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  1. 180sx Type X circuit build

    Didn't get any decent laps in as the previous fabricator decided to leave the tank full of aluminium filings which in turn clogged all the injectors up after 5 laps. Lucky I didn't damage the motor!
  2. Slowvia s14

    You'd need at least 500cc injectors to look at upping the boost. I make 230 on the same turbo but with e85 at 1000cc injectors
  3. I made 230 on a bb t28 ceramic coated and 1000cc injectors on e85. What gearbox will you be running as the standard box won't cope well with anymore than 250rwkw
  4. 180sx Type X circuit build

    We are ready for a shakedown on Friday at SMSP on the Brabham circuit (RIP). Fingers crossed it all goes to plan
  5. 180sx Type X circuit build

    Well slots happened. We are 99% of the way. Car was tuned by Maroun at Race solutions and made 231rwkw. Just sorting through some issues at the moment like no brakes at all. Going to bleed them and change the pads to see if that helps. If not I might need a master cylinder change on the pedal box
  6. Thread revival. Does anyone know if its the same circlip as an RB25 box? I've lost mine too
  7. Your car - what's happening?

    Saw your car the other day there. When are you picking it up?
  8. 180sx Type X circuit build

    Fuel cell has moved as I switched to E85 so needed greater capacity. The existing tank could only hold around 30ltrs. New one can hold 70ltrs. It now sits where the spare tyre would of.
  9. 180sx Type X circuit build

    Thanks guys! I'd love to drive it without panels but it wont be that great for aero. Few updates. Doors on, hatch on, bonnet on. cage painted satin black now. custom firewall which mounts to the main hoop in. I can now see the light!
  10. Race Suits/Kits

    HANs well before a suit!
  11. Low Mounting for Fixed Back Seat in S13

    I had the same drama. 187cm or 6"2 in old man terms. Just gave up and cut the floor and dropped it to the height of the lowest point of the chassis rail. Gave me about an extra 70mm which is a huge difference to driver comfort for me.
  12. Time Attack Leader Board NSW

    Awesome time for a first outing!