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  1. No longer have my S13 and I need space in my shed so these parts have to go! Happy to negotiate, the more you take the better! SuperPro Poly Rack Bushes SPF2825K - $20 Brand new, unopened S13 Lowered King Springs - $80 Fronts on struts with tops, shocks good, rears springs only -- S13 Stock Suspension arms - $free Front Castor rods with Nolathane Bushes, Rear camber arms, rear toe arms, castor rod brackets (Forgot to take a pic of these, can txt one through on request) TuneAgent S14 Hard Tie Rods with Rod ends and Boots - $50 New, includes washers for a S13 track upgrade TuneAgent Adjustable Traction Rods S13/S14/S15 - $40 New, Useful for eliminating bump-steer from lowered vehicles, High quality bearing Heim link/Rod End/Spherical Bearing Dust boots RERS4 x4 - $10 New, Best quality, fantastic protection for spherical bearings on daily driven vehicles with adjustable linkages. GKTECH SR20 Rocker Arm Stoppers - $25 All new unused S13 SR20DET Original Side Mount Intercooler - $Free S13 SR20DET Engine Fan - $Free XForce Stainless 3" inlet diff- back Cannon "muffler", with Silencer - $40 4-Stud Rear Hubs - $Free R32 Brake Rotors Front and Rear, with used pads - $Free Been sitting for a while, surface rusty, front rotors slotted, plenty of meat, got these with a conversion set and used new instead. (Photo on request) Pioneer GM6500F 4 Channel Amp + Alpine digital media player - $80 Brand new Never Used Amp, used headunit shortly before selling car All items available for pickup from Salisbury Heights. At this stage I'm willing to post things at buyer's expense, freight for heavy/bulky items to be organised by buyer. text or PM, will not answer private numbers. Axel 0423&557&923 Edit: added bumper funnel and postage info. Removed sold parts.
  2. S13 Parts - Shed Clearout

    Sorry mate sold the bumper and bootlid yesterday, so i removed the listing.
  3. S13 Parts - Shed Clearout

    All items listed still for sale! Make an offer, come and take this stuff away!
  4. S13 Parts - Shed Clearout

    Clear covers sold! Everything else still for sale, taking offers!
  5. S13 Parts - Shed Clearout

    Make an offer, it's all gotta go!
  6. S13 Parts - Shed Clearout

    Bump Still plenty of stuff to go!
  7. Saw a nice Dark Green S13 Silvia at the Gepps Cross Homemaker's Centre today, Black P1's... Let me know if you're on here, would be interested in seeing a build thread? At the least I want to know what from lip that is!
  8. I'm currently in the process of trying to silence my S13's body for squeaks and rattles and other such noises. Noises that sound like they're coming from the door or dash, engine bay, boot... not necessarily loud and obvious but they're there and I it still bothers me. I've been having difficulty finding some around the cabin, so I thought maybe there might be some noises that are common and if they can be fixed. What are the noises you've heard in your car? How did you find them and how did you fix it? I imagine the usual remedy would be things like tightening screws, applying a bit of weatherstrip, applying a bit of lube/grease etc. You get the idea. For instance, I could hear a squeak coming from the front end of the car, turned out to be the bonnet rubbing on the aftermarket grille. kgo.
  9. Tie Rod Ends

    N14 rod ends were a clearance item at Repco last week, try them? FWIW the TRW branded rod end and the generic branded (forgot the name) rod end were exactly the same: same casting, same stamps - absolutely identical. The cheap one's fine.
  10. New Torana

    Yeah this is old news... Holden doesn't have any 2 Litre petrol engines at the moment, it would be a new platform.
  11. Just though I'd share some recent but not hot-off-the-press news. From the 2012 Detroit Motor Show, Chevrolet released two concept vehicles designed by and for the younger buyer market, Code 130R, a RWD Coupe and Tru 140S a FWD Hot-hatch. The focus here is on the enthusiast inspired 130R, but the 140S essentially has the same sort of stuff, just in a hatch. AutoBlog.com - More pictures/video GM News For those of you out of the loop, the 1.4L Ecotec engine they mention here would be a variant of the global "1.4 iTi" built into the local Series II Cruze with a variable geometry turbo. The local engine produces a reliable peak torque of 200Nm from as early as 1850 RPM and carries a flat figure through to about 5000 RPM before decreasing to about 150NM at Redline 6500 RPM. Power peaks at 103kW at 4800RPM and carries well through to Redline. Although this is only a concept at the moment, and if it were to be put into production it would probably only be sold in North America, I think it'll be interesting to see how other manufacturers will react to this design. With Honda coming up with a new version/concept of the NSX and Toyobaru's FT-86 design release, I for one hope Nissan come up with some decent sometime soon, other than their electric concept, the Nissan Foria, which was already discussed here. Discuss!
  12. Sr20det spark plugs?

    As others have said, BKR6E-11 is fine, gap it down yourself. I find 0.8 to be fine for 10psi. These plugs will generally break down quicker than the Platinum/Irridium style plugs, (between 6-10k kms versus 20-25k kms) but are alot cheaper and copper is a better conductor than platinum alloys so it's going to perform better too. As for fluids check out this Tech Article.
  13. steering input

    Fitting a wider tyre (ie your 215 up to 235) will increase lateral grip but lose some turn-in response/feel. Also, a thinner tyre at the front compared to the rear (Ie 215 F 235 R) will generally have a quicker turn in feel than a (ie 235/235) setup. Nature of the beast. Also I have not experienced myself but I have heard that the S14 steering rack has a faster ratio than the S13 rack if that might help?
  14. Brake upgrade

    Do these line still have a Banjo fitting at the caliper end? Some people trim down the banjo bolt until it seals the banjo to fit R32/R33 calipers, others go and get proper lines made up.
  15. Yeah that's a good one to check, don't think I mentioned that one, but absolutely, snowdude_r has got the idea.
  16. Too fast for public roads? So much that we're ruling it out of the list of possibilities...
  17. HSD coil overs

    Either will be fine, both have warranties to some extent. Read the other coilover threads on this site (don't hijack people's threads ) Both HSD systems and BC coilovers are very popular for bang-for-buck performance, K-Sport are popular in the US but there are only a couple distributors locally I think.
  18. BC coilovers

    What shocks do you plan on using, other than what's supplied in the threaded bodies?
  19. I'm going to say yes, without having tried it myself, because S14 and R33 wheels are the same, if you see my reasoning...
  20. BC coilovers

    Just wondering why you set them to max? Does it feel like they balance better that way or just because stiffer means slides better? One of the guys at work was complaining about his uncomfortable ride from his Tein coilovers, I asked if he'd set the damping he said "oh yeah, they're at full stiff" so I said "why full stiff?" To which his reply was "dunno, felt like it" Some people... lol
  21. That would make sense, didn't even think of that! Yeah check the hoses are the right way around
  22. BC coilovers

    I wonder how many people actually enjoy their 8/6 coilovers on the street, or if it's more a case of "Fark these coilovers are stiff and bumpy but all the cool guys on the interwebs use them so it must be cool, I'll just pretend to be a hard kent" and just put up with it lol. My 5/4.5 coilovers are great, much more comfortable, handle bumpy roads and hills very well, especially with some quality non-china shocks. Off topic, what springs and shocks did you get and how are you finding them, including ride, stance and bump travel? Feel free to PM me.
  23. Intercooler Piping

    Most kits require you to use part or all of the stock hot-pipe. However, I can't answer your question specifically.
  24. Wheels and tires

    I would believe he's running a 10mm spacer at the front for strut clearance, but not at the rear, unless there's alot more camber there than I think there is, or someone swapped the sticker in my rims from +25 to +35 lol but that's how mine fit. To absolutely tuck the tyre in the rear, I reckon you'd need at least 2 degrees of camber.
  25. You're positive the pump is underdriven? Double check the pulley sizes add up. I wouldn't overdrive a powersteering pump, seeing as you really don't need that much power assistance in steering on the track... Sounds like; overdriven pump, pump driven wrong direction, still try using ATF.