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  1. JAPAN TRIP what to do?

    yeah we are buying a Rail Pass or somthing to move between cities and overall to get around. will try to visit as much workshops etc as we can FWARKK CHEERS BRAH!
  2. JAPAN TRIP what to do?

    fwarkkkkkkkk yeah keen on those kpop chicks haha
  3. hey brahs, going to Japan end of the years with the boys. what are some good places to visit and events on? we are going to be staying around Osaka and Tokyo. just wondering what experiences you guys have had in JDM land and any tips and advice would be great! cheers
  4. ME3 reveal

    ending was good and fitting, dont know what all the fuss is about. those banshees are annoying as fk
  5. MMA chat

    fedor just signed with ufc, dana annouced it on twitter.
  6. evo6 vs s15

    S15s are more fun imo, nothing wrong with evos, both are killer in the hills, though evo would be faster but you cant let the rear end hang out like a madkent in an evo.
  7. fuarrkkkkk its taking ages to dl, seed mafkers!
  8. whens this beast coming out in aus?
  9. ^ dam nice fitment, and tyres. what a track beast.
  10. you should also try taking xtend, drink it like water its basically a like a powerade, only its gets you shredded as fk and helps with recovery. theres quite a range of flavours, green apple, grape and blue rasberry killer though.
  11. not bad needs some negative camber at the rear, what are the tyre specs?
  12. go for it they wont look twice at it if its a box.
  13. weekends and occasionally when the daily is getting serviced when i used to have mine.