remove and instal with no or improved breaking? Does anyone know the difference? Cheers 87sf
  7. CA18 blew in my face.

    About to head into the garage now and pressure check the whole intake. I'll investigate more into the engine... release.
  8. Car: 180SX Engine: CA18DET My bro and I were looking for a possible vac leak when he starting the 180 (bonnet is removed) and as it turned over and then stalled, a puff of air blew in my face. It came from somewhere between the intake manifold and the engine. Is it simply some sort of pressure release for when the car stops or is something seriously not right? We don't know the exact place it came from, but my bro thought maybe on part of the injector. There is a small hole that looks sealed normally. The car has not been starting well without acceleration and automatically revs up and down between 600rpm and 1500rpm. Any help would be great. Cheers, 87sf
  9. I have recently been working on my car. I have finished the 3" turbo back stainless exhaust and was able to start the engine. I also replaced the airflow meter. The problem hasn't fully gone. The revs are still hunting. See video. Could this be caused by an air leak? We think there might be one around the intake manifold, but can't determine where or if it actually is.
  10. My timing belt is pretty old and that is one thing I haven't checked. Could that be what is causing the problem?
  11. Just one more thing to add, When I rev up the engine it takes longer to drop the revs than it should. Could that be because the valves are partly seized/covered in crap?
  12. Car: 1990 180SX, CA18det I need your help. Problem: the car won't start and run, it just dies straight away. After starting it using the accelerator and keeping it running until it's warm the idle porpoises between 600 - 1500rpm or stalls. I have checked all the regular stuff: intake leaks, idle controls, O2 sensors, plugs, injectors, testing the ecu... And tonight heard about the butterfly valves in the lower intake plenum. I read about people removing them and then about that not being a good idea for under 400rwhp engines. But can anyone tell me that if these valves are not working right, could it be the cause of my idle problems? Please throw any new ideas at me. Cheers
  13. Need a new cat

    I bought a catco 3" and its sitting in my garage under the car waiting to be fitted. I had major dramas finding a stainless 3" dump pipe (turbo to down pipe) and in the process of moding it from an SR20 fit to go on my CA. It said CA when I bought it, but they were wrong. Got my money back at least and told them I wasnt sending it back. Their stuff up. cant wait to finish it to put it all together. Stainless 3" turbo back.
  14. Thanks. I'll get a multimeter and check it out soon. Ugly all right! That's why I looked for alternatives. I don't mind it in the down position so I'll leave it in and have just unplug it. Thanks for your help all.